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As you know, men of romantic professions always attract women, be they a pilot, an astronaut, or even a designer. But for some reason, men also get attracted by female musicians. What is the secret of their attractiveness? Honestly, musical instruments appear to have magical powers that instantly make their owners hot. Do you want to meet single girls who are involved in the music industry? We've all heard that dating a musician is risky and difficult: an incredible number of fans, a crazy schedule, long festivals, and many, many exes. But sometimes, the pros do outweigh the cons. And that's why.

dating a musician

Dating a female musician: honest pitfalls

To build serious relationships with a person who is always on the go and blinded by their fame is not easy. What other traps of such a situation should you bear in mind?

A tight schedule

Being the artist's boyfriend is the same as being the boyfriend of a TV star, businesswoman, or TV host. The most important thing is to be there for the person as they go through the formation of popularity to meet the well-deserved moments of happiness adequately. Everyone who goes to their goal always works hard. And of course, there is very little time left to be together.

Music goes first

If you are jealous of your partner's passion for their work and not ready to share the artist with the audience, you will feel offended when the artist leaves for a corporate party on February 14th. Your couple has no future until you do not accept their priorities. After all, artists work when others are resting! This is the main nuance that loved ones should understand. It would help if you created your red days in the calendar meaningful to you.

If you were initially her fan, things get more difficult

A musician would hardly start a relationship with a fan. They don't like it when their partners cannot divide their scene images from their true entities and undoubtedly agree with everything. Musicians like people with their own opinions. You should be her foremost soft critic.

Competitive spirit

Dating a female artist is difficult if she is ambitious. Rivalry in relationships does not lead to anything good. Create a tandem where you complement each other and support. It would help if you went hand in hand and did not compete when dating a musician. The most important thing is mutual respect. People should inspire and motivate, not break each other's wings.

False illusions

There are a lot of stories when fans fall in love with on-screen characters, and some of them even manage to start musician dating. But it is much more beautiful if people fall in love with each other as regular people, and not fall for images from the screen. Don't date a musician if you do not know what person she is. Maybe you have been fooled by the set of features she has been masterfully translating to her audience. First, you should get to know her without a mask.

10 Rules for dating a musician

musician dating siteIf you are a creative industry representative and work as a producer, video-maker, painter, or designer, your union with a musician will be a bed of roses. However, similar people attract each other, and some couples seem to have nothing in common. If you have a hard time understanding your creative partner, no matter you are dating a classical musician or falling after a rock artist, you should remember these small rules.

Be their stable support

Their talent must be taken for granted. Even if she dissuades you of this, you should not give in to persuasion. In her heart, she knows the truth, but sometimes she doubts herself. Doubt is a trait common to women in every creative profession — from dancer to artist. Nature has endowed them with any talent, so they will doubt whether this is a fake gift till their last breath. Your girlfriend may cope with all the responsibility that falls on her shoulders but still feel talentless.

Accept their genius

You will have to not only accept her talent but also share it with them, and you will undoubtedly need to give up your pride. One family can't stand two geniuses, can it? Besides, it is essential to remember that you will always need to be there (otherwise, it can be regarded as a betrayal) and convince your loved one of her genius. Please, at least, do not doubt her talent. Otherwise, next time, you will have to fight with the most real depression.

Stick to their blurry schedule

You should get used to the fact that your woman will never have an exact schedule, only an abstract one. Most likely, it has been drawn up a year ahead, and you are not in it. You will have to wedge yourself into a busy schedule with everyday problems throughout the year that your creative beloved has forgotten to think about if the average woman is responsible for the regular household duties. An artist and poet are responsible for the universe they have inside them.

Do not let trifles grow into regular scandals

Therefore, it is unlikely that she will pay attention to such little things as your request to buy milk and bread. She may bring you an obscenely expensive seafood cocktail from the store, which will take her entire salary. She just accidentally thought about it, confused milk with octopuses, and at the checkout, it was embarrassing to admit that such products could not be affordable for her. Rejoice in the little things — your loved one brought the gift to you, and not to someone else. This is the highest degree of appreciation.

