Scorpio Girl


Scorpio Girl

A Scorpio woman is a purposeful person, a loving wife, a caring mother, but often unhappy in her personal life.

The main qualities you need to know to date a Scorpio girl

  • She is proud. A Scorpio girl will never hang around the neck of a guy she likes. She can take the first cunning step and hint about feelings, but it's up to you. Get ready to seek her proud majesty.
  • She is shrewd. Scorpio sees people through. So do not try to lie on the first date and ascribe to yourself some qualities and victories that are not in the piggy bank. The girl will figure everything out and think that you are a liar.
  • She is passionate. If you dream about dating Scorpio women like in the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," then the Scorpio girl will give them to you. She is the one who will break the plates if she sees you with another, and then during the reconciliation will give the most passionate sex in your life. Romance with Scorpio rollercoaster. Scary but terribly interesting.
  • She is mysterious. Scorpio is a rather mysterious sign. You can try to know the depths of the soul of your beloved but be prepared for the fact that some skeletons are destined to remain in her closet. Scorpios Scorpio women love to keep everything a secret.
  • She is jealous. If you decide to start dating a Scorpio girl, then be prepared to show her messages on your phone from time to time and report for likes in photos of beauties. Scorpios are terrible owners. They would never share their boyfriend with anyone else. Their motto is: "If you possess, then possess 100%." Come to terms with the fact that you got a very jealous girl, and try not to provoke her emotions.
  • She is vengeful. It’s not so scary to start dating a Scorpio girl as it is to part with her. If you strongly hurt her feelings or betray her, do not expect to remain in a neutral relationship, even more so in a friendly one. Scorpios do not forgive those who hurt them. Moreover, they always pay the offenders on the same coin. Girls born in November know that revenge is a dish served cold. So fear the wrath of your offending beloved.

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