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How to help your girlfriend with stress? Women are gentle and vulnerable creatures. Especially in some periods. However, each person has frustrations and problems, and everyone copes with them in their own way. But sometimes support is needed. How to support a girl in difficult times, and what things to say to comfort your girlfriend? How to do it tactfully, correctly, and without harming her at the same time? Consider the most common problems and how to solve them. But remember, each girl is an individual; take into account the peculiarities of her character and what stage your relationship is currently at.

How to Comfort Your Girlfriend

What to say when your girlfriend is upset?

The right words are the solution to 80-90% of the problem. But only a good psychologist can do it masterfully. Will you succeed? Who knows. It depends on how well you know your woman and how much you care about her problems, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

First, try to find out what happened to her. If she told you, then that's fine. If not, don't ask. This not only irritates a person who is already feeling bad but also humiliates your dignity.

After that, ask her at least the following questions:

  • What do you feel?

  • Is there anything I can help you with?

  • Do you want to be alone or discuss everything with me?

  • How about we order some rolls/pizza and drink some wine?

How to calm your girlfriend? Of course, it all depends on the specific problem. But asking questions means being involved. So you can show that you care and you are always ready to discuss what makes her sad. It’s better if it really happens. Otherwise, why are you with her? Usually, girls like to talk heart to heart; if she does not do this with you, she will turn to her friends. They usually understand how to support your girlfriend in difficult times. It all depends on if you need it.

Do you need to support money?

For some boyfriend comforting their girlfriend, this issue is complicated. Perhaps you think, what if she decides that I want to buy her mood?

Usually, it's not a question if you love her. It is not necessary to give money. You can buy a small gift to please her. But if she lost her job and is in a difficult financial situation, then offer her money. If she says, she'll give them back to you, refuse. (But you must be sure that she does not use you). Although, if you communicate for about a year, then you will already know its features, life principles, etc. When she lost one of her relatives, it would make sense to provide all possible assistance with money and take responsibility by taking up organizational issues. She'll appreciate it when she wakes up from the shock. Stay with her as she goes through all the stages of accepting the inevitable:

  • negation;

  • anger;

  • bargain;

  • depression;

  • humility.

Keep in mind that each of the stages can be delayed indefinitely. Some of them may be repeated. If you do not take out such a load and feel insecure, offer to pay for her sessions with a psychotherapist. It will be a good investment in her and the health of your relationship, so you can be sure that comfort my girlfriend. If her beloved pet has died, try to be with her when she is having a hard time, and the loss is felt especially acutely. Ask her if she wants to make a new furry friend. But just don't give it to her unannounced because some people need to endure a certain period before getting a new pet.

How to comfort your girlfriend from a distance?

What to do if your beloved is bad, but you are in different cities? How to support a girl in a difficult moment if she is not allowed to leave work now? Try video chat. So you will have the opportunity to understand what she feels by her appearance and facial expressions and figure out whether it is worth going to her. To begin with, try all possible ways at a distance. Ordering food and fruit and delivering gifts and flowers are promising signs of attention. Do not forget that if she turns to you, then you are critical of her. But if you don’t know what to say, except for the phrase “everything will be fine,” it’s better to be silent. Say instead that you love her. Communicate with her affectionately; your voice is of great importance. A calm, gentle tone will make her feel your care and interest. It's worth a lot.

Is it necessary to come?

The answer is an unequivocal yes! Even if she, out of modesty, says it is unnecessary to come. Take at least a couple of days off, agree, ask for leave, and fly to her. Your presence is very important. She must understand that you will be there no matter what happens. Physically. Hug or support under the elbow, as you like. Be with her.

Of course, you need to fly in a difficult situation. When you realize that she can't cope on her own, if she is just upset, offended by someone, or angry, then a telephone conversation or lively correspondence is enough. Try to draw conclusions from a distance, support with conversations, and if nothing comes out, then fly in.

How to be there for your girlfriend emotionally?

She might feel a lot better after you ask her what happened and she talks to you. Next, you can show affection by hugging (this is soothing), and then, if she asks for advice or opinion, share your thoughts with her. Maybe it makes sense to try to show her her problem from the outside, from some more positive point of view. Break it down and outline ways to get out of the situation. If the case is too complicated (which is unlikely), explain to her that you are there and everything can be solved. Don't think she reads your thoughts; speak words through your mouth. It's easy, even if you've never been good at expressing your feelings. It's time to learn how to support a girl in difficult times because you still have a long time to live together if you have serious plans.

How to support your girlfriend if she has problems at work?

Work is important. It is not only a source of income but also an environment where we can realize ourselves as individuals. Yes, the job can be boring, but losing it is too big a shock for many. In addition to being fired, conflicts with colleagues and superiors may occur, and you may be framed or insulted. There are many reasons. Can you help a girl in this situation? Definitely. Both morally and financially, if necessary. Give her the support she needs first, then take the time to try and help her find a new job.

But what not to do:

  • Send sad stickers. Yes, you may not know what to say. But emoticons, gifs, or pictures alone will not help matters. Usually, in difficult situations, they cause a feeling of neglect, indifference;

  • "I'm busy; then I'll dial/write." You can be busy, no doubt. But at least write this sentence more gently. She's bad. Better call. Nothing will happen if you leave for a couple of minutes. But then you don’t have to sort things out or try to understand why she is so cold towards you;

  • Advise discussing everything with a friend. No, this is good advice in and of itself. But only after you support her. After all, she called/wrote to you first and not to her friend. Appreciate this trust;

  • Manifestation of dissatisfaction. This, at least, is inadequate if she is ill. Those cases when they try to pull emotions out of you do not count.

Don't make it worse

Whatever your mood and condition, don't make it worse when your girlfriend is crying. This includes actions such as

  • Resentment against her. You are not five years old, after all, be a calm and balanced man;

  • Ignoring her condition. If you want to have a harmonious relationship, consider her mood;

  • Anger and aggression, claims. Do you want to be with her and want to know how to support a girl in difficult times, or do you think only about yourself?

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