What every woman wants in a man?


Men choose women quite simply. If a representative of the fair sex is attractive, cheerful, and well-groomed, a man wants to know her better. If it turns out that she is also interesting, smart, and funny, he wants to dive into a romantic relationship with her.

qualities in a man

Women approach the choice of a life partner much more seriously, starting out not only from the external makings of a man but also from the character traits. In general, almost every woman has a list of basic masculine qualities that she looks for in a life partner and she starts looking for them even when dating online. It may be simple sincerity and masculinity, or sometimes women need an intelligent, moderate, and determined man. Anyway, there are some masculine traits that attract absolutely all women.

It must be admitted that so far men have not made much progress in finding an answer to the question of what women want in a man. Therefore, we have prepared a list of 15 qualities women seek in men.

1. Respectful attitude

Women look for the respectful attitude of men. If men respect women, then they always appreciate them - whether it is a prim girl in a supermarket, a laughing neighbor, or an adorable life partner. Excessive patronage or a condescending attitude is often perceived by women in a negative way. The smarter and more interesting a woman is, the higher the value of respect for her. Do you want to have such a perfect woman? Then learn to treat women with respect.

2. Good sense of humor

This is one of the most valuable qualities in a man. Women appreciate men who know how to perceive difficult life situations with humor and do not treat everyday turmoil too seriously. Sometimes an ordinary guy with a well-developed sense of humor is much more popular with girls than an indifferent and arrogant handsome man. Funny people, who know how to joke, make you want to talk and get to know them better. With a cheerful person, it is much easier to overcome life difficulties and fight with a bad mood, therefore all women will be happy to start a relationship with a positive-minded young man.

3. Listening skills

Women's passion for talking has long been the talk of the town. However, men in vain ignore this opportunity to get closer. Women love those who are able to express their thoughts and listen to her when she talks about her problems. It is one of the best qualities in a guy.

Pay attention and listen to your beloved. A woman feels comfortable and safe when she knows that her man has put his affairs aside and is listening to her. Even if the topics that a woman prefers to talk about are not interesting to you at all, you should not make a missing look and withdraw into yourself during the conversation with her. It is important for a woman to see interest in the eyes of a loved one, to feel an emotional connection with him. In the end, the man himself can start a conversation on a fascinating topic, and a loving woman will certainly support him and keep the conversation going.

qualities women seek in men

4. Attention

If a woman repeats her question several times before the loved one answers it, or if her beloved considers signs of attention to be redundancy, such relationships will break. Women love and especially appreciate the moments when a man completely gives them all the attention. It is equally important when you do good things without previous demand. A small present or a bouquet of flowers given for an important date, which had to be reminded ten times, does not bring real pleasure.

Be lavish with modest courtesies – an unexpected bunch of flowers will tell a lot about your feelings and attitude to your beloved. Let your woman feel that she is wanted and loved, and also it gives you real pleasure to make her feel good and happy.

5. Paternal instinct

Women always gauge a man as the potential father of their children. Being a good dad (or having the potential to become the one) is to be a good example for imitation, to be a patient and caring person. If you have not yet become a father, then tell her about your beloved niece or nephew, about how you love children. Show attention and love to children when you meet with them.

men habits 6. Faithfulness

The tendency of a woman to be attached to a man is her natural trait. Therefore, learn to be true to your choice and then you can be called a real man. For a woman, it is very important that a man be faithful to her. Confirm your faithfulness by deeds but also do not forget about words. Tell your darling as often as possible that you will never break up with her and that she is the best and the sexiest woman in the world.

7. Passion

Almost all women are very emotional, so passion in relationships is really important for them. She expects your relationship to be filled with feelings, pleasant excitement, mutual responsibility, devotion to each other, and finally, good sex. These simple things can be the key to a happy family life. A passionate man heats female minds and hearts and knows how to conquer the fair sex with just one look. Romantic dates, beautiful words, and bright nights of love – all this makes women obedient and loving.

