How to ignore your boyfriend to teach him a lesson?


Today, we will talk about how important the role of ignoring in a relationship is, and also in what cases it is worth ignoring a man. Sometimes, ignoring is the best way to teach a guy a lesson and an excellent tool for managing his feelings. Let's talk more in Our Dating Blog about what situations it is worth using ignore and how to ignore your boyfriend to teach him a lesson. You will also learn how best to do this not to spoil everything, but on the contrary - to return the guy's attention and become a significant and valuable girl for him.

How to ignore your boyfriend

Why you need ignore men?

Playing with this fire is risky, and in the wrong hands, it might burn your tender hands. Hearts melt in the hands of a master. The issue of why you should ignore the person has now been answered and how to teach him a lesson for hurting me.

To overcome the masculine self-assurance that you will not succeed, you must ignore him. You must demonstrate and demonstrate your ability to flee, leaving him speechless, and simply vanish. Ignoring a man is the best course of action for this. Next, we'll talk about when to ignore him and how to make him learn his lesson.

When should men be ignored?

1. When he acts cold 

You should ignore him if he’s acting cold, or if your boyfriend is inconsiderate. An urgent, ignoring as soon as you realize that he is starting to calm down. Making demands, attempting to organize the situation, or asking for an explanation is all extremely inappropriate and foolish. It would be better to simply pull out his heart and offer it to a passing female with a lovely ass. You will all at least be of some utility to this earth.

He glances at his heart as you start to devour it and thinks, "Well….” No matter how strongly you feel or want to tell him everything, the wise thing to do is to ignore him. Consider it carefully, then calm down. It is hard to communicate the latter since it is so crucial.

Therefore, you will not decide anything while insults and anger play in you. You're more likely just to screw everything up. Maybe it's enough, and it's time to stop.

2. If a man starts to play a double game

He stays with you for a while before disappearing. And he claims that he is with pals, that his business empire is having issues, and that he has examinations on his nose. Perhaps there are problems with his parents.

These are just reasons to avoid being with you and spend chilly evenings cuddling up to women who are more beautiful than you. You, a sheep, must wait for your prince to approach as you sit there. In this situation, you need to start ignoring your boyfriend when you see this garbage. It is preferable to quit doing this and stop being a naive lady if you are sitting by the window and believing him.

3. When he starts behaving badly

When you left your job, he discovered you had no plans to go on and were simply a dog at the leg of his jeans, with no interests, no goals for a career, and nothing except a connection to him.

You must agitate him, break your relationship, and ignore him. Taking care of yourself will help you achieve your goal of becoming your best self.

4. In any critical situations

This may be a scandal, cheating, visiting GoDateNow, or both. You instantly start ignoring him because you have a feminine feeling that something is amiss with him concerning you. There, decide whether to stay with him, how to act moving forward and how to punish your boyfriend.

You better decide in a few days. Making hasty judgments is never a good idea. Strong emotions cause blunders that ruin everything when they are acted upon. Therefore, you have two choices:

  1. Try to handle the circumstance, his connection, and your relationship. Scream at him, argue, get upset with him, or weep. Simply put, mess everything up.

  2. Simply begin to ignore him.

How to ignore a man properly?

When a guy is ignored, you must persist and persevere firmly and decisively until the finish. We discussed the best ways to approach this so that he is aware of all his errors and suggestions for ignoring my boyfriend and making him miss me.

Go into total ignore and do not fall for the temptation

This implies that you shouldn't call him, write him letters, or respond to his voicemails. Do not return his calls either. He'll call from different numbers, so be ready for that.

It is not crucial whether or whether messages are read after being opened. There is no need to blacklist while ignoring a hot and cold guy! Do you understand why?

Only the deceased should be put on a blacklist whom you will never, ever, and under any circumstances communicate. Stupid people of all stripes molested and spammers. The initial male response is often negative if you put a guy on the blacklist due to some of your complaints. He'll consider what you're doing to be completely absurd or dumb.

Stop communication for a while

You just cease interacting with your mutual pals in person. Otherwise, they'll combine you with something else they have and ruin everything. They'll convey her sadness to your partner. If the fun is played too much, the eyes become depressed. She cherishes you. She considers you. When will you two be reunited? He then breathes calmly out into the air. But you need to make him think, “Why my affair partner is ignoring me?”

The company's excellent and intriguing abyss. What is happening to you that your pals don't know anything about you? Therefore, it will be much more enigmatic and compelling. This is one of the best tips on how to punish your boyfriend for bad behavior.

A man is frequently neglected and questions their familiar friends when he feels confused about the situation. You've seen her, right? They deceive him with their negative response; the first thought that crosses his mind is that she has found another. She quickly moved on from me and found someone else.

Avoid meeting him at all costs

But what if he shows up, bangs on the door, wait by the car, and then meets you on the street with a long list of inquiries for you to respond to?

You then inform him of the following: "I'm perplexed. I'm unsure of whether or not I want to be with you. Give me some time to consider, and I'll text you."

Pay attention, now! No matter what, you must go. You can leave in any case. And most importantly, stop talking now. There are no other words beyond this one. Don't make any new additions. At the very least, memorize it. Don't alter the essence, though, for the love of everything is sacred. You must continue ignoring a guy who takes you for granted.

Representing something is the most incorrect thing you can do. Describe your actions in some detail. You still write an explanation as a guilty party, though. This makes sense! And there shouldn't be clarity in ignoring! Don't allow her to arrive.

How to competently get out of ignore?

Find out why you missed him in the first place. To teach him a lesson? No. This is a terrible strategy – revenge. The love between such persons is forbidden. You better take a closer look at your actions throughout the ignoring. Perhaps your hairdo has changed? Are you still the same pitiful, naïve, worthless substance of addiction, or have you gotten more liberated?

This effect will only last a week if you leave ignoring it without making any changes. He will then realize that you haven't changed. And when everything goes back to how it was, things will only become worse. What to focus on during communication punishment for boyfriend?

  1. Calm. You need to calm down. Try meditation, spiritual exercises, or anything else; silence is always enigmatic and potent.

  2. Confidence. Ten guys, bring them to their knees. Do not forget your divine status. With him, you started to ignore it. Have multiple dates.

  3. Appearance. Change your look, including your hair, cosmetics, clothes, gestures, and stride. You may also lose weight and gain flexibility and style. Visit a professional.

  4. Character. Be more abrasive and cruel. Relationship problems might make some people sad while making others angry. A person with depression is immobile. When someone is angry, they make objectives and work ferociously to achieve them.

How to get out so as not to mess up?

The solution is clever and easy to understand, defying logical justification and comprehension. It must be accomplished accidentally. Escaping ignorance skillfully, accurately, and as effectively as possible - by accident. By chance, you should cross paths – one business or a retail setting, during running, or some other location. And unintentionally struck into a discussion, then started communication as friends.

And you essentially begin afresh. You should see the exit principle exactly graphically in your thoughts. We connected by accident; the process is repeated. You continue to flirt with him despite your fear of him. as though you lack anything. He seems new, just as you do. However, you must also be brand new. Then you will be fine, and he won't be able to get away from you.


It is straightforward to teach a guy a lesson, but the main thing is understanding whether you need to do this through ignoring. It can also lead to a breakup if the guy is not ready to fight for you and your relationship or if he’s just scrolling Girls online gallery and searching for new love. You must realize that this will lead to significant changes in your relationship and can destroy them if you or the guy are not mentally strong enough.


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