Why online dating doesn't work for guys?


Crazy pace of life, going to work, meeting friends, working out at the gym, and work again. How can you make the time to meet a girl? Where to meet her, what to say, how to talk? So much energy is wasted on all this, that many men simply give up the search of a partner and live a quiet bachelor life.

what to do when online dating doesn't work

However, there is one proven way to simplify everything and meet a girl on the Internet. However, to make your life easier you should find an answer to the question, "How does online dating work?" so that is what we will tell you in this article.

Does Online Dating Work?

We all have a friend who tells us a story of meeting the love of their life on a dating site and that they have been happy together for many years now. It doesn’t mean that they were purportedly seeking for it, but, as it often happens in real life, you never know when you meet someone special. It often happens spontaneously. So, even on dating sites, everything can develop rapidly and happen at the most unexpected moment. First, you like somebody's photo and in a few months, you are having a wedding. But what if you have registered on a site and tried to find a loved one, but your attempts stay unsuccessful? How do online dating sites work? Are you a problem or these services don’t work for guys in general?

The Internet has firmly entered our lives: we both work and relax here, so why not use it to search for a life partner? The answer to the question, "Does online dating actually work?" can be confirmed by several experiments. For example, British studies that helped scientists evaluate the effectiveness of online dating. Young people aged 19 to 26 who were ready for serious relationships took part in one of such psychological research.

Their task was to register on a dating site to find a partner. At the end of the experiment, 72% of the participants continued close communication in real life, and some of them subsequently even tied the knot forever.

Do online dating sites really work? Statistics show that more than a third of the users of the World Wide Web have used these services at least once. More than 2 million users spend at least 3 hours a day on dating websites. Why are these portals so popular and widely used? Why do many people quit attempts to meet in real life and switch to online dating?

  • It saves you time. Now you don't have to visit various events or attend parties to stay socially active, you can have many friends online and date just using your smartphone with a few apps downloaded at any place and time.
  • It is perfect for people with a tight schedule. Online dating is flexible, you can date whenever you want. It doesn't matter whether you are an early bird and like to write a couple of messages while having breakfast before going to work. Or if you have night shifts and want to find a few minutes in the night to like some photos and scroll through the profiles of pretty single girls.
  • One more advantage concerning time. The immediate answer is not necessary, you can respond when you have time. If your schedule doesn't correspond with those people you are currently having a conversation with, it doesn't matter. You can receive a message in the middle of the night and respond during the break at work. This also means that you will have time to think about what to say. Even if you have seen the message, you are not obliged to respond to it immediately.
  • You can communicate with several people at once. Not sure who is your perfect match? Why don’t you try texting a few of them simultaneously? If all the girls reject you, there is still a chance for you to find your love with another one.
  • You can block the person you don’t like or if your gut tells you that interlocutor may be dangerous. As you can see, there are various benefits of using the Internet to communicate. That, however, doesn’t give the final answer to the question, "Does online dating work for guys?" Because everybody is different and what works for some, may not work for you. Later we will talk about why online dating doesn't work for you and how to tackle this task with flying colors.

Why Online Dating Doesn't Work for You

Online dating may not work for you because you have high expectations and end up not satisfying them. Or because the girls are already tired of not only cringy attempts to get their phone number, and different creeps have already migrated to the web. And they may be, understandably, scared. That is why you should consider the disadvantages of online dating as well.how to make online dating work

