37. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 99 lb - 45 kg
  • 5'2" - 157 cm
  • dark brown hair
  • brown eyes
  • I don't drink
  • I don't smoke
More details about me
  • 01/15/1981
  • Christian
Self development
  • university
  • I speak English with difficulties
Marriage & children
  • I'm divorced
  • I have 1 child
About me, my character

Who I am today at this online sigles dating site, I have been forged by my life experience and learning and by those who have influenced and guided me along the way. I am fortunate to have been raised in a strong family with two loving parents and wonderful sisters. It was here that I learned the individual and family values that I hold dear today - and wish to continue with my own family from the second attempt..haha! My time spent as a leader in business has further developed my character – self-discipline, self analysis and self improvement, courage and perseverance, service and sacrifice, loyalty and fidelity, responsibility, decisiveness, level-headedness and a sense of humor in difficult circumstances, tolerance and patience, fairness and justice, protection and care for another’s welfare – too many things to list for a dating love site - this is not my curriculum vitae - I am a woman looking for coupling, I just want to find a man with whom I will be comfortable, in his hands. My love to music, both performance and composition, allows me to communicate directly with my own soul and has provided me with a mechanism to release the feelings and emotions of loneliness that reside there. I have a natural intellectual curiosity and creativity. I learn rapidly, and enjoy exploring all areas of human knowledge, art and passion. I have worked extremely hard to establish my career of a shopping mall administrator, and while I am not richie rich, I would say that I am financially secure...iiihaa! Perhaps the above sounds like I am a too too serious person. I am serious enough –DA! - but - unless required otherwise, I generally like to dwell on the lighter side of life. I have quite a good sense of humour (or so I am told) and I love to laugh. I am affectionate, generous and giving and have a very large heart. There is a large part of me that is very romantic and sentimental. Write me, and OUR lives may change!! That would be great!!

Partner I'm looking for

To all wonderful Men who want to meet women online, in a relationship with one Lucky of You All, I am looking for a sense of complete connectedness, excitement and passion, but at the same time a sense of security and peacefulness. You will be someone whom I can respect – how can one truly love when there is no respect. Fidelity and loyalty are a must – we must present a united front to the rest of the world. You will be someone with whom I can have interesting conversations and can communicate – about anything and everything. We must be able to laugh together – there is no better medicine for the struggles of life. I will provide a loving breast on which U can lay your weary head when U need it. I will do my part to keep our relationship passionate and exciting, and will also have the energy and discipline to do my part in taking care of the routine things in life – those things necessary to create a healthy, stable environment for us and our son Igoryasha(or more children - for me this is not a problem as i like to think of myself as a true alpha-female!!). I need someone who is affectionate, and thoughtful - someone who surprises me with little things every day (or maybe once a week :-)). You must be a person who is open to new things, and who is constantly growing as an individual. With respect to our physical relationship, I must say that I am a true Capricorn – I will leave it to you, my intelligent and curious partner, to determine my meaning in this respect. For you I will be a loving tigress, I will provide you with the care and tenderness that only a Ukraine mate can provide. I will try to fill you with joy and laughter, and do my very best not to cause you pain or worry. I will be a source of encouragement to you and I will respect and take interest in those goals that you hope to reach as an individual and those you wish to achieve within our relationship. U will be a strong shoulder upon which I can lean, should I need it. U will do 16.03.15 your part to lead our family, while at the same time respecting my point of view and reaching important decisions jointly. There will be no secrets between us. I will give freely to you all that I am and all that I have – emotionally and physically. I will respect your need to be an individual and to sometimes do things on your own. I will never be jealous or spiteful. You must have the values, strength, desire, curiosity and sensitivity to do your part in building a strong, stable, loving, joyful, exciting, adventurous, intimate, passionate, and harmonious relationship with me and our child - and also with our larger families. You will have to do everything U can to protect and care for our family, and to make me proud to be with YOU. My faithfulness I vow. I have travelled life’s road as far as I can on my own. For the next part of my journey, I will need you by my side.)

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