What Could a Kiss on a First Date Mean to You


Should I kiss on the first date? The age-old question "To be or not to be?" relevant when it comes to a kiss on a first date. A topic discussed by both girls and men and each opinion has supporters and opponents. How correct and permissible is it to kiss a stranger for the first time together?

What Could a Kiss on a First Date Mean to You

We kissed on the first date

Most often, the decision to kiss on the first date usually falls to the man. This makes him doubt a lot: in the case of a kiss, a girl may find him too intrusive and even willing to seduce. And if you don’t kiss on the first date, the companion may well decide that she got an indecisive man, and then the matter will obviously not go beyond friendship.

Despite the individuality of each person, there are typical fears that torment all men before deciding to kiss on the first date. Knowing them, you can feel much more confident and significantly increase your chances of success. Kiss on first date good sign if it is mutual.

Thanks to simple signals, you can recognize that the girl is already set for the first kiss with her companion:

  • She often leans towards a man, trying to get close.

  • She actively participates in the conversation and asks questions, shows interest

  • A girl cancels her business or meeting friends in order to meet a man

  • The companion hugs you, showing her serious intentions

  • The girl's gaze is directed at the man's lips; this is a subconscious desire to kiss them

Is it okay to kiss on the first date?

Nowadays, a kiss on the first date is no longer just a gesture of attention and sweet sympathy. With it, you can wake up a real storm of emotions and make you burn with wild passion. Of course, today, few people will condemn the manifestation of such a sign of attention already on the first date - deciding whether to kiss or not is a specific matter for each person.

Arguments for a kiss

  • “The earth is slipping away from under your feet” - a strong mutual attraction is obvious. Sparks fly between you, and the chemical reaction that has arisen between people cannot be stopped, a situation that is not so common, so it is quite possible to afford it.

  • The craving for partners for each other arose even before personal acquaintance, for example, during a long correspondence. There is a strong feeling of long-standing acquaintance and kinship of souls.

  • When you first see a person and spend some time together, you decide that you like him, and there is no point in delaying a kiss.

  • The date went perfectly, the time flew by, and the dialogue was interesting and lively, with no awkward pauses. You don’t feel like parting after such a date, and a kiss is a completely logical and natural end to the evening.

  • First date kiss or not? A man is good for everyone, but he’s definitely not the hero of your novel. This also happens, and a kiss on a first date is a kind of point in a relationship that is not destined to begin. The first and last kiss without sympathy can serve as a weighty argument saying that you did everything possible to continue the acquaintance. However, there was still no spark, which means there are no reasons for new meetings.

Arguments against

  • Physical rejection. You just didn’t like the person; the touches are unpleasant, and the thought of a kiss does not even arise.

  • You are serious about contact, and kissing a stranger is unacceptable for you on your own moral convictions.

  • A planned obligatory kiss in advance can easily spoil the mood and dissolve the charm of the evening because instead of enjoying the process of a date, all thoughts will be occupied with a kiss that has not yet happened. This will create a tense atmosphere that a man will definitely feel.

  • Do not rush things if the partner himself does not take the initiative. Having made the impression of an annoying person, correcting your opinion of yourself will be difficult. Therefore, it is worth relaxing and letting the man take the first step if he himself considers it appropriate and possible.

  • You yourself are not sure that the kiss will be desired. There is no obvious discomfort during communication, but neither partner has a special desire for intimacy.

Is it bad to kiss on the first date? After weighing all the pros and cons, we can conclude that it is necessary to act according to the circumstances. The first kiss, like the first date, cannot be experienced twice. That is why; if there is no confidence in the correctness of what is happening, then you should not force events.

It should be remembered that a girl is not obliged to reciprocate a man in exchange for a pleasant evening spent together. To kiss or not kissing on the first date is a decision based on the general impression of the meeting and the strength of the sympathy that has arisen. The first kiss, which happened out of inertia, without much desire, will not deliver the expected pleasure to either side, so a not-so-successful date can be ended on a friendly note.

How to get a kiss on a first date?

The first kiss is a serious advancement in a relationship with a pretty partner. If he was successful, the man managed to achieve sympathy from his companion and move from a friendly stage to a more serious one.

Any girl perfectly feels a man's mood - if he is afraid of the first kiss, his companion will quickly feel it. Therefore, you should not be tormented by thoughts that the first kiss is scary and risky, that the companion will refuse and stop communicating. If communication goes well, the girl will want such a manifestation of sympathy from you; she will try to hint at her desire to kiss in every possible way. If the companion does not like you, it will be almost impossible to kiss her - the girl simply will not allow it.

What does it mean when a guy kisses you first? Seeing the above signs of sympathy, you can try to move on to the first kiss with a girl. Spontaneous kissing is a good idea when a partner allows you to hug herself, for example, during a great joke or a good argument.

What does kissing on the first date mean? If your acquaintance is relatively short-lived and the companion still knows very little about the man, then such a kiss may be rejected. This is natural; in any case, the man made it clear to his companion that he intends to get something more than just friendly communication. If, after refusing the first kiss, the girl still continues to walk and communicate with you, then she agreed to the role of your girlfriend. We'll have to wait a bit and try again when the girl is ready.

How should a first date kiss go?

Everyone reacts differently to kissing on a first date. For some, a kiss is a very intimate gesture and is used in different ways depending on the situation. For example, a kiss on the cheek is a gesture of friendship, often used as a greeting or goodbye. However, especially romantic people may take this as a hint of love feelings.

A kiss on the neck is an intimate gesture that indicates a clear desire to continue the relationship. It can be gentle and timid, hinting at a sexual relationship. But a quick kiss on the lips clearly makes it clear about passion when the companion realizes that she has turned the man's head and he longs to continue.

Tips for kissing after first date

The question of whether it is possible to kiss a guy or a girl on a date that is happening for the first time interests everyone. And most guys are for ending a date with a kiss. You need to understand that the main point for achieving success in this matter is an attentive attitude to the partner, a sense of proportion, as well as the romance of the moment.

  • In order for a girl to be able to say, "we made out on the first date," it is important that there is a suitable atmosphere. Therefore, the guy must make sure that the place for the date is chosen correctly so the girl feels the attention and care. Compliments are a great preface to a kiss. Moreover, you need to admire not only the external data of the girl but also her personal qualities.

  • Emotional and visual contact. It is essential that the young lady feel that you are interested in her and feel that you are experiencing admiration, which should be displayed in your eyes. It is also necessary to evaluate the girl's condition so that your touches are pleasant to her. Then, most likely, the young lady will not mind your kiss.

  • Measure in everything. It is unacceptable to pounce on a girl with kisses in the first minutes of a meeting. If a guy starts kissing as soon as the date has begun, a rare girl will want to meet him again. It must be understood that the ideal kiss should be gentle, light, and short. If it is such, the young lady will want to repeat it and reciprocate.

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