Definition And Rules Of Open Relationships


To define an open relationship, you need to understand that this is the interaction of partners without any obligations (not only in terms of fidelity). Such an alliance is based on mutual trust and respect for the right to complete freedom. Without pressure, claims, and high expectations.

It doesn't matter where they live - together or apart. The main thing is the presence of mutual attraction, sympathy, love, passion, and desire to give the partner complete freedom of action.

In most cases, open unions are a voluntary choice of each of the partners. The fact is that if you offer this to a person who is more traditional in his views on marriage and family, he will never agree, even if he loves his chosen one very much. Therefore, with such relationships, everything is about the same as with semolina - only those who love eating it. Others, no matter how you beg, will not be able to feed.

Different people put different meanings into these names. If you meet a person who positions themselves as polyamorous and has an open relationship, then it is worth asking what exactly this person has in mind. Open relationship boundaries list the responsibilities of the parties and are discussed each time between two, three, or more people.

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How to have a successful open relationship?

The advantage of such a relationship is that there is no ready-made code of rules. Whenever people form their own code, their open relationship rules list, constantly discuss them, look through them, and say what has changed. If we are talking about ethical non-monogamy, then this is honesty and openness, refusal to deceive all partners and partners. Many people live non-monogamously, but they cheat on their partners. This has nothing to do with polyamory.

How do open relationships work? People give the right to a partner or partner to have and develop other relationships, but this is constantly spoken out, and the comfort of people who are already in a relationship with you is always taken into account. You talk about it all the time. People invest in polyamory, a very large amount of energy and strength, and friendly support. The person gets a lot of feedback. Polyamory and open relationships never cure problems in a couple; they can only exacerbate them. This is not a format that can save if there are certain problems in a relationship; on the contrary, it will only make things worse. This is a format, if everything is fine in your relationship, you are honest with each other, and you have some kind of excess emotional reserve, resources, and energy for other people, and you want to interact with them, then such a transition can be environmentally friendly.

Are open relationships healthy?

If women are simply condemned and stigmatized, then men can talk more about it. This format of relationships in men is usually taken very lightly. Women are afraid of being accused and stigmatized by friends and relatives. They may talk about it in personal communication but not in general. This is very different from cheating, which is much easier and more familiar for most people.

In different societies and countries, this is up to 15% of people identify themselves as polyamorous, but this is very relative. This topic is far from being for everyone; the majority will still choose monogamy for themselves. There have always been such relationships, but everything just happened behind closed doors, in private, and no one was told about it.

What does it mean to be in an open relationship?

Polyamory is not only not so much about sex; it can be one of the interaction formats, but far from being the main one. First of all, people are looking for support. Often people form strong and lasting alliances. In a polyamorous relationship, several people may support you very much, in which you yourself are very involved. You build healthy and honest relationships in which everyone is comfortable. You can get something different in every relationship, especially psychological support. Sex may or may not.

How to ask for an open relationship?

This is decided only in a conversation, not in a one-way format. If you talk about it, and your partner is uncomfortable, he does not want it, then in no case should you do this because it will destroy your relationship. It is necessary to pronounce why someone wants or does not want a polyamorous relationship.

How to be in an open relationship?

Jealousy has a place in polyamory, but it can be worked with. Each person's jealousy is based on something. It may be a fear of being alone; perhaps you do not have enough time with a partner; you need to argue this, understand why you need it, and why your partner needs it. Perhaps there is some need that can be closed differently.

What does an open relationship mean?

Polyamory is not about having multiple partners. There are polyamorous people who, at a certain period of their lives, find a partner with whom they are comfortable together; they are not interested in starting any other relationship. This does not mean that they have become monogamous; they can simply close existing relationships for themselves and not start others. A person and circumstances change; the main thing is that this transition should not be forced.

How do be okay with an open relationship?

You need to be very attentive to your emotions to pronounce them. The main thing is to say and say what exactly does not suit you. For example, if a person cannot stand the relationship of a partnership with someone who is personally offended or framed, then all this can be said. As a rule, the couple comes to a certain agreement. Barrier contraception is the rule for absolutely all polyamorous. Polyamorous couples are regularly tested for HIV and hepatitis - more often than conventionally monogamous couples.

How to have an open relationship?

It is believed that such a relationship is almost the only way to preserve the sharpness of feelings, tender romance, and novelty of sensations in a couple. But not all of us are ready for such experiments. We need special prerequisites for choosing love without obligations. They have centered around:

  • person's personality;

  • his life experience;

  • orientation and perception of marriage;

  • views, moral and ethical threshold.

Often, extremely freedom-loving men and women are in open relationships. With modern views, without prejudices and social taboos, complexes. Open relationship rules examples may be bisexual, but they do not have to be. They profess polygamy as a form of expression of their personal freedom, as well as the highest degree of trust in a partner.

Another factor that contributes to the creation of such alliances is friendship. Partners are ready to go through life together and show deep affection but do not want to limit themselves to monogamous relationships. And they find support for this desire in each other.

Pros and cons of an open relationship

Whatever it was, an open relationship in a couple is very interesting. This is an experiment that strong and gambling personalities can decide on. How to make an open relationship work? Surely such an experience will bring many non-obvious discoveries about yourself and about people of the opposite sex. Therefore, if you are considering whether to get involved in such an adventure, evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of an open relationship

  • The most important advantage is weighted calculation. The couple discusses the rules and boundaries that must not be broken. Finds compromise solutions. The key to their implementation is mutual trust.

  • Being out of debt is a tempting prospect. No need to report where you are and who you see. Upon returning home - no complaints or feelings of guilt. There can be no quarrel about this.

  • You do not need to prove your love with words and deeds. If people are together, this is the best confirmation that they are comfortable with each other. Unlike classic couples, they have freedom of choice. And choose the one who is nearby.

  • No negative emotions, jealousy, worries, complexes, and painful windings. Moral comfort is the highest value.

  • There is no forbidden fruit. Nobody forbids it. If you want, take it and enjoy. Therefore, its value is only conditional. Often, couples in open relationships are faithful to each other because they simply want to be.

Cons of an open relationship

  • The need to clearly set boundaries and follow the rules. Such alliances are based on trust, and they must be earned. If you violate the agreements, then the relationship will quickly come to naught.

  • Willingness to share the concepts of love and sex. If sex becomes a link between partners, then they will look for the need for love on the side. And vice versa. If people love each other, then in an open relationship, they will only look for sex outside of marriage.

  • This relationship format is suitable for couples who have been living together for a long time. And for those who know each other very little, this option is not the most suitable because it is impossible to predict the course of events.

  • Society condemns free relationships in the family. You need to be prepared to listen to disapproving comments from everyone who is privy to the nuances of your marriage.

  • The true reason for wanting to be in an open relationship is often the fear of responsibility.

  • The fragility of such unions is a fact. And you need to prepare for this from the very beginning. Attempts to change the rules and keep a partner near you contradict the concept of an independent relationship.

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