What You Need to Know About Sex after 60 Years


There is a kind of discharge that occurs for our nerves and muscular system during sexual intercourse. Therefore, to cope with stress, doctors often recommend not only healthy sleep but also healthy sex. This applies to both the younger and adult generation. Those who refuse are punished for inaction: women experience pain in the lower abdominal area, and men begin to have problems with erection.

sex after 60 years of age

Many things depend on woman!

the menopause in women, the body is rebuilt quickly, and in men, the sexual function subsides slowly, year by year. Therefore, by the age of 60, men still have an active sex life, and women are already ceasing. But those who do not stop face a serious problem - the lack of partners. Indeed, often, mature men prefer to communicate with young girls.

Most of them do it for the sole purpose - to return their erection, often blaming their wives. It means that a married life spoils women. It is extremely important for women not to neglect marital duties so that their men do not suffer from senile ailments.

Male sex drive after 60: facts and advice

Scientists believe that bad habits cause the decrease in sexual activity. Non-smoking people have sexual intercourse twice as much as smokers. Male erections are badly affected by stress, overweight, depression, fatigue, arterial hypertension. It is necessary to return male drive after finding out the reasons for its loss. If you have health problems, then it's time to heal: to rest, give up bad habits, go in for sports, which will not only solve the problem of excess weight but also help increase testosterone levels in the blood. In some cases, “emergency pills” - synthetic drugs reinforce an erection. But when you consume them, you should be given the advice from the specialist and read the instructions carefully. In fact, you need to take care of your sex life from an early age. You should have sex regularly - at least three times a week, and preferably with a regular partner. Then, at 60 and at 70, sex life will be enjoyable.

Scientists say that death rates are half lower for people who get orgasm two or more times a week. Therefore, sex is considered to be one of the factors of longevity. At the same time, they note that today older people are more interested in intimate relationships than their peers 20-30 years ago. They feel younger.sex after 60 years of age

Recently, a 60-year-old Briton became a father once again. The second wife of the pensioner`s son gave birth at the age of 39 years. An adult daughter and granddaughter followed her example. It turned out that in one year a man became a father, a grandfather, and a great-grandfather at the same time!

Of course, many have objective reasons to limit sexual relationships. After all, they take away a lot of energy, lead to an increase in blood pressure, turn out to be a load for the heart, brain and blood vessels. It is not accidental that the relationships between elderly men and young women sometimes lead to heart attacks. People with arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis and neurological disorders should consult their physicians about their physiological capabilities in order not to overestimate them, otherwise you can, on the contrary, shorten your life. There must be a happy medium: when the spouses end their sex life too early, and when they do their best to stay at their peak. You need to listen to your body!

Recently, Russian scientists conducted a study of the sexual life of men and obtained shocking results: it turned out that erectile function abnormalities are observed in 90% of men, and most are already 45. And 37% of men in general, on their own initiative, terminate sex life at the age of 45 to 60. To enhance an erection in 60-year-old men (and older), doctors recommend to add to the diet:

- Nuts and seeds - they contain a lot of vitamin E, which improves male potency;

- berries of black currant, which sometimes turns out to be a very effective means of long-acting. Black currants should be consumed from three to four times a week.

- cereal mixtures enriched with vitamins. They supply the body with energy, support the normal functioning of the nervous system, and increase sexual arousal and pleasure from intercourse.

Nutritionists recommend that the meal should be completed with dark chocolate, in which there is a vegetable hormone identical to the male hormone responsible for sexual arousal. In addition, chocolate is a great way to improve mood.

It is useful to drink a cup of cocoa without sugar once a day. Cocoa contains substances that increase the sensitivity of the whole organism. And finally, bananas stimulate the production of the “hormone of happiness” - serotonin.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to eat a good beef steak contributing to the emergence of sexual arousal. Zinc contained in beef enhances libido. In addition, beef increases the content of testosterone in the blood and thereby increases the male drive.

