Finding Compatibility Through Astrology: Natal Charts and Relationship Zodiac Charts


Relationships are one of the main areas of our life and, at the same time, one of the most difficult. Why? Because the 7th house of the natal chart relationship is opposite the 1st house.

  • 1st house is the foundation of the natal chart; it is your personality.

  • 7th house is its reflection. And vice versa. That is why they say that your partner is your mirror.

Any experiences in our personal lives throw us off balance: we stop feeling support and support, and when a relationship breaks down, our self-esteem and self-confidence fall.

Any experiences related to our appearance, health, and self-realization do not allow us to build a happy relationships. For example, a woman does not take care of her body and face, does not wear jewelry or beautiful clothes, gains excess weight, and gets sick (1st house). In this state, she cannot attract a partner's attention (7th house). Conversely, when a woman dresses up, becomes well-groomed, and fits with a beautiful figure, she becomes an attractive target for men.

This is how the connection of the 1st house and the 7th house works in astrological relationship charts.

Finding Compatibility Through Astrology: Natal Charts and Relationship Zodiac Charts

Any change in your personality - external or internal (1st house), entails changes in your partner (7th house) or separation from him because not everyone wants to change and has the right to do so. If you grow as a person, the level of your relationship with your partner grows, and a partner change may occur, which is normal. If a woman has outgrown her man, and he does not grow with her, she meets another with whom they form a new relationship.

Each of the partners sets a certain bar in the relationship, and it doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is - romantic or business.

Why do we need relationships?

What makes us get into a relationship? What drives us?

In most cases, four factors:

  • fear of loneliness

  • lack of resources or fear of not surviving

  • shame in front of society and the environment ("Everyone is married, but I'm not")

  • desire to enjoy (lust)

In the minority:

  • love at first sight and a conscious choice to be with this person

As you can guess, marriages based on the motivations on the first list are short-lived. That is why there are so many divorces. If they are durable, then most likely, they are not happy. Therefore, before you cost a relationship, you can look at the astrology relationship chart compatibility.

Why are relationships really needed from the point of view of the universe? For self-improvement. Through relationships with another person, we have powerful growth and development: our character qualities are polished, our sensuality, kindness, and ability to care are revealed, and we learn acceptance, understanding, patience, mutual assistance, and bestowal.

If you think, “I’ll get married and be happy/relaxed, etc.”, you are mistaken. Because at this moment, the main work begins, which is called “building relationships,” and your active daily participation is necessary for this work. This job is harder than living alone. Therefore, the relationship birth chart compatibility report will help you in this work.

Suppose you want to attract a partner for a harmonious and happy relationship. In that case, it is best to change the motivation from “I can’t / I’m tired of being alone” to “I want to meet a partner in a relationship with whom we will help each other develop and improve, more and more revealing our talents."

Relationship stages according to the relationship zodiac chart

Initially, a man and a woman are connected by the energy of the planet Venus, which is active during the candy-bouquet period. This is a time of joint pleasure, enjoyment, flirting, romance, and sex. But at this stage, there is no true love yet.

It is because of Venus that natural chemistry arises, magnetism, which is based mainly on lust and sexual attraction. The body and appearance are the filters through which acquaintance occurs.

  • Venus in Pisces, Libra, or Taurus, you easily attract a partner.

  • If your Venus is in the sign of Virgo, then you may have difficulties.

For a relationship to develop into something more than texting, going to the movies, and sex, both partners must raise the relationship to the level of Jupiter and Saturn. If this does not happen, then either a civil marriage lasting for years or a break in relations is obtained.

  • Jupiter is spiritual closeness, like-mindedness, and the highest understanding of love as a mature feeling, which implies respect, understanding, trust, and seeing authority and a teacher in another.

  • Saturn is a duty and obligation to each other when partners register a marriage, and both take responsibility for creating a family and sharing household tasks; this is loyalty and devotion; this is patience and acceptance of a partner as he is; it is a joint service to society.

This does not mean that marriage should stop enjoying. Sexual intimacy is also important, but it cannot be the foundation of a strong and long-term relationship. If you do not move to the level of Saturn, he makes you suffer. You need to study the zodiac sign relationship chart in order to build a long-lasting relationship.

Natal chart relationship compatibility

The two main indicators that an astrologer looks at when analyzing a person’s personal life are the strength of the 7th house and the strength of Venus:

  • which planet rules the 7th house? What sign and house is it in

  • are there any planets in the 7th house, and if so, which ones

  • What sign and house is Venus in?

For a more detailed consideration, a fractional Navamsha chart is looked at.

  • To see the image of the ideal man that a woman wants, the astrologer looks at the signs of Mars and Jupiter in her natal chart.

  • To see the image of the ideal woman that a man wants, the astrologer looks at the signs of Venus and the Moon in his natal chart.

It is also important to look at a person's Rising Zodiac Sign (Ascendant) because each zodiac sign loves in a different way. Each sign has its own unique template for creating relationships, for expectations from relationships, and for behavior in relationships. Therefore, it is important to look at the compatibility of birth chart relationships. Someone needs to be with a partner 24 hours a day and do absolutely everything together, while someone definitely needs distance, separation, and enough free time for themselves. Therefore, the universal advice of psychologists on how to act in a relationship is not suitable for everyone.

The analysis of the natal chart of a single person and a person in a pair is different. For a single person, the emphasis is on revealing his personality and developing self-sufficiency, as well as on the opportunities for acquaintance with a partner.

It is advisable for a person in a couple to look at his natal chart along with the natal chart of a partner. In astrology, a technique such as synastry is used for this - an analysis of partners' compatibility by date of birth.

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