How to Win a Ukrainian Girl's Heart


If you do not know how to win a Ukrainian girl's heart, start with the main rule – you should direct your energy to her heart, and only to it.

You can be not the most handsome man in the world, you might not have a lot of money, but if a Ukrainian girl falls in love with you, she will be willing to follow you even to some other continent. In the meantime, if the girl does not love you, all your efforts and money will be for nothing. Therefore, you have to be a little cleverer than a girl.

All the below-mentioned points are for a caring and nice man, who does not swap girls as he changes his socks. These points are for those who are dreaming about winning a Ukrainian girl's heart, who want to be loved and love the only one.


Do not look like a desperate man

Everybody perfectly understands why boys and girls meet: conversation, help, mutual understanding, relationships, and sex. However, if each time you date the entire discussion has a sexual connotation, you will look like a very desperate man. You have to win her heart and mind, and only after that, she will think about devoting her time to you. Therefore, show more patience and more liberty in communication. A girl should feel your desire, but you should not show it openly.

Pick up the right place for a date

If you are not sure about how to win a Ukrainian woman's heart, read rule №2. Take into account that the girl will be more willing to go to her favorite place than to a café or the movies.

If men usually walk with girls in parks or sit in a cafe, this does not mean that you have to behave in the same way. Spend some time learning her preferences. This is one of the principal factors in winning the girl. Just speak with her and figure out how she spends her free time, what things inspire her, what hobbies she has, and what activities she likes.


For example, if a girl likes horses, then it is better to organize a horseback ride than to spend another two hours in a cafe. Remember that an intelligent man calculates his budget for a date in order to achieve the maximum effect by spending a minimum of money. There is room for calculation even in the realm of affairs of the heart.

Choose compliments correctly

This is a well-known fact that girls love with the ears. In order to make this quality play into your hand, you should say compliments correctly and to the point.

Compliments should not be vulgar or clumsy. The compliment should praise the girl where she feels confident without you. Observe those moments of her life or appearance which she, most likely, is proud of and place emphasis on them with the help of compliments.

Do not compare her to your ex

If you want to conquer an amazing girl but you do not know how to win a woman's heart, you should never compare her with your numerous ex-girls. It may seem that all the girls are similar in some things and they can act alike. Nevertheless, every girl is very special, and what you had with one girl would never happen again with another one. Therefore, you should not compare them with each other. Moreover, do not even try to inform them about that. Firstly, it is rude. Secondly, the girl will be sure that you can also gossip about her.

Whatever comes, keep silent and behave like a gentleman. Otherwise, this can cause big problems in the future.

Do not behave like her master

A drop of jealousy decorates and makes the relationship a little bit spiced-up, but if you begin to be jealous of every pillar she stands at, eventually, she will either break up with you or act the way you think about her. Anyway, the relationship will be doomed to failure. If you cannot trust her, then what kind of partnership can you talk about? Do not be fooled.

You don’t need to know the girl’s daily routine and call her every hour in order to check where she is. How to win her heart? She is your girlfriend, but to win her heart you need to be self-confident. Moreover, self-confident guys do not chase after girls, girls chase after them.

Do not be afraid to meet with her parents and family

Many guys are afraid to meet the girl's parents. This is quite logical if they do not need a serious relationship. However, if you want to stay in her heart for a long time, this acquaintance will allow the girl to relax and not be afraid of the relationship. Meeting her family is the way towards winning a Ukrainian woman's heart.

Remember that if her parents tell her what a good guy you are, then in any quarrels and conflicts you will have a numerical superiority. This is a quite serious "Yes" towards you. Moreover, it is quite interesting to see her parents.

kitchenDo not miss the opportunity

Do not expect that the girl will take drastic steps in your direction. If today she is not ready to kiss you, then take her hand and kiss her on the cheek or on the forehead, she might be afraid to look vulgar. Each small step is another answer to how to win a girl's heart. Do not think about how long it may take. Anyway, it is a step towards your common happy future.

Do not be afraid to show yourself in the kitchen

There is nothing more pleasant than to sit around and watch a man cooking for his girlfriend. She should be the girl for whom the guy is cooking. You need to become this guy. So, prove yourself. It may look not very