Taurus Girl


Taurus Girl

Taurus is an amazing woman who combines true femininity, sensuality and gentleness with pragmatism and the ability to see things in their true light. They are real materialists and prefer stability and prosperity; therefore, they lead a rather measured lifestyle, trying to create a comfortable environment around them. This is important to know when starting dating a Taurus women.

Women born under the sign of Taurus are conservative and do not like shocks and changes. They are responsible and decent, and their word of honour can be trusted. They always show their best side in difficult situations, demonstrating amazing endurance and self-control.

Outwardly, Taurus women can give the impression of strong and inflexible persons, but in reality, this is not so. They are vulnerable and sensitive but never show their vulnerability to others. Taurus are very forgiving and patient, but you should not abuse their generosity. Representatives of this sign are proud and do not allow to play with their best intentions, and the enraged lady Taurus is truly terrible in showing her offended feelings.

Dating a Taurus girl

Taurus women are wonderful housewives who know how to create home comfort. A patient and indulgent beautiful wife, well-groomed children, a beautiful house and an invariably delicious dinner are what awaits a man who was lucky enough to put a wedding ring on Taurus's finger.

But winning her heart is not easy. Such a woman wants to see a strong man next to her. She can forgive many shortcomings, but she will never forgive betrayal, lies and cowardice since she is devoted and faithful and will never leave her husband in trouble.

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