How to Flatter Girls Gently


How to flatter a woman? Gentle words are a signal of love, care, and worry for a loved one. Since these are serious feelings, you will also have to think carefully when choosing such expressions. How to do it right? What phrases really express tenderness? How to show all the warmth of the beloved or beloved? Gentle words can be a very powerful tool to show love and care for a woman. But before you start saying these phrases, it is essential to make sure that they are sincere and correspond to your feelings.

How to Flatter Girls Gently

The best way to flatter a girl

For the words to be pleasant for your beloved or beloved, you will have to learn how to choose them correctly. This will require sincerity, at least minimal knowledge about the girl/guy, reasoning, and imagination.

  • Sincerity. Pretending, cheating, and flattering compliments are not a good idea. When a partner praises his couple for a trait that he does not see or that he does not consider sufficiently developed, this is felt. In addition, such an attitude is clearly reflected in actions - they diverge from words. Lies in the utterance of tender phrases, even with positive intent, still end badly. For example, if a guy wants to inspire an overweight girl to play sports and encourages her with the words, “You have great abs,” this is a failure. Most likely, the chosen one will consider such an expression a mockery and be very offended.

  • Focus on him/her. how to flatter your girlfriend? Each person reacts differently to the same words. Therefore, personal beliefs, prohibitions, interests, and dreams play a huge role. For example, praise for receiving a medal in the Literary Olympiad for the 7th grade will leave a male athlete indifferent. And a feminist woman will not be particularly happy if her partner mentions only her feminine weakness and vulnerability.

  • Connecting arguments. It is not enough just to praise some quality. It is also important to explain why it was concluded that this feature exists. This rule applies more to compliments about the character but can also be applied to other kinds of nice words. If you really want to praise, it is important to argue in favor of the chosen feature. For example: “You are so determined! Do you remember how you... I was delighted! Or: “Honey, you are so feminine! This sophistication is reflected in your walk, in the way you sleepily but sexually stretch after sleep, ”etc.

  • Imagination. How to flatter a lady? She must have been told phrases like “you are beautiful/cute,” and he was told that he was “strong” or “tall.” Even if this is the obvious truth, a little imagination won't hurt. To do this, you can detail tender expressions, use synonyms, rhyme, and add an explanation for your reaction. That is, not just “you are beautiful,” but “this dress suits you very much, although everything will look gorgeous on such a beautiful figure.” Not “you are tall,” but “next to you, I feel small, and I really like it.”

How to say flattery words for her?

For girls, their appearance is very important. They prefer to spend hours preening, undergoing painful procedures like waxing, and sacrificing comfort for high heels. Therefore, if a guy decides to note how his chosen one is pretty, charming, and beautiful, she will be pleased.

Words to flatter a girl

  • pleasant facial features (eyes, lips, nose, etc.),

  • thin waist, overall slimness,

  • long, toned, athletic legs,

  • smooth line of shoulders, the thinness of the neck,

  • tenderness, velvety skin,

  • softness and silkiness of hair,

  • elegance and sophistication of the hands and fingers.

But compliments to a girl about her chest, hips, and buttocks are better reserved for a closer acquaintance. At the initial stage of communication, the emphasis on these parts of the female body is more likely to frighten or offend the lady. If you really want to express something like that, a slight mention of the fact that she is sexy and interesting will be enough.

Also like words to compliment a girlfriend if the guy talks about her influence on him. She will be pleased to hear that a man's life has become better with her appearance. She will smile when she finds out what gives him goosebumps, insomnia, or the desire to do something for her.

Another topic for gentle, flattering words for women is his feelings for her. Love, tenderness, passion, moderate jealousy, trust, sexual desire - she wants to know what can cause all this. Such phrases are a confirmation of her significance and the seriousness of her partner in relation to her.

No matter how serious, strict, and mature steel lady she tries to appear to the world. She wants to feel weak at home, next to her beloved boyfriend. Therefore, any words of concern for her, praising her feminine qualities, as well as mentioning the desire to protect her, will be very pleasant to her.

Cute comments to say to your girlfriend

  • My affectionate, sweet, beloved, dear, only.

  • Joy, happiness, soul, heart, light, meaning, my dream.

  • The names of cute animals are cat, hedgehog, and fox.

  • Flowers - rose, lily, chamomile, tulip, lily of the valley.

  • Small but cute items - a poppy seed, a button, a button.

  • Sweets - candy, pie, cupcake, chocolate.

  • Fruits and berries - orange, raspberry, grape.

  • Sun, ray, moon, moon-faced, star.

  • Positive qualities - hostess, cunning, prankster.

  • Wild small birds - swallow, sparrow, titmouse.

How to say tender words to a man?

It’s not enough to know the sweetest comment to a girl; you need the girl to be able to and compliment her man too. The appearance of men for themselves is not so important. But what the male ear, and at the same time the ego, will definitely not miss is the praise of his physical form. In particular, these are:

  • torso (press, pectoral muscles),

  • arms (biceps, triceps),

  • shoulders (deltoid and trapezius muscles),

  • back (latissimus dorsi).

  • And if a guy is seriously into sports or goes to the gym, he will want someone to evaluate his quadriceps (thigh muscles). If a man does not have an outstanding athletic physique, he can be praised for being smart, broad-shouldered, proud of his posture, tall, etc.

It is equally important for a loved one that the chosen one is able to notice his achievements. A promotion at work, a wide circle of friends, a competition won, or even a simple, friendly argument - everything should be praised for this. Guys have a strong desire for competition. They always want to win, to be the best, and to defend leadership. The man will be satisfied if the beloved can emphasize all this with words.

In amorous affairs, the expression of emotions is not always easy for the stronger sex. Meanwhile, women demand beautiful words and affectionate nicknames. Therefore, it will be easier for a guy to say all this if the girl appreciates his efforts. You can inspire a man to develop a particular character trait with a thoughtful approach to choosing a compliment.

List of tender words to your beloved:

  • Dear, dear, only, beloved, sweet.

  • Life, meaning, happiness, joy, heart, my destiny.

  • Predatory animals - tiger, lion, wolf, fox, cheetah.

  • Wild big birds - eagle, falcon, crane, eagle owl.

  • Positive qualities - defender, daredevil, clever.

  • Physical form - strongman, athlete, athlete, titan.

  • Militancy - hunter, conqueror, fighter, warrior.

  • Title - prince, king, king, caliph, sultan.

  • Winner, champion, hero, knight, hero.

  • Help, protection, support, guardianship, my support.

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