What is it Like to Date an Aquarius Man?


How to date an Aquarius man? Aquarius men often show frivolity in relationships; they are too eccentric in behavior. They love experiments and open relationships; a guest or civil marriage is acceptable for them.

Aquarius men traits

Aquarius men are softer and more accommodating in relationships than their female counterparts. They are ready to enter into dialogue and seek a compromise, especially if there is a classic gender distribution of roles in the union. For themselves, Aquarians want all the care and affection that a woman is capable of. In response, they give support, protection, and material support. Aquarius in love will provide her beloved with everything necessary and will strive to maximize the quality of her life. But all this is only on a voluntary basis! This sign does not tolerate obligation, framework, and control and runs away at the first sign.

Even being in a relationship for a long time, Aquarius can seem to be out of it from time to time. He can be close to his own world, while his partner will not be able to figure out what's wrong. It is necessary to get used to this; there is nothing terrible in this; Aquarians just have a rest from the outside world.

What is it Like to Date an Aquarius Man?

The best match for Aquarius man

Aquarius likes a woman who:

  • open;

  • emotional;

  • sexy.

A representative of this zodiac sign will never fall in love with a narcissistic lady who cares only about her own comfort and financial well-being. He needs a person who will understand him and devote time to self-development. It is imperative that the girl treats his pets well; on this basis, he will be able to draw conclusions about the degree of openness of a woman. Uranus, which rules Aquarius, makes him a loyal friend and a brave explorer. The ability to build relationships based on friendship and openness to experimentation is what the Aquarius man loves in a woman. If he meets such a lady, their union will be strong and very bright. Aquarius will definitely not like a girl who:

  • secretive;

  • unemotional;

  • callous.

Date an Aquarius man

Before you propose to Aquarius to enter into a relationship, you need to make sure that your feelings are mutual. In the case of this zodiac sign, this is quite simple. Aquarius is the image of the classic lovesick teenager who is adorable and ludicrous. Bold, bright, fun, and recklessly - this is how the Aquarius man loves. It will never be boring with this partner: he can not only make a good joke and organize an exciting adventure but also maintain an intellectual conversation.

The following facts about Aquarius men will tell you that a man is experiencing serious feelings:

  • Humor. Appropriate and not very jokes are the first sign of Aquarius's love. In trying to impress a woman, he will use various humorous tricks. At the same time, his humor can be not funny, inappropriate, and sometimes even offensive. However, the beautiful smile of Aquarius will instantly dispel all your anger.

  • To attract attention. If Aquarius loves you, he will do anything to get your attention. Being in a big company, he will constantly appear near you and show off his own successes. The first date with an Aquarius man will be unforgettable. Probably, a man in love will suddenly change his hairstyle and start going to the gym. Get ready for unexpected twists and turns.

  • Communication. Aquarians are sociable and mobile. But as a rule, the woman herself invites them on dates. Aquarians love to have intellectual conversations with a companion. Philosophical discussions on eternal topics are something such men cannot do without.

Therefore, if Aquarius falls in love, he will try to infect you with a thirst for conversation. He will want to be around you as much as possible, even if this time does not seem very suitable for you personally. He may suddenly come to visit or call at 2 a.m. to offer to drive through empty streets.

How to understand Aquarius man?

He is well-versed in words and understands what needs to be said to create a positive impression of himself. Prone to adventure, flirting, and unobtrusive relationships. He can give a girl a lot of compliments, show signs of attention, smile charmingly, and carry on conversations with gentle trepidation as if he had found the very one. However, in reality, his words may not be related to the emotional state - this man skillfully controls emotions.

If you study the behavior of Aquarius better, you will notice that he is a little aloof and aloof. This is due to the fact that he does not want to be at the mercy of spiritual impulses. These guys prefer to be guided by reason, not emotions. So if a man shows sympathy, this does not guarantee that he is in love with you. Aquarians are constantly interested in new things and making acquaintances, but they may lose interest in the “trophy” if it is sufficiently studied and cannot offer anything new.

How to build relationships?

Aquarius men dating suggests that you will not relax, but rather the opposite. Do not forget that your man belongs to Air. Relationships should contain some intrigue and be charged; otherwise, the partner will get bored and simply leave. However, if you can captivate this man for a long time, you will get a partner who will please you in many ways.

  • Generosity. Gifts from Aquarius, who has fallen in love with you, are pouring in as if from a cornucopia. The representative of this sign wants to amaze and delight his beloved. Original bouquets, big toys, poems - it's all about Aquarius men who want to surprise their girlfriends.

  • Loyalty. This is hard enough to believe. Around Aquarius, there are always many women. Some of them may give him a lot of attention or even interfere with your relationship on purpose. But all these girls will not be able to defeat the true love of Aquarius. His loyalty is truly boundless.

  • Tenderness and sensitivity. Such a man is not revealed from this side immediately, but it is worth the wait. It turns out that this merry fellow knows a lot about romance. If the moment is really touching, the representative of this sign will not be ashamed of the tears. However, this rarely happens.

Never date an Aquarius man if you are not ready to give him attention and your love. Such men really need an understanding partner.

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