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The Internet is the place where you can meet not only a girl but also create a serious relationship with her. Let's discuss where and how to look for a dating site for sober singles to avoid mistakes and disappointments.

Where to meet online?

There are many platforms for virtual communication. All of them have one goal to help lonely people find their soul mates.


  • Forums. These are platforms for group communication and discussion of any problems. Moreover, communication can take place on any topic, ranging from musical preferences, ending with the problems of global warming. Forums are good because here, a man can choose an interlocutor of interests who is close to him in worldview; the same applies to women.
  • Social networks. Today, social networks are a reliable tool in absolutely all spheres of life, from entertainment to business. It is quite possible to make acquaintances with nondrinking singles here for a serious relationship for several reasons:
    1. everyone is sitting on social networks and under real names and surnames;
    2. a person on social networks is easy to track by friends, relatives, and colleagues;
    3. You can learn a lot about a person through the groups in which he communicates, what music he listens to and what videos he watches.
  • The only drawback of social networks is that they do not have a narrow focus on dating girls or guys.
  • Social dating app. Web developers have created applications aimed specifically at finding a soul mate. 
  • Dating websites. The most convenient tool for finding love is free sites for dating girls and guys. For example, you can sign up for GoDateNow. There are many such sites; if you register on several at once, then the chances of arranging a personal life will increase. 

    What are the advantages of dating sites for serious relationships?
  1. You can open Girls online gallery to see photos of girls who want to meet.
  2. Variety of sites. There are platforms where you can find a girl or a guy, both new and with sufficient work experience. Sites are divided according to their orientation: religious, over 30, youth, and others.
  3. Wide choice of profiles. You can choose according to your personal interests. Filters will allow you to find a match in the desired geolocation.
  4. Desire match. Dating sites have a narrow focus, which means that everyone is united by the desire to get to know each other. There is no need to come up with a reason to start a conversation.
  5. You can also search for a partner based on some criteria, such as non-drinking dating sites.


Of the minuses, there is a risk of meeting a person who is not in the mood for a serious relationship. You can run into online scammers. But, if you are careful when communicating, then a free dating site can easily save you from loneliness.

How to choose a non-drinking dating app?

Dating sites abound with profiles of beautiful girls and guys so that your eyes run wide. It is not easy to choose from thousands of profiles; it is also difficult to distinguish the seriousness of intentions in correspondence. A few simple tips will help you avoid mistakes and make the right choice. Before writing a message to a person you like, view their page:

  • Main photo. The avatar is the calling card of the subscriber. The presence of filters and signs of Photoshop work suggests that a person wants to be more beautiful than they really are. In a real meeting, you may be in for a surprise.
  • Information "about yourself" in the profile. Here you can find out about the interests and type of activity of a potential candidate.
  • Photo albums. Looking through the photos in the questionnaire, pay attention to the fact that they are interesting and informative, not selfies and lift bows.

Rules of communication on dating sites

So, the questionnaire was studied, and the decision to start communication was made. Where to begin? This is the hardest part. It is essential not only to send a message but also to “hook” to make sure that they answer you and become interested in you. 


Common ways to start a conversation:

  • a compliment to appearance, taste in clothes, hairstyle;
  • joke, anecdote (avoid vulgarity!);
  • a question or comment regarding hobbies or interests (this can be understood from the profile).

Non-drinking dating websites work without paying for communication, so you can write as much as you like. And here's what - here it is worth thinking about. 

Topics you can talk about:

  • music, cinema;
  • future plans;
  • education, development;
  • travels;
  • common interests - dogs, chess, running in the morning, and so on.

Do not forget about simple communication rules such as politeness, unobtrusiveness, openness, and the absence of vulgarity and rudeness.

Before inviting a person to a real meeting, you should get to know each other better and bring communication to the level of ease and ease. Avoid obsession; it will scare off a potential candidate. The main advice that will come in handy in correspondence is to be yourself, do not pretend. This will help build a serious relationship.


Albert Johnson
Albert Johnson
Birmingham, UK
Embarking on international dating was quite challenging for me. However, I was so interested in meeting women from Eastern Europe that I overcame my shyness and registered on this site. It was a nice surprise for me that my Ukrainian matches have a good command of English. They are very nice to talk to, and I feel quite confident communicating with them.
Michael Schmitt
Michael Schmitt
Hamburg, Germany
When something new knocks at your door, let it in. Being guided by this principle, I gave this online dating a try and I'm grateful it appeared in my life. I feel that I can find the right woman here, and I'm actively corresponding with lots of girls.
Hugo Nilsson
Hugo Nilsson
Stockholm, Sweden
I once traveled to Ukraine and I can say for sure those girls are gorgeous. That was a short business trip, so I didn't have enough time for romantic acquaintances. Two years later I came across this site and thought it was my chance to finally get to know some Ukrainian beauties better. I've already found several interesting girls, and I'm planning my next trip.
Osman Aksoy
Osman Aksoy
Ankara, Turkey
A thought that the country with the most beautiful women is just across the sea didn't let me sleep. I decided to meet some Ukrainian beauties remotely, before going to their country. This is how I met Tanya, my current girlfriend and love of my life.
Jamie Wilinsky
Jamie Wilinsky
Montreal, Canada
I'm in search of a serious relationship and want to land that special someone. I want my future life partner to be Ukrainian, because I know that women from this country are special. My grandmother was born in Ukraine and she is a wonderful woman. I've chatted with several girls through this site, and they seem like good matches for me.
Artur Bisset
Artur Bisset
Lyon, France
Guys, take my advice: don't waste your time trying to meet Slavic girls on Facebook. Most girls I approached were either not interested or already in a relationship. On dating sites, everything is different. You know that all girls here are single and open to flirting and communication.

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