Aquarius Girl


Aquarius Girl

Aquarians are intellectual signs, so emotions give way to logic, rationalism, and insight. They seek, first of all, a friend, not a lover. Compatible with the character of Aquarius are the qualities of fiery water signs - sensitivity, mystery, lively mind, and intuition. Then he will be able to direct the energy in the right direction.

For dating an Aquarius girl, a partner should be prepared for complex, non-trivial discussions. Despite stubbornness, uniqueness of thinking, and the inability to agree, Aquarians respect the personal space of others; they try to resolve the brewing conflict with constructive diplomacy.

Aquarians are often confident in themselves and their attractiveness, so it is better to avoid banter about appearance, infringement of freedom, and criticism of their loved ones and friends.

Family life for Aquarius is a haven of calm; they draw strength from a cozy home are charged with positive and ideas from children. By the way, they make wise, creative parents.

Aquarius women dating

A woman of this sign appreciates male originality, erudition, and the ability to maintain interest. The Aquarius girl chooses a communication partner if a lively, interesting conversation develops, which means that the relationship will go uphill. Often women of this sign marry childhood friends with whom they have developed long-term relationships.

The nature of Aquarius is changeable and unstable due to belonging to the air element. The habit of not letting men get close often leads them to relationships without obligations, free relationships. However, the Aquarius woman can drastically change her mind about her partner and even, despite the short term of the relationship, marry.

Sex brings the Aquarius girl real pleasure from new experiences and relaxation. The changeability of their character allows them to be either sensual and romantic or independent and dominant.

The air sign excites the mind, the circulation of information, and the more variety in the emotional and sexual life, the stronger the union created.

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