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How to prove your love? Does it need to be proved? It’s a tough question. It all depends on the feelings you have for a certain woman as well as on her character. I was in love multiple times. And each time it was a different experience. Sometimes I constantly needed to prove my love, other times it was clear without words. It doesn’t mean that your significant other is needy, or you are incapable of showing your emotions.


  1. Why should you prove your love?
  2. Ways to prove your love
  3. Romantic things that prove your love
  4. How to prevent romance from dying?
  5. Tips to prove your love and not overdo

The research from the Institute of Psychology shows us that, in general, women need to be reminded about how much they are desirable three-two times a day. Men, on the contrary, say they don’t need constant validation. But we all know we need it just as much. And nothing is embarrassing about confessing your feelings.

ways to prove your love

Why Sometimes You Need to Prove Your Love?

Love needs to be proven when:

You are a closed person, and there is no other way for someone to know whether you are interested in one at all. This is so true for men, who were taught to be tough and hide tears. We like to show love with assertiveness, action, and presence. That is because we don’t know any better.

When your partner is on the low. There are times in life when our closest people feel a little insecure. They think of themselves negatively, as if nobody wants and needs them. To tell the truth, the chances that your woman needs to hear these words are great. Even being self-conscious is a motive to show your passion.

We speak different languages. It’s an unpopular opinion now, but I still strongly believe that women speak the language of emotions and passion while men speak action. That’s why she will be upset when you don’t say her, “Good morning, dear!” even if you repaired her car the other day. Men are more practical, while women are more emotional.

Ways to Prove Your Love

If you are seeing a new girl, or just visit sites where you can try single woman dating, there are multiple easy ways to prove your love. If you struggle, wondering how to prove to your girlfriend that you love her, just keep in mind these easy tips:

1. Be there whenever she needs you. Do you know why most women leave us? That’s because we get carried away too much sometimes. If you like your career and friends, that’s great, but women often feel betrayed when they can’t reach us in critical situations. They can even start manipulating, trying to rob you off of your emotions. So be available all the time. Cut the habit of “forgetting to charge the phone,” “being too tired to answer,” “not seeing her text message." Good women don’t need much; they just need to know there’s a person they can rely on. And trust for them means love.

quotes to prove your love2. Remember important information. This topic is almost anecdotal. However, we rarely listen to long stories. So, if you want to show your love to a woman, expand your attention span. Just write down her birthday, names of her closest relatives and friends, listen to what she says about her biggest hobbies and desires. Be there for her and keep in mind all the milestones, and the situation between you two will improve immensely.

3. Help her with everyday chores. If you want to prove your love, do it like a real man. I know you are also tired of a “strong man” stigma. I believe you don’t like checking electricity, cleaning her PC from viruses, driving her to places. But again, it is the easiest and the cheapest way to show a person your care. Help can be small and quick, but it means the world to your beloved woman.

4. Show her you are the best. Be the most charming, responsible and gentle man for her. You don’t need to enter contests to prove your love with actual competitors. You just need to be wise, listening to her whine about her cruel boss and inattentive father and treating her better as well as avoiding the mistakes others make. Just be a safe place for your partner. Let her understand you are one of a kind. Most importantly, show that you change for her and no one else (not even your mother) has so much power on you.

5. Buy her presents. Unfortunately, these steps aren’t enough if you don’t provide material attention. And there is no sense in calling all women materialistic. We would like to receive more presents, too. Your lady should be the person you want to give gifts to, without nagging you or her being upset. Especially this problem is relatable for women seeking younger men who don’t like spending much time on choosing a present. Do it either regularly, or unexpectedly. Buy her either cheap or expensive presents. Just do something to show this lady you care about her.

Romantic Things That Prove Your Love

And stop talking about how “non-romantic” you are. Some romantic things are easy to do. Especially if there are tips to assist you.

Cook your partner's favorite meal

Men are great cooks. I don’t know why so many of us are afraid to do this. Maybe we are just lazy. But the amount of joy she’ll get after receiving a pan of pancakes from you will overpower your fear of the kitchen. Just get to know her better. Ask your woman what she likes the most. Surprise her with her favorite meal, in the morning or after a long working day.

