40 Best Opening Lines For Online Dating


How to start a conversation in online dating? How to interest a girl? Try to be interesting and original, intrigue her so that she has the desire to continue communication.

It is important to think ahead about what to write. Whatever you're in trouble with, we've already prepared message texts in Our Dating Blog that can lead you to the goal of meeting the girl you like.


How to start a message on a dating site?

You wrote "hello!" and what to write next to interest a stranger? After all, the first opinion of a girl is who is this, and why is she? These questions should be answered at the beginning of the correspondence. We have compiled some templates to help you. Best dating introduction message:

  • I'm not in the habit of online dating, but when I saw you, I changed my mind.

  • I have been thinking for 15 minutes about what to write to you, beautiful stranger.

  • Only today, it became clear to me whom I registered on this site.

  • Today is a beautiful morning because I saw the most beautiful girl.

  • I am from the future. My mission will save you from loneliness. All I need for your beautiful smile is a phone number.

  • My ancestors descended from a monkey, and yours, probably, from an angel.

  • I can oversleep tomorrow. Can you wake me up at 8 o'clock by calling the phone?

  • My name is... I saw your photo with your pet. I am also a dog person. Let's walk them together.

  • You look extremely beautiful! Let's chat.

  • How are you? I can make it even better.

  • The name of the girl (for example, Katya), what should I do so that you agree to meet with me?

  • My name is... I have already managed to plant a tree and build a house, but the main thing is not there. I saw a photo where your gaze is fixed in the distance, and I realized: we are looking in the same direction.

  • Can you tell me where the nearest cardiology is? And then, looking at you, my heart stopped.

  • I am writing an article about our acquaintance. Will you give me an interview?

  • How do you feel about blind dates?

  • Please help me. What do you need to write to a beautiful girl in order to get to know her?

  • What is your favorite food? I want to invite you to spend the evening together.

  • I never wrote to the first strangers, but when I saw you, I decided to change the principle.

  • Fate has given us a chance. Maybe we can use it and get to know each other?

  • Let me change your plans for tonight.

  • Can you tell me how to cook dumplings?

  • Today I need antidepressants and relaxation, so I am writing to you.

These posts will become the best online dating openers. If you want to come up with something yourself, it's better to write something sincere and original.

What is the best online dating opening lines?

It happens that the correspondence disappears. And suddenly, you realize that you miss communicating with this particular person. But the pause is too long. You can always try to resume the correspondence. Here's what you can write:

  • Hello! Are you surprised that you received my message? I hope for your favorable attitude because you have a good heart. You can find many excuses for a long silence, but why? At first, there were serious problems (I’ll tell you if you want), and then I was embarrassed to write because I hadn’t been in touch for a long time. Just now, I decided I really missed communication with you. I look forward to an answer.

  • Hello! I perfectly understand how outraged you were when you saw my last message. Time cannot be turned back, but I hope the guilty head is not cut off. I really miss our communication. Hope this can still be fixed. Respond, and I will be the happiest!

  • Hello! Do you remember me? And I can’t find a place for myself, that I just cut off the correspondence. You may ask why I am writing again. First of all, I'm sad that I so stupidly lost contact with you. I really hope that we will continue to correspond. This is a good option for the best opening lines to start a conversation.

  • Hello! I am constantly looking for reasons to meet with you or write to you. My thoughts return to you. I bought myself a shirt and I think: would you like it? You know, I've always had trouble choosing. Many events have happened in my life, I would like to discuss them with you. I hope you will answer me and we will meet soon.

  • Hello! I no longer hope for your answer. But know that I've always been interested in you. While you are silent, I remember your charming smile and eyes sparkling like two stars. I won't forget you for a moment. I accidentally got 2

What to write to make her smile?

It doesn't take much to make a girl smile. Share funny photos or pictures, and write a nice message. Perfect first message online dating examples:

  • After talking with you, the dream disappeared. Like a fool, I lie and smile.

  • I made a bet with my friends that I could invite the most attractive stranger on the site to a cafe. Help win the fight.

