Red Hair Girl


Red Hair Girl

Have you ever dreamed about dating the redhead girl? If you're still following your dream, you need to know this:

Gingers are rare

The gene responsible for ginger hair is ancient — it was passed to us by the Neanderthals, along with irascibility and physical strength.


Only 2% of the world's population are redheaded and can be found equally in women and men; 40% are descendants of the Ancient Celts. The remaining 60% are distributed across all races. So if you want to meet a redhead girl, you must be lucky enough as your chance is within 1% among all people on earth!

Gingers are seductive

A study conducted in Germany showed that redheads lead the most active sex life. Interestingly, both natural and colored red hair are changing owner character.   According to statistics, red shades are most popular with young women trying to change their hairstyles for the first time. 

Gingers are temper

Sexy red-haired women tend to have a burning nature and are easily excitable. Redheads do not compromise and despise danger; they may seem disrespectful and too reckless in manifesting emotions. Integrity is not innate in them, but they can act nobly. Two feelings mixed in red-haired women — tenderness and passion. However, they are in no hurry to start a family, as they prefer to develop their careers and realize themselves.

Gingers are vulnerable

Red-haired girls are believed to have a hot temperament and are very passionate and unrestrained. This fact is difficult to prove scientifically, but the increased skin sensitivity of red-haired people is known for sure — bruises and abrasions appear faster in them and heal much longer than in people with dark and blond hair.

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