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  • 25.01.2023 Sex on the first date: how to achieve it?
    Should you have sex on the first date? The stereotype that only girls of “easy virtue” enter into intimate relationships with a man after the first date has existed for many centuries. However, in the modern world, it is clear to more and more people that this is not at all the case.
  • 13.01.2023 How To Build Interdependent Relationships With Your Partner?
    In order to achieve harmony in a couple, it often takes a lot of effort. But sometimes, people go to extremes and confuse the concepts of “codependent” and “codependent” relationships.
  • 13.01.2023 What is a difficult relationship and what are the best ways to fix it?
    How to make a complicated relationship work? A woman and a man meet and enter into a relationship to give each other joy.
  • 20.12.2022 What to do if my girlfriend doesn't like my pet?
    My girlfriend hates my dog. When a pet, for some reason, dislikes your partner, this is one of the saddest situations for any owner. Experts told what the reasons are and how to change the situation for the better.
  • 16.12.2022 Useful Online Dating Tips For Introverts And Shy People
    How to meet women as an introvert? Introverts are people who don't actually leave the house. These people prefer a lonely lifestyle, so the question of finding a soulmate who would share the hobbies of such a person is very acute.
  • 25.11.2022 What to do if the girl does not answer?
    What to do when a girl doesn't text back? In correspondence with a girl, not everything always goes smoothly. At some point, she may begin not to respond to SMS, do it with a long delay, read, but not send anything in response. The same applies to cases when a girl does not even read the first message when you try to get acquainted. Why girls dont text back?
  • 25.11.2022 The best secrets and ways to ask a girl out and make her say yes
    What's a good way to ask a girl out? It seems to be so easy to take and go on a date with a girl. But when the most opportune moment for an invitation approaches, it often becomes uncomfortable.How to invite a lady of the heart elegantly, with dignity and with 100% success? This is where our clever ways to ask a girl out can come in handy.
  • 25.11.2022 How to overcome relationship difficulties and confront them as a couple?
    Those who tell you that there have never been quarrels and scandals in their relationship are either disingenuous or simply never lived together. Everyone else understands the relationship challenge very well.
  • 25.11.2022 10 Tips On How To Politely Decline A Date
    When you are invited on a date, and you don’t really want to go there, it’s not so easy to refuse. How to kindly reject someone? It definitely shouldn't lie or embellish on the wrong things, but being direct isn't the best option either. Say no but don't invest negativity.
  • 25.11.2022 When should I break up with my girlfriend and how to do it right?
    Why can't I break up with my girlfriend? For some reason, breaking up always causes fear. Because of this, many couples coexist for many years in a bleak connection, but, in the end, their separation becomes even more painful.
  • 24.11.2022 22 ways to get a girl to like you?
    The majority of males ponder how to impress a woman, how to pique her interest, and how to grab her attention. These are typical queries since most men believe that women are difficult to satisfy and have high standards. We'll look at 22 strategies how to get a girl to like you back.
  • 24.11.2022 How To Be Less Awkward On A Date?
    Occasionally, on a date, we get delirious and lose all control over our speech and ideas. So, many of you are wondering how to make a first date not awkward.
  • 24.11.2022 How to get virtual gifts with a discount of up to 90%?
    For the first time, GoDateNow has a sale on virtual gifts. Find out how to take advantage of the Black Friday one-day Deal!
  • 14.11.2022 How To Stop Overthinking In A Relationship?
    When it comes to attachments, a person does not act automatically. Thinking about someone is a reflection of how important that person is to you.
  • 14.11.2022 How to be less nervous on a date?
    Just the thought of the upcoming first date nerves can be stressful. You may not know what to talk about, or doubt that you are able to arouse sympathy from your companion.
  • 04.11.2022 How to Get Over a Breakup?
    How to get over a breakup with someone you love? No matter how long the relationship lasted, breaking up always brings pain.
  • 04.11.2022 How to Avoid Awkward Silence On The First Date?
    What to say in awkward silence? Do you often find yourself on a date and don't know what to talk about?
  • 27.10.2022 What do you know about sex on a first date?
    Sex on the first date, what do guys think? Every environment has its own rules for the first date, often derived from stagnant patriarchal dogmas.
  • 20.10.2022 Can A Relationship Persist If A Woman Makes More Money Than A Man?
    The scenario in which, for various reasons, your wife makes more money than you does is extremely realistic.
  • 11.10.2022 How To Rekindle A Relationship?
    Why does the fire that flared up in the heart at the sight of a loved one die out? What about the fact that in a relationship, you want both security and novelty at the same time? How to rekindle a relationship?
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