  • I consider myself a successful person who has everything. In the morning, I accidentally stumbled upon your profile and realized that I need your smile for complete happiness. You filled all my thoughts. Let's meet.

  • Such a spectacular girl should not hang out at the computer. This beauty needs to be walked. Would you mind me doing this?

  • Something happened to my computer; it froze on your photo.

  • When I saw your photo, I was glad that I was single.

  • I exchange my free time for a phone number.

  • I dream about you every night if you know how sorry it is to wake up in the morning.

  • Are you real, or am I dreaming?

  • I'm willing to bet $1 that I'll get rejected by inviting you for a walk.

  • Do you want some advice? You should never argue with a man; he is wrong anyway.

  • Every day I don’t have breakfast, and I don’t have lunch - all my thoughts are about you. And in the evening - there is no strength to think; I really want to eat.

  • Today I decided to get up from the sofa with my left foot. As a result, he fell to the floor.

  • I went to work; a red kitten jumped out in front of the car. That's how a cheerful imp settled in my house.

  • A small and gentle crocodile is looking for something to eat and pet. Will you help me?

Online dating first message tips

If you don’t know how to tell a girl about your hobby, here are some blank compliments for you, use:

  • Your smile is the most beautiful in the whole universe.

  • Whatever you wear, you are magical.

  • I couldn't find a word in any dictionary that would describe how charming you are.

  • You are perfection in this crazy world.

  • You have such an alluring smile.

  • Your eyes are like mountain lakes, just as blue and clear.

  • I don't need the sun, the moon, or the stars. To me, you shine the brightest.

  • I was struck by your unearthly beauty. One of the best intro lines for online dating.

  • I've never believed in magic, but I'm sure I'll have to change my mind. After all, how else to explain that when I saw your photo, my heart began to beat faster, and my thoughts completely disappeared?

  • In the photo, you have a mysterious and mystical look. He is simply mesmerizing.

  • Your beauty borders on insanity. Probably, you have deprived more than one man of sleep and rest.

  • Your smile will make even the most cloudy day brighter.

  • You look like a forget-me-not, just as fragile and tender.

  • You are like a flower bud, opening under the rays of the sun, becoming more and more beautiful every moment.

  • I am amazed not only by your beauty but also by your sense of humor.

  • When I see you smile, I want to smile too.

  • You are the owner of beautiful lips; you just want to touch them.

  • Are you not a model? I have a suspicion that it was from you that they wrote Aphrodite.

  • You are beautiful, like spring!

  • The best jewelers on the planet have worked on your features.

  • In all my life, I have never met a girl with such silky and long hair.

  • You always look very beautiful!

  • Even the sky begins to frown if it does not see your charming smile.

  • Your beauty can only be surpassed by a daughter!

  • For the first time, I see a girl so beautiful in glasses. Do you think they will look like this on me too?

  • Your voice is comparable to a spring stream!

  • You are made of solar threads!

  • Seeing you, I stopped paying attention to other girls.

  • The sun-kissed you; I have never seen such red hair.

  • In this photo, with your hair down, you look like a mermaid who pulls me into a love whirlpool.

What can not be written to a girl in messages?

You have already seen many examples of the best opening lines for online dating messages, but it is also important to know what not to write. Use the following as an anti-example:

  • You look slimmer in this dress. (this is taken as a hint of excess weight).

  • Have you changed your haircut? She suits you better. Now do the same with your hair. (girls don't like to be told).

  • Today you are in a great dress. (and before that, it means she was poorly dressed).

  • Why are you silent for so long? (perceived as a violation of personal space).

  • Was she hurt when she fell from heaven? (Internet template, not working for a long time).

  • What are you doing? What are your plans for the evening? (you immediately fall into the category of a boring guy).

  • I asked you many times not to write when the football/hockey championship is on. (this is taken as a reason to stop communicating).

There are many good opening lines for online dating that will help you improve your communication in a positive way. If you are ready to get acquainted, register on GoDateNow and open the Girls online gallery section to practice your good dating skills.

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