22. Kharkov, Ukraine
  • light brown hair
  • green eyes
  • I rarely drink
  • I don't smoke
More details about me
  • 12/22/1994
  • Christian
Self development
  • I speak English with difficulties
Marriage & children
  • I'm single
  • I don't have children
About me, my character

Online dating sites give opportunity to meet a man of dreams, and I am here for this aim and hope I will succeed in it. You too? I am positive, and always look forward to each upcoming day. I am peaceful, kind-hearted and understanding, trusting.I am a woman and I can be different I adapt easily and forgive quickly. am ready for creation of the serious relations, I dream of a family and of the loving husband.

Partner I'm looking for

All dating sites seem full of woman for romantic relationships but I am sure exactly here we have best chances to meet each other. My man should like jokes. I do not want him to get offended, if I just want to make him smile. I would love to take his hand and read in his eyes, that the whole worlds is for us. He should be a true man, so brave and courages, so strong and trustworthy.

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