10 Traits of an Attractive Man


What character traits should a man have to find a girl of his dreams? If only we all knew what the most attractive traits in a man for girls are, then no one would have problems in finding a perfect partner. Of course, all girls have different tastes. In each case, it is individual, but it is possible to summarize and highlight the main features that girls like in their men.

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An Appearance or a Character: What Is More Important for Women?

To find the best answer here, we must dig into the mechanism of how people meet and decide that they like each other. Our appearance and character are two sides of the same coin. From one point of view our appearance represents who we are, it presents us to our society. On the other hand, your character not only determines who you are but also has a big influence on every part of your life, including your appearance. For example, someone may have many interests and may be active, but doesn’t pay any attention to their appearance. So, as you see, our character is the determining fact of our lives. But does it work the same way when it goes to dating girls? Do they really care about our character?

As we have already found out, our character is what defines us, and it makes us who we are. Both a man and a woman must like each other’s characters, or they will never be able to establish a long-lasting relationship. So, we can say that it greatly influences our relations and is very important for girls. But how that comes that you are a decent person, you take important matters seriously and ready for relationships, but you happen to fail at dating? You have a good character, you possess many traits of an attractive man, but still, girls don’t pay too much attention to you. How is this possible?

The answer here is very simple. You just don’t know what women want in men. Yes, your personality is important, no doubts here, but tell me, how fast can someone see how good your personality is? It takes a lot of time to understand someone else’s personality, but on the other hand, it takes only a glance at a person to see if you like him or her. You see, girls love with their eyes. The first moment she sees you, she doesn’t really care about your personality because you are not important to her, she doesn’t know you, so why would she care what kind of person you are? The only thing she sees is your appearance, according to which she decides if she wants to have contacts with you or not.

As you can see, your appearance is the most important part at the beginning of your relationship. During your acquaintance, she pays more attention to the way how you look and behave. The recipe for becoming successful with girls is simple. You must pay attention to the way how you look. Make sure that you look good. Plus, you must wear new clothes that fit you well. Your outfit may not be very stylish, but it has to be clean and well ironed. This will help you begin a new relationship, and only then in the future, you will see if you like each other’s personalities or not. Your appearance is less important when you visit a single ladies website, but still girls there may ask for your photo.

what do women find attractivePersonality Traits Women Find Attractive in Men

Now, when you know the answer to the question, “What do women want in a man?” you know where to begin your journey to success with women. Let’s say that now you look good, or even perfect, and you catch a woman staring at you. But what should you do next, how to be more attractive to women? There are many different options here. First of all, it is your experience with women. The more you try, the higher your chances are, this formula is simple. But at the point when your character becomes important to your new girlfriend, it is nice to possess certain personality traits. We've made a simple checklist of traits that women find attractive in men. If you don’t possess one of those traits, then you know what to change in yourself.

Good sense of humor

When people laugh, they feel happier and more connected with each other. Some say that the girl is yours at the moment you make her laugh. Yes, this is true, but she has to laugh at your jokes, not at you. A good sense of humor can be developed. Watch good comedians on TV or find something on the Internet and your sense of humor will become much better.


What can be more important than being honest with each other? Nothing, there is just nothing more important than that. Girls can easily see and feel that you are lying. No matter how good at lying you are, your lies will be revealed sooner or later. Don’t tell your secrets to a stranger. Make sure that you are honest about your life, ideas, and intentions. You will see that girls will respect you way more if you can be honest about hard topics and your problems.


By having many partners at the same time, you only show that you are not a very good person. If you like and want to date or even already date the one particular girl, then make her the only one for you. Don’t text with others, don’t plan dates if you are already dating one girl. It is normal if you fall in love with someone else, then just stop your current relationships and begin a new one. But it is not normal when you date two or more girls at the same time. Fidelity is not your weakness, but what makes you better than others.


Your intelligence is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Women enjoy being with smart men because of their nature. They subconsciously believe that an intelligent man is more successful and will be able to provide for her and her future children. The other reason here is social. She feels far more confident when she is with a confident and intelligent man. Plus, it is always easier to introduce an intelligent boyfriend to her family, friends, or relatives. She knows that he is not going to do anything stupid.


Our ambitions are what drives us through this life. Have you ever heard about someone who has become successful without ambitions? Nope, success is not possible if we don’t desire to have it. Our ambitions are our desire for success. Women can see it. Your ambitions are like an indicator for women. They believe that if you have ambitions, then you will be trying to achieve success in your life, and every woman wants to be with a successful man. Remember, young women seeking men want to find someone with ambitions.


No matter what other personal traits you possess, no matter how you look like, without being confident, you can’t be successful with women. Women want to be with confident men because they need to have someone who can support and sometimes guide them. Only a self-confident man can do that. Stop always doubting yourself in every step you make, and women around you will notice how you have changed. You will become more attractive to them. This is a very simple way how to be more attractive to women.