8. Attractive appearance

Women pay attention to the male appearance more than the men themselves. Therefore, it is worth making at least minimal effort to stop looking like a male gorilla. After all, women do not need much - be neat, wear clean clothes of your size and at least make an attempt to play sports. But remember that your appearance is more important for a woman than the size of your biceps.

9. Purposefulness

Many men consider that only their salary and the step of the career ladder are important for women. In fact, most women pay attention to what a particular man wants in life and how he achieves his goals. A person who knows exactly what he wants and every day works to fulfill his dream and achieve his goals, always attracts the attention of the fair sex and commands respect. It is worth paying attention to the fact that women always look for independent men who are completely confident in their abilities and capabilities. Sometimes such self-confidence can be unjustified, but how such a man feels is important absolutely for all women.

10. Self-confidence

A woman will never give preference to the representative of the opposite sex, who suffers from complexes and is in doubt of his words or actions. In order to arouse a woman's admiration and attract her attention, it is important to be as confident as possible and make a pleasant impression on others. No matter how strong and self-confident a woman is, she always wants to see a no less worthy person with her. A man may not have any positive traits that women like so much, but his self-confidence will always set him apart from other representatives of the stronger sex.

11. Independence

A woman wants to know if her potential man is able to take care of himself. She wants to see next to her an independent and purposeful man who can make decisions himself, pay for an apartment and cook dinner on his own. These are very important men habits. Do not flatter yourself - no woman wants to bother with you (except, of course, your mother). From time to time help your girlfriend in cooking or cleaning. You can choose a special day when you do it completely on your own or without a timetable, just sometimes participate in what she does around the house. Such a joint pastime brings together and enhances a sense of reliability. The main thing is in what mood you help your beloved!

12. Earning opportunities

Here we are not talking about the pots of money that a woman may spend with both hands, but about your ability to provide for the family. After all, concern for the family lies in the nature of any woman. The success of a man in his career contributes to his sexuality and reinforces confidence in him as in a powerful fortress that can hide a woman in the time of trouble. If you have demonstrated your talent, ability to achieve goals, and you have a job, it will give a woman confidence that you can provide a family. Material wealth, which makes it possible to meet the needs of the family, makes a woman feel secure with you.

masculinity13. Intelligence

No matter how intelligent and well-read a woman is, she always wants to see a worthy life partner near her who can support any conversation or even teach her something. For many women, intelligence is the same indicator of sex appeal as well as appearance. A well-rounded man is a person who will appeal to any woman. Men who take responsibility for solving problems make women feel safe, and they are never bored with men who pay attention to his self-education. A woman should feel that her partner is able to make important decisions and think about everything in advance.

14. Ambitiousness

It is one of the most important traits of a man. Men are often convinced that women are obsessed with money. In fact, this is not true. Of course, such women exist, but wealth is still not the key to success for the fair sex. Women are attracted to successful men not by the thickness of their wallet, but by those traits that helped them achieve such success: responsibility, self-discipline, and hard work, that is, everything that makes a man a good partner both in business and in bed.

15. Sociability

A man who wants to attract the attention of women should behave in any company at ease, be able to keep the conversation going and be an interesting conversationalist. If he wants to spend all the time at a party alone at a table with a glass of brandy, he is unlikely to attract the attention of the fair sex.

A cheerful, self-confident guy who is in the limelight and entertains others will arouse interest among women. To do it, you do not need to juggle oranges, arrange an evening of humor or dance with knowledge, you just need to communicate and evoke positive emotions among the interlocutors.

Is it not easy to match these qualities? Foster a man in yourself, because this is your essence and purpose. Any woman wants to be with a real man. In this case, you may have noticed that not all the qualities are so important. Try to work on your best sides and develop new qualities of a good man in yourself, and then you will definitely get success! Your woman will surely appreciate it!

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I find a good sense of humor and kindness the most attractive qualities in men. A guy that can raise my spirits always makes me well disposed.
16.07.2020 16:10

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