How to overcome relationship doubts?


Romantic love is a myth that says we will recognize our soul mate in an instant, effortlessly – the way people see Romeo and Juliet. But Romeo and Juliet doubted each other; they weren’t sure the other was “the one." In real life, we think about whether someone is right for us or not. However, this does not always mean that our feelings are artificial and untrue and we start thinking about how to stop doubting your relationship.

If there is too much uncertainty in a relationship, it interferes with even the most sincere love. So in OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), a person constantly doubts their partner and arranges relationship tests to get 100% certainty about them – but this only increases anxiety.

While relationship OCD is a psychiatric disorder that can impair one's ability to maintain healthy relationships, mentally healthy people also can fall into the trap of obsessive insecurities within their partner. Why do we doubt our partners? How to overcome doubt in a relationship?

And how do you deal with it in a way that doesn't ruin an otherwise worthwhile relationship? All these questions we’ll discuss in this article, for more tips check Our dating blog.

Cooled Feelings

It is important to consider not only how much we love a partner but also how long the relationship has lasted when determining what kinds of feelings that person evokes in us.

When we fall in love, our levels of sex hormones, stress hormones, and the neurotransmitter dopamine rise sharply while serotonin decreases – so we don’t want to spend a minute away from our beloved and constantly think about him. When your logical mind and its associated chemicals (like hormones) have calmed down, you become less impulsive. This allows for bonding at a more visceral level – a feeling of attachment rather than passion and after this you try to understand how to deal with doubt in a relationship.

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When we enter a mature relationship, the early romantic feelings often die down and are replaced with more complex emotions. We stop focusing so much on our partners’ flaws and start paying attention to other people in a different way. After the honeymoon period, however, most couples experience a drop in serotonin and an increase in cortisol – the body's stress hormones. But after several months of being together, new lovers' bodies no longer respond to their partners with this hormonal surge; they actually protect against stress instead!

If you are in doubt because the feelings have become less intense, try:

Accept the imperfect side of your partner

When we're in love, we tend to see only the best aspects of our beloved – this is what psychologists call "the honeymoon phase." Then, after a while (usually not very long), we begin to notice our imperfections and decide that our partner isn't quite right for us. After this, you start asking “What to do if you're questioning your relationship”?.

If you keep in mind that no one is perfect and relationships are a work in progress, your relationship will last longer than if you expect perfection.

Focus on friendship

If passion in a relationship subsides with time, then more meaningful relationships are based on friendship and shared interests. These last longer and provide greater satisfaction than passionate ones do. Fellowship and passion also share a common neurobiological basis. Arousal of one type of love activates the other: by stimulating romantic attraction, we can trigger attachment as well.

Partner Is Not Perfect

Tinder users often feel optimistic about the prospects of matching with another user, even if they've been disappointed before. This mindset affects our relationships, regardless of whether or not we've ever used dating services. This is because, in today's emotional-capitalism era, we tend to perceive love as an investment that needs careful management.

Scientists have found that expectations of marriage and dissatisfaction with it are at an all-time high, calling this pattern of thinking "all or nothing." It's no surprise that trying to find the "right" person is unsettling because any choice involves turning down other options. Increasingly, we find ourselves unable to decide on just one person – like the San Francisco engineer who went on 150 dates on GoDateNow trying to find his “one” but never made it past a couple of dates with any girl. When you have doubts about the relationship, then try:

Give your relationship six months

Psychologists suggest that we put off making a decision about whether to break up with or commit to someone for at least six months. The more time you take, the more confused in feelings you will become – and this confusion is what makes it so hard for couples that even experts can't predict how long your relationship will last after breaking up. This is really good advice on how to remove doubt in a relationship. If you give yourself time to just date the person and not think about the solution, it will come by itself.

Create shared goals

It is said that people who share similar habits and interests are more likely to be happy in love, while the absence of these things indicates a lack of compatibility. In fact, you can have a strong bond with someone even if you don't share common values or goals. After trying this tip you’ll stop saying why do I always doubt my relationship. For example, two people might work together on writing a book—even though one is religious and the other isn't.

Sometimes You Will Feel Sad

Is it normal to doubt your relationship? Mutual love can make us happy, but not all relationships result in constant feelings of joy. It's normal for love to bring both happiness and sadness into our lives. While it is understood that everyone who enters a relationship accepts the possibility of losing their partner due to separation or death, not all people are able to cope well with negative emotions and thoughts about loss. When we are afraid of losing someone, we often unknowingly sabotage the relationship. This can cause some doubts in a partner – and it is precisely when the connection with him is growing stronger because more intense feelings mean greater potential for pain.

If you're hesitant about your partner because you don't feel happy all the time, try:

Write a letter to your partner

To understand the relationship, we advise writing a goodbye letter to your partner but not sending it. This will help you step back and see things objectively when you or your boyfriend having doubts about relationship. Perhaps it's not love at all; you're probably just afraid of getting hurt again. Writing a letter is no big deal, but saying what you feel in an honest way is important.

Seek not joy, but meaning

After doing this you won’t ask if is it normal to have doubt in a relationship. Try to rethink what you think is necessary for a happy relationship. We tend to believe that happiness and pleasure are the main ingredients for love – but it's actually more important to look for meaning in your partner, which will make you happy anyway. In order to find this, you must abandon the idea that a relationship should look and feel a certain way. A meaningful relationship is more important than one filled with pleasant experiences.


The question of how to go through a period of doubt and misunderstanding in a relationship is quite difficult. It is normal that you’re feeling doubt in a relationship. After all, it is very easy to go to the Girls online gallery and find a beautiful interlocutor, but it is much better to find out all the relationships with your partner. The main thing is to rely on your feelings and listen to your heart because it never lies. If you are ready to fight for a relationship and feel that this is true love, you can handle everything.

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