Muslim Dating


Muslim Dating

Islam is a rather harsh religion that strictly regulates the relationship between a man and a woman. The thing is that the Prophet Mohammed caught the time when the Arab tribes were under threat of extinction. The reasons were slavery, drunkenness, and promiscuity. Therefore, very strict rules formed the basis of the new society.

But the age of information technology still made its own adjustments, which made life easier for millions of people. With the advent of Muslim dating sites, finding a partner and creating a family has become much easier while not violating the holy canons. You can look at the Girl's online gallery on GoDateNow and find the right match for you.

Features of Islamic Dating

Muslim date site is gaining momentum every year, so these services are in demand. Now, it is not necessary to fly to her homeland to meet a single Islamic woman or find a second wife. Muslim singles dating sites help many people find their soul mates.

Sunnah family life

Marriage has a special place. Therefore, finding a wife or husband on an Islam dating site is an essential and responsible step. After all, the Almighty commands to keep wives, even if love has passed and they have become unpleasant. Following these instructions, a man shows his obedience and earns his happiness in the two worlds. Also, the family's full material support falls on the husband's shoulders.


Divorces happen, but they are rare. After all, divorce is one of the most serious sins. To remove the bonds of marriage, the husband only needs to say special words 4 times.

Interesting facts about Muslim girls

  • You can't leave the house without your husband's permission.
  • Before you get a job, you first need to get your husband's approval.
  • Always and everywhere, there is a male and female half. Entering the men's area is strictly prohibited.
  • You cannot use public transport.
  • There is no minimum age for marriage.
  • Any touching before marriage is strictly prohibited.
  • Only a virgin is allowed to marry. If a girl loses her virginity before marriage, then the shame falls on the whole family.

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