Gemini Girl


Gemini Girl

Gemini Girl 

What do you need to know about dating Gemini women? She is characterized by high intelligence, frequent mood swings, and natural magnetism. The Gemini woman wants to get to know and gain her trust in order to become a part of the life of this amazing lady. What is the character of a Gemini woman? She is unpredictable and versatile. Bright, energetic, and active, she is always in a good mood and will charge anyone with positivity. It’s nice to go out with her because such a woman has a million useful connections; she knows how to please everyone without exception. Her most striking personality traits are positive: optimism and a great sense of humor; sociability; mind and propensity for analysis; honesty and truthfulness.

Disadvantages of dating a Gemini girl

The main disadvantage of Gemini is that they voice their thought process. Inconstancy and windiness; emotionality and hysteria; perfectionism, although all these traits can also be considered positively. Which Gemini woman is angry? She will rant by saying something very hurtful sarcastically. It translates any quarrel into a loud scandal because it conflicts with itself and cannot cope with emotions. She does not like it when her shortcomings are reproached or exposed.

Gemini woman in everyday life

In everyday life, the Gemini woman is active. Constantly strives to improve living conditions, to update them. She is able to: buy or rent new housing; repair, replace or rearrange furniture; create or successfully select decor items with her own hands; turn a standard "box" into a cozy corner. She puts the house in order in a matter of minutes but does not consider household chores a top priority. In order to live by her principles, the representative of this sign is looking for a man who is not devoid of an entrepreneurial streak and who will do many things with her. The Gemini woman will not fully devote herself to home and children, leaving room for a career and personal time. It will have fun with children; it will develop them intellectually; it will support the kid's hobby.

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