How to Be a Good Boyfriend for a Young Girl


Any girl has her parameters, which she is guided by, choosing a guy. For someone, the color of the eyes is important, while another one is looking for particular character traits, etc. A characteristic such as age also matters.

As a rule, girls try to choose guys who are at least a little older than them. It seems to lonely women seeking men that an adult man will be more experienced in relationships, and he will be able to become real support for her. Peers also attract their attention because they have many common topics and interests, and a girl will never be bored with such a guy. So, how to stand out from the rest of the men and become the best if the woman is young? And what is a good boyfriend?

signs of a good boyfriend

Main Benefits of Dating Younger Women

In spite of general skepticism and condemnation, relationships with an age difference can be the happiest time in life for both partners. Now nobody cares if a man visits a single ladies website and is 10-20 years older than his chosen one. According to surveys conducted by psychologists, men admitted the following benefits in relationships with young ladies.

Ease of communication

80% of respondents noted this attractive aspect of relationships with a younger lady. And, most importantly, ladies also share this opinion. A younger woman will not constantly reproach, instruct you and limit your actions in every way. She treats life much easier, so it will be easier with her. What are the long-term predictions of such a relationship? Statistics show that 53% of relationships in which a man and a woman are peers break up after a couple of years. This is especially true for young couples. And in Western countries, relationships, where a man is older than a woman by 10 (or more) years, have long been considered normal, and this is even fashionable. On average, such a relationship lasts fifteen years.

Envy of others

As men admit, their younger girlfriends are always beautiful, they look confident in themselves, they know how to show themselves advantageously. In this, they differ from men’s peers who always worry about weight, appearance, and try to hide body flaws. Besides, a young woman immediately raises the authority of an older man in the eyes of his friends. The man also tries to look better and succeeds in this. Firstly, it’s nice to know that at 40, you can attract a 25-year-old girl. Secondly, the release of sex hormones stimulates the formation of substances that prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Besides, sexually active men are active in life: they have a healthier heart and blood vessels, they smile more often and are less prone to stress and depression.

No problems

An advantage of a relationship with a young girl is a life that is devoid of problems, hardships, and serious conversations. Of course, some intrigues happen, but they are easy to solve because a young girl often obeys her senior boyfriend, relies on his opinion, and cools quickly if he hugs and kisses her. In such a relationship, you don’t have to think about how to be good boyfriend material because this is not the main thing a young girl wants from a man. The young girl is light and cheerful, energetic. She wants a holiday, so she organizes it with pleasure to her man. And this is so lacking in our life where every day resembles the previous one. She will do everything possible to fill your life with fun and surprises. She doesn’t want to bring problems.

Good sex

A mature man and a young woman match perfectly in terms of sex. In women, the peak of sexual activity begins at about 20-25 years, when the hormonal level is especially intense. But for men, the opposite is true: sexuality manifests itself at about 30 years. Everything is good here: the experience and relaxedness of a man and the tireless energy of a woman. If a 35-40-year-old man chooses a younger girlfriend, then sex will be frequent and enchanting. She will give mature man energy and activity that he lacks. And he, in turn, will give her bold experiments and a real passion, and these are the qualities of a good boyfriend.

traits of a good boyfriendInteresting pastime

Here both partners can give each other the same number of positive vibes. It is pleasant for any woman to communicate with a smart man. In many cases, a man plays the role of not only a lover but also a friend, mentor, teacher. This doesn’t mean that the woman will be passive – she can also give a lot to her partner. This is about excitement, the absence of stereotypes, and the ease and joy of life. With such a woman, any man becomes younger regardless of age. And the point here is not so much that he is trying to match the young girlfriend outwardly (although this is a huge plus). The man “charges” with her activity, and it gives him a charge of vigor at the energy level.

Best Ways How to Be a Good Boyfriend

Women are often more socially developed and emotionally mature than men from their age group. So, if you start a relationship with a young girl, this will help increase your self-esteem, and probably you will even find a suitable couple. Use the techniques described below as they will help you be a good man for your girlfriend.

Learn how to surprise

What makes a good boyfriend? Most of the guys make significant efforts to attract a young lady. They use various tricks, but not all of them work out. According to most women, they simply adore when men surprise them. Unfortunately, romance and enthusiasm disappear over time, although love and respect remain. To get rid of the routine and brighten up boring gray everyday life, sometimes it’s worth considering how to surprise your loved girl. After all, nothing brings diversity into measured life so much as actions that cause sincere amazement and an influx of positive emotions.

Reveal your emotions

Emotions drive people. It is emotions that make life bright and saturated. The satisfaction of emotional needs is guaranteed to provoke reciprocal feelings. The emotional needs include the need for care, affection, attention, a sense of security (for women). Even if a girl likes you, it is unlikely that she will be the first to tell you about her feelings due to fear of rejection. In fact, studies show that men are the first to talk about their emotions and feelings. So, when it comes to revealing emotions, take a deep breath, look straight into her eyes and say, “I like you.”

