Terms for Optional Services

These Terms for Optional Services are an integral part of the Agreement (https://godatenow.com/terms/) which also includes Terms of Service, Community Rules, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and any other terms specifically referred to in any above documents. By Your registration on the Site and becoming a Member, You certify that you have red, understood and accepted all of the Agreement, including these Terms for Optional Services.

We provide certain scope of Optional Services on the Site which are subject to special conditions explained herein.


As part of our services we may issue you credits redeemable for Optional Services provided on the Platform (“Credits”). Credits can be issued by us and assigned to Members’ account for a certain remuneration. Credits may only be redeemed for Optional Services, have no cash value, are non-transferable and non-refundable unless stated otherwise in Refund Policy which can be found HERE. Credits are valid for a limited period of time as indicated in Terms of Service and shall expire immediately upon termination of your Membership. Credits which are issued additionally as part of promotions or other events on the Platform are subject to respective terms for such promotions or events.

Credit amounts are issued in Credit Packs. Respective remuneration amount for each such Credit Pack is indicated at “BuyAdd Credit” section of the Members’ account panel. The more Credits you need, the more you save.

Optional Services

Optional Services of the Platform can be provided only to Members, who are properly registered on the Platform. Such Optional Services are provided for a certain amount of Credits as described below:

  1. Outgoing letter - 7 credits per one sent letter;

  2. View a video clip - 20 credits per view of one video clip;

  3. Online chat - 1 credit per minute of online chat session;

  4. Live video stream - 1 credit per minute of live video stream;

  5. Bilateral live video stream - 2 credits per minute of bilateral live video stream session;

  6. Contact information request - 25 credits1 per one request of contact information

  7. Gift delivery – subject to options. Therefore, the value in Credits of Gift Delivery Optional Service is to be specified upon order in the order form.

1Since our Singles Platform Community is aimed at creating a confidence environment, You may use a “Contact information request” Optional Service only after following conditions are met (which would presume existence of Your serious intentions):

  1. 180 minutes of Online Chat with person, whose Contact information being requested;

  2. 15 Outgoing letters sent to the person, whose Contact information being requested.


Optional Services Quality

Optional Services hereunder – are communication services.

We are providing instruments of communication and, therefore, can accept only claims regarding quality of communication instruments listed above. If you found any flaw or technical issue at our Site, please don’t hesitate and report us as soon as possible!

Inadmissible Claims

Since We do not provide services of searching a partner for You, or support in creation of family, or organization a personal meeting or any other similar services, We shall not accept any liability or claims in cases if (this list is for reference only and is not exhaustive):

  1. You have not been satisfied by any communication on the Platform due to someone’s behavior or actions, whether online or offline, by the content of received letters, messages, comments, chats, photos or videos, etc.;

  2. You have failed to implement own intentions or expectations to create a family, find a wife, meet somebody in person, have sex, etc.;

  3. You’ve experienced difficulties or failed to communicate with someone outside Platform;

  4. You’ve experienced difficulties or failed to meet someone in person;

  5. You’ve found someone’s profile removed or suspended from Site;

  6. You’ve found incorrect information on a somebody’s profile (regarding age, city/country of residence, marital status, language abilities, etc.);

  7. the User has encountered negative reviews or publications on the Internet related to Site and its Services.

None of the reasons listed above can serve an eligible ground for either money or credits refund.

We may change these Terms for Optional Services as well as Remuneration amount for Credit Packs from time to time with or without prior notification. Your continued use of Services, including Optional Services, shall certify Your acceptance of such changes.


Effective date: July 12th, 2017