Adjust to her life pace

You will also have to forget about the regime. She will never wake up for an alarm, only in the most extreme cases to take you to the gym or cafe to meet with a friend. Most likely, if your beloved is an owl, at night, she was rehearsing or sound-producing because any art requires silence, and sometimes darkness. Otherwise, if your lover is used to getting up with roosters, you will also have to get used to getting up neither light nor dawn: she needs to share new thoughts or doubts with someone!

Trace her emotional flow

Only on the screens of our televisions famous actors and musicians shine with positive emotions, endlessly smile, and masterfully joke. At home, they (just like us, by the way) have the right to get rid of the mask. If an ordinary woman likes to complain, then a creative woman loves this occupation doubly. In this matter, you need to be extremely careful: the absence of complaints can become an alarming sign.

If your woman is no longer upset about bad weather (hot, cold, raining, snowing, sun shining) and doesn't complain about chronic fatigue and overwork, things are going bad. It means that she has severe problems, for the solution of which your hugs are not at all enough. But do not rush to despair. Complaints are not a signal to run away. To create, many musicians must suffer (it means bearing the burden of being a genius). Moreover, an engineer or middle manager will not tolerate tears and tantrums either.

Don't dream of romance

It is one of the least clear rules for dating a musician. It's a myth that creative women are romantic. They are, perhaps, more pragmatists than representatives of the most commonplace professions. In matters of rose petals, candles, and silk bedding, alas, they are helpless. The fuse is enough, as a rule, only for the first date, maximum for the second, and then real life begins with an unreal partner. There is one plus in such behavior, but essential — the lack of romance in the creative person is a sign of complete trust.don't date a musician

The fact is that a person who is tired of the noise of the stage and the crowd of admirers needs silence, simplicity, and minimalism. To put it simply, more than anything, she needs to relax next to a person she can fully trust and become who she is.

Show her that you are interested in what she is going

One of the features of dating a female musician is a complete immersion in her professional space. That is, whether you like it or not, you will have to find out what Pas de bourrée, Passé or Écartée is. If your beloved is a ballet dancer, and if she is also perfectly educated, then memorize the authors of Cinderella, Sleeping beauties "and" Nutcracker." Learn how Monet differs from Manet, if you got an artist, and understand that" The Seagull "is not always a bird and a car, but also a Chekhov play — if you happen to date an actor. To date a musician, you should be ready for the same.

Learn from her

However, this duty is not at all difficult, and sometimes even pleasant, because additional information and deep knowledge of a specific subject have never harmed anyone. The appearance of several new books in your home library will only increase your self-esteem. It t seems that now you will have many more topics for conversations with your loved one because she probably knows little about the profession of a bank clerk, doctor, or editor. Also, in a reasonably short time, you will be able to show off at work with new intricate terms and actual knowledge in the field of art. Thus one of the tips for dating a musician is to listen to what they say and absorb new information.

Be her shoulder she can lean on

The most precious thing you can give a female musician is love and a feeling of home. That's all. This is enough never to regret your choice. Such frequent star divorces happen when creative people's partners do not give them necessary home comfort and unconditional devotion. It isn't easy to live with an innovative, extraordinary person. Sometimes, it seems to be completely impossible, which is why so often not theatrical scandals break out at the houses of pretty female singers from television screens.

Learn to love her for the fact that she is herself, both on stage and with you. Ignore the full trash can, unwashed dishes, greasy stains on the shirt in which she came from the next banquet. Just forget. Accept your beloved and her talent and love her for a gift that is given to very few. And remember — she is responsible for the universe she bears inside.

These rules will help you conquer a creative person. Now that you know how to date a musician, you can proceed to actions and find your perfect music soulmate. For this, you can use a musician dating site, for instance, TasteBuds. You, too, will eventually become the same strange person near your creative partner.

Your dressing style will change, your speech will become more refined and sophisticated, you will become much more erudite, and you will start listening to quality music. The social circle will be filled with people from the field of art. And life itself will be bright and tender like the sound of a cello. Isn't it beautiful? As you can see, dating a musician has many benefits too.

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