Be a gentleman

A real gentleman will always support his woman in any life situation. So, first of all, you have to show good manners. You have to hold the door for a girl, help put on a coat, and do other polite actions. Such a man will always come to the rescue, but he will not ask for a reward from a woman. But a real gentleman sincerely respects women. He doesn’t criticize her decisions, supports and respects her point of view. Also, the gentleman knows when to keep silent and give way to his woman in a dispute. This is how to be a good boyfriend.

Don’t push on her

Would I be a good boyfriend? You have a much better chance of making a girl fall in love with you if you don’t put pressure on her. Remember that a girl owes you nothing. Be romantic and sensual but don’t get attached very much so as not to become another annoying fan. You must understand that everything has its own time, so don’t rush things because relationships have different stages. And each stage is filled with new feelings, new thoughts, new expectations and has its own meaning. If you don’t rush things, then the woman will simply gradually want to do something herself and will be ready for this or that change.

Become a hero to her

Girls love superheroes not only in films but also in life. And how to be good boyfriend qualities include not only extraordinary super abilities and saving the world from notorious villains. You can become a hero in the eyes of a woman if you do a few trifling things. For example, give the woman a sense of security behind your shoulders. Girls don’t want to be strong and independent. They want to trust someone who takes care of them. Also, you have to be stable. Always keep your word and be reliable as a hero. The ability to be not a soulless stone but a man with a big soul is very attractive to women.

How to Impress Your Younger Girl

Many men like girls much younger than them because they brighten up their life. And don’t worry if she is 25-year-old beauty and you are already about forty. This difference between a man and a woman is socially acceptable. Besides, many girls dream of an adult man. But still, it is worth considering some tips to avoid mistakes in relationships with a young girl.

how to be good boyfriend materialShow confidence

What are the signs of a good boyfriend? Mature men are good at knowing the difference between self-confidence, arrogance, and desire to show their superiority. Demonstrating a lack of confidence will make you look desperate or pathetic. Young ladies want to see that you are self-confident and able to cope with any problem without a doubt.

Hug her

Hugging is so nice! Probably, you have already forgotten how it is – just to come up and hug. This is a manifestation of tenderness that acts on a woman better than anything else. Am I a good boyfriend? Yes, if you care about your woman. If you regularly kiss and hug your loved one, she will become more tender and kinder every day.

Don’t look at other women and don’t compare

There is nothing wrong with looking at other ladies, after all, they are just beautiful. But your young woman will never like it, so try not to upset her. Never compare your girlfriend with others (exes, mother, actresses), this will not lead to anything good, especially since each person is unique.

Be attentive

Your forgetfulness and unrestrained promises may upset young women – these are not characteristics of a good boyfriend. They like it when a man remembers their birthdays and anniversaries. It is also very important for women that you notice their mood and conditions and behave accordingly. For example, when she has a headache, you turn off the TV, bring her a pill, cook dinner, and, of course, give flowers.

Useful Tips on How to Be a Good Boyfriend

Is there a perfect man? No! There is nothing perfect in this world. The only thing you can do is try to become better for your young woman.

Always be romantic

Romance is a lot of things: holding hands in public, when you hug a girl from behind, when you kiss her, when you ride a car together in the rain to sad songs, when you sit on a sofa and watch a movie, when you drink coffee in a cafe in snowy days, when you are cooking something together. Even simple messages “Goodnight” and “Good morning” are enough for some girls to feel that you are thinking about them, and this may completely change their day. They want their boyfriends to arrange dates. They want surprises to understand that you are not indifferent.

Give her space

This is a big mistake to control a girl, show your jealousy, etc. These can’t be described as nice traits of a good boyfriend. This is what doesn’t lead to anything good because of this male control, jealousy, and imprisonment, the relationship ends at the initiative of the girl herself. No one likes to live in a cage with a tyrant. Only not experienced men forbid their girlfriends to do anything and go anywhere. They force their women to spend time at home. They think that women can’t get out, meet with friends, etc. Unfortunately, few men give their women freedom of action. But this shows their self-doubt.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, difficulties will always arise. But if sincere love connects you, then you will endure any test with honor! History knows many examples when people entered such relationships and were happy and loved despite all the discussions and gossip.

Of course, in a relationship with a young woman, you shouldn’t forget to show attention, help your loved one, and say nice words and compliments to her. Give her love, understanding, and patience and you will always be the best for her! No matter how trite it sounds but listen to your heart and just be happy!

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Recently, I’ve started a relationship with a girl 4 years younger than me. Thanks for the helpful tips, I'll take them into account!
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