Have a bath together

Baths are one of the most sensual ways to prove your love to her. It is intimate, pleasant and comforting. Go to a Lush store, buy a bath bomb, fill the tub with fragrant bath foam, light up the candles, switch on relaxing music. But this is only half of the job. Here comes the fun part where both of you get to lay down together and bathe each other just like in “The 9½ Weeks” movie. Be sensual, don’t rush it. You can eat something while taking a bath. Something containing aphrodisiacs.

Buy spontaneous gifts from time to time

Again, these don’t have to include expensive gifts like a trip to Paris. It’s all optional and depends on the occasion, desire and budget. Even flowers and candy could be a great gift when presented with love. Buying gifts as a sign of love is the most cliché, but a romantic thing to do to a girl. Even if you say, “But she doesn’t need that, she always says it’s not important.” Well, believe me, it is. Who would be against a bar of chocolate every once in a while?

Always make compliments

Compliments should be a normal way of communication between you two. If you think compliments need to be said occasionally, you are wrong. Recollect a though of a man in love. You don’t have to think twice before worshipping your girl. She looks good in everything, turns you on with or without makeup, makes the cutest meals. If you want to say it – say it. And if you stumble upon words and don’t know what to say, I have bad news for you.

Hold hands in public

PDA, or public display of affection, used to be shameful when our parents were young. But now the times have changed, and showing love in public is oftentimes viewed as something “cute” or “adorable” (especially if it doesn’t violate the law). There was an article about the reasons we love to reveal feelings in public. In short, it says that men who hold hands or kiss their partners in front of other people are more territorial. You simply say “she’s mine!” by your actions. It’s better than forgetting about her in public!

How to Prevent Romance from Dying?

Unfortunately, sometimes even these steps don’t help much if you’ve been together for a long time. When you want to show her love, but she acts kind of cold lately, you have to do more radical steps. But don’t get at it with all your enthusiasm, sometimes you may scare a lady off. Although we are believed to apply brutal force, men can be subtle too.

Tips to Prove Your Love and Not Overdo It

romantic thing to do

Sometimes less is more. Calling her aggressively and binding her to stay with you won’t do much. You have to work smarter, not harder. Here are some easy and maybe not as transparent ways that will make her understand your love better.

1. Use quotes to prove your love. But don’t send them to her, it will be just cheesy. Do something you were afraid of – put her in your social media. Just leave this quote in a bio, without any photos or reminders of her name. Men are not that shady, they don’t like “subtweeting” and being indirect. But imagine how happy she would feel to wake up and see a little quote about her. That way you will show the whole world you have a girlfriend, and you think about her.

2. Call her in the morning. How to prove your love over the phone? Don’t phone her during “booty call” hours. You better do it once you see her online in the morning. Girls love when we show them attention during the day. Since nighttime is often associated with adult time, she can feel used when you call her ONLY at night. But if you call her at the beginning of the day, she will understand that her persona is the first to cross your mind in the morning, once you wake up.

3. Text her something meaningful. Here’s no direct message to prove your love to a woman, and it doesn’t have to be about love either. Sometimes attention is easier than that. Phrases like, “Hey, you need to take your dog to the vet, remember?” or “Don’t forget to call your grandma today” sound ten times sweeter. I am sure she would be shocked to hear that from you. I am ashamed to admit, but men can be kind of selfish. Why are girls always the ones to remember stuff like that, but we can’t?

4. Talk about the future. Once you know that she’s the one, share ideas of your mutual future with her. Say how many kids you see, how big of a house you want. Don’t be scared to make promises and share your wildest dreams. It’s a true gift to hear that a person is so affiliated with you, they want to make you their main perspective. It’s very flattering.

5. If you haven’t introduced her to your relatives or friends, just do it. Make it happen. Make her feel a part of your family. Your girl deserves to know your inner circle since it’s the most intimate part of our lives. Showing love can be difficult, but once you start doing it daily, you will see how important and amazing it is to love someone so much, you aren’t afraid to say anything. Do the most and get the most!

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Unfortunately, my ex-boyfriend didn’t know how to show love at all. He acted like a cold fish. Therefore, our relationship ended quickly.
17.07.2020 09:13

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