Skillfulness in bed

You must be able to satisfy your girlfriend in your bed. Don’t worry if you are not very experienced, sometimes relationships break because of problems in bed, but there is a relationship in the first place. So, even if you doubt your skills in bed (which you shouldn’t do) there is still a way out from this. Pay attention to how she reacts to your actions when you are in bed. Don’t be ashamed to ask her what she liked the most last night and what wasn’t as good as it could have been.

Outer Features of an Attractive Man

There are many different ways how to be more attractive to women. The list of personal traits and guidelines can be very long. And the list of features of an attractive man can be even longer. To save your time and help you deal with this tremendous amount of information we have made the list of attractive traits in a man that women like.

most attractive traits in a manGallantry

It is a personality trait and ability to show courtesy, attention, and care. Gallantry is the undoubted dignity of a real man. Modern men have many things to learn about it from our past. But don’t try to transfer all the outdated forms of it from the eighteenth century into modern life.


This is highly connected with your traits of character and apparel. Our society respects neat people more. You may have not enough money to buy new clothes or perfumes but being neat doesn’t take much time and effort. Make a habit of being neat, and you will see how girls will start to pay more attention to you.


A man who can be initiative always gets the best in his life. It can be the best product from a local store, the best job, the best car, and the best girl. Without initiative, people degrade and decline. With girls, the initiative men foresee all problems, and their needs, this is why girls are far happier with the initiative man.

Good imagination

A man with a good imagination doesn’t have problems when he has to say something publicly or when he needs to buy a present for his girlfriend. With a good imagination, you will easily find new places and activities for your dates. Your girlfriend will never feel bored with you because your good imagination will always provide you with ways to entertain her.

You like sports

Watching sports on TV doesn't count here. You have to participate in some sports events yourself. It can be annual marathons or something else. Plus, you have to attend your local gym or at least exercise at home. Thus, you show to girls that you are healthy and take care of yourself.

You have many hobbies

Your hobbies show that you live a full life. A girl has to know that her new boyfriend has other interests except for her because an obsession is always scary. The more hobbies you have, the wide your interest are, the more interesting you are for girls. It is as simple as that.

You pay attention to her

If you can and know how to properly pay attention to your girlfriend, only then you will be able to make her the happiest person on earth. Remember, girls, love attention from their boyfriends. Compliment her, listen to what she has to say, pay attention to her behavior and your relationships will be healthy and will last for a long time.

Become a handyman

Yes, it is good if you can afford to call for a specialist to change a bulb or a faucet. But girls like to know that their man can do everything. You must show that you ask help from others not because you can’t do it yourself, but because you have other more important things to do.

Other Tips to Help You Be Attractive to Women

Now, you see what women do find attractive in their men. But we are not going to stop here, as we have said before, there are many different options and possibilities on how to be attractive to a woman. We are going to share with you a couple more special tips about this topic.

Have a dog

Yes, it may sound pretty strange, but it is not. A dog will not only become a good friend for you but also will teach you to be responsible. By having a dog, you show women that you can take care of others. This makes you reliable and trustworthy in their eyes.

how to be attractive to womenTravel a lot

If you have never traveled before, then this is the best time for you to start. Because this is a perfect way how to be attractive to women. The more you travel, the more you see, the more interesting person you become. You will always have a story to tell on your dates. Plus, you show women that you are confident and strong enough to go beyond your comfort zone.

Wear red

The red color is considered to be the color of passion. Remember the bullfights, people there use red clothes to attract a bull’s attention. You don’t need to attract bulls, but this strategy works as well with people too. If you include something red in your wardrobe, then you will be attracting more attention to yourself.

Maintain your health

This is very important. Take your time, money, and efforts to visit doctors to diagnose your health. If you find any problems, then you must fix them. Your body is what represents you in this world, don’t abandon it. Treat it like a mechanism that needs care, and it will serve you long.

Be independent

Sometimes we depend on other people, yes. But don’t turn your dependency into a habit. Remember, your independency or dependency directly affects the quality of your life. Independent people tend to be happier and healthier. Plus, it will be easier for you to change something in your life if you are an independent person.

Read books

Find time for reading. This is not just an old habit. You must know that reading sharpens your mind and makes you smarter. Books help you learn new words, and phrases, they make you more intelligent. Nowadays, there are many styles and genres of literature. I am sure that you will find something interesting.


Some people say that men are the best cookers. Either way, your ability to cook is crucial for your survival if you live alone. We literary are what we eat. If you can cook well, then you can cook something for your girlfriend. Plus. You show her that when you were alone, you were eating healthy food.

We hope that this article has made clear, "What do women find attractive in men?" Your life is in your hands, and it is up to you to live it the way you like. We are sure that you possess many features that attract women to you. Remember, no one is perfect, and we all have something to work on. Our ability to change is what attracts women to men. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It is normal. Just make sure that you will do everything you can to fix them.

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