  • You never know who can hide behind the pretty profile picture. And we are not even talking about people who use old photos or Photoshop to hide the fact they have put on weight or anything else. Imagine flirting with a bombshell girl for a few weeks and then finding out it was the ugly 55-year-old man who was texting you all the time. Of course, most valid sites have a special procedure of the identity checking, but not all of them.
  • E-conversation is worth nothing without real communication. Just think about what we have told you about online dating a few paragraphs earlier. The thing is when you are texting, you have time to think about your answer, come up with a funny joke, google anything you don’t know, that's why the online communication will never be tantamount to the real life one. If you want to know the true personality of a girl, see her emotions and feel what kind of person she is, you need to meet face to face.
  • There is always a risk of getting into a scam. Online fraudsters can use your naivety and make you an object of their illegal schemes. It can be practically anything, for example, they can start blackmailing you to get your money and make you one of the elements in the chain of their plans (however, it can happen in real life as well, no one has a magic protection shield against swindlers). Never transfer money to new Internet acquaintances, and before the first date, inform someone of your loved ones where you are going to go and with whom, do not agree on meetings in remote lonely places, charge your phone and do not put high hopes on your online date to avoid disappointment. But not only you can be disappointed, and your profile can also be not that cool. Here are a few mistakes that may explain why online dating doesn't work for guys.
  • You are not downloading your photos. It doesn't matter if you think about how to meet a girl on a dating site or on social networks. Upload real photos in good quality only. And you shouldn’t ask a friend photographer to take a photo of you as if you have been just shot for the cover of a magazine. Remember that one day you will meet in real life, and the girl's expectations shouldn’t be overestimated. Or you download too many cringy stupid photos, and it is even worse. Your pics should tell about your life, but not too much. Do not upload the ones in which you are drunk or in an inappropriate situation. Group photos in which it's difficult to find you are also a big no.
  • Your profile description is too serious. Remember that brevity is the soul of wit. Write something funny and catchy, this is the space for your creativity.
  • You give false information or frankly lie. No need to embellish your achievement as nobody likes liars. Sooner or later, you still have to tear off this mask. No one will be surprised by your image of a cool guy or pickup master. On the Internet, this is a big number of these characters. If you still want to know what to do when online dating doesn't work, the best tip would be to stay yourself.
  • You are using online dating templates. Googling how to make online dating work will not help. "Hi there. Doesn’t your mom need a son-in-law?" All these phrases are already a hundred years old, and they will not even surprise your great-grandmother. Girls always want something new to feel special. No need to reinvent a bicycle, just try to intrigue and interest her. So, do absolutely everything you want just in an original way.
  • You treat all the girls the same. An individual approach is actually the key. Every girl wants to feel special, as soon as she notices that you have somebody apart from her, you will have troubles.
  • You paid too much attention to her photos. Typically, girls love to be photographed: selfies, professional photo shoots, photos from clubs and restaurants. But you should remember one important rule: most of these photos do not correspond to reality. Now every girl has so many programs downloaded in her phone to beautifully edit the pictures. So, be ready for the fact that you will see a slightly different girl at the meeting than in the photo. And do not say later that we did not warn you about this! Only if you let your stereotypes go, do not treat the girls the same way and be genuinely interested in the conversation, your online dating will be a success. Please, do not make these mistakes, and you will not have to wonder later why online dating doesn't work for guys. The rules of the web world are simple, you just need to stay yourself because you will have to meet in real life sooner or later. To avoid another major setback, do not make your expectations too high. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. Online dating may not work for you one day, but if you correct all of these points, you will feel inspired to find the love of your life.

What to Do When Online Dating Doesn't Work?

How to meet your love online? Take notes. There are many tips that will not only make it possible to meet your perfect match, but they will also help stay away from unpleasant situations.

  • First, use several dating services simultaneously. If you fall through at one of them, there is a huge space for creativity left. However, choose web sites, based on several criteria: profile checking algorithm, the number of users, the blocking system and target audience.do online dating sites really work
  • Secondly, try to touch various topics during the conversation: talk about everything that will help you know the girl more deeply except for the daily boring topics. Do you really want to know whether she likes the city or enjoys the weather?
  • Thirdly, you should better not use your real email address or any work-related information. They can be hacked by the dating sites fraudsters.
  • Be yourself to avoid awkwardness at the first meeting.
  • Upload cool everyday photos to attract attention and stay away from boring descriptions.
  • Last but not least, keen on trying. You will succeed if you carry on, so the best advice on what to do if online dating doesn't work – do not pay attention to this and continue searching.

The final answer to the question, "Does online dating work?" is yes! However, this doesn’t mean it will work for you. Only if you correct all of the mistakes and decide in your priorities, do not make false expectations and be genuine, you will find the love of your life!

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Online dating works for everyone, regardless of gender, age, or nationality of a person!
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