How sex life changes after 60

The fact that the potency depends on the age is known to all. At twenty, young people are ready to have sex all day long. By thirty, their intimate life becomes regular.

Forty-year-old men have enough strength and experience. After sixty, according to the laws of nature, the body begins to undergo age-related changes gradually: cells do not renew so quickly, and the production of sex hormones decreases. Sexual attraction is still strong, but for its implementation it is necessary to put more effort. Besides, various failures are possible. Men after 60 are waiting with caution for the onset of this age period. They are concerned about the question: how to maintain sexual activity at the same level? After all, it is well known that a full-fledged sex life is a source of energy that improves mood and health, serves as a powerful driving factor for all spheres of life.

To have great sex after 60, you need to avoid failures in bed which can appear because of the factors: physiological, psychological, and also purely technical (meaning time and place). Experts have established that the quality of erection is negatively affected by smoking and a sedentary lifestyle. The main reasons leading to a fiasco in bed can be the following:

- accumulated fatigue, troubles at work or constant discomfort at home (frequent quarrels, dissatisfaction of his wife, etc.)

- strong stress, or vice versa, depression suppresses both desire and opportunities of a man. A misfire during intercourse happens even when a man has not done this for a long time.

-the excessive desire of a man to make a favorable impression on a partner drowns out his potential abilities;

- excessive alcohol use before intimate contact.

- various hidden complexes, excessive haste during sexual intercourse, fear that someone enters the room suddenly, etc.

Frequency of sex after 60

In some health care systems, regular sex is considered a prerequisite for prolonging youth and improving the quality of life.

having sex after 60A surprising fact was established by scientists: it turns out that people aged 56 to 65 years live a more active sex life than people under 25 years old, who often have no regular partner. According to Leipzig scientists, over the past 15 years, the sexual life of people older than 60 years has become much more active. Swedish scientists, who for 30 years (from 1971 to 2001) interviewed people after the age of 60 about their sexual activity, found that among married men, the number increased from 52% to 68%. Also, in single men at this age, sexual activity increased from 34% to 54%, and in unmarried women - more than 10 times: from 0.8% to 12%, and many of them have sex once a week and even more often.

Experts believe that the weakening of sexual attraction and sexual abilities in the elderly is happening but still without a sharp boundary. And these figures can be very different. Here the state of the reproductive system (strong, medium or weak), biological age, health condition, and emotional sphere are also important. Married people, whose bodies are better on the whole, may continue intimate relationships at an older age.

Sex positions after 60

Often, sexologists recommend older couples to refuse or at least minimize sex in classic positions. Agree, sitting on a partner or, conversely, being under all the time is boring already. In addition, such positions are not always convenient from the medical point of view. For example, with such a disease as arthritis, it is most convenient to have sex in a position “on the side.” When a man can barely maintain an erection, then it is best for him to lie down on a woman, clasping her legs with his own.

There are sex positions in which the activity of one of the partners is minimal, which is important for people with cardiovascular diseases or after a serious illness. Sitting positions are convenient for changing the depth of the penis insertion, they also provide additional support. Remember that with age both men and women find it harder and harder to reach orgasm. You have to spend more time and efforts on frictions. Therefore, you should choose simple positions, not requiring special physical load on partners. You can also alternate positions if one of the partners gets tired in this position quickly.

For older men, the best sexual position is when the woman lies on her back, and the man begins sexual intercourse kneeling. Then he lifts his partner's legs and puts them on his shoulders. Sex in this position will give special feelings to both partners and facilitate the achievement of orgasm, both for men and women in sex after sixty years. Of course, there are no special sexual positions for the elderly; rather, there are positions most suitable for them. The main ones we have described. Moreover, each elderly couple will choose the appropriate sexual position for sex after 60 years just by themselves.

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If you keep a healthy lifestyle and eat right, you will be able to lead an active sex life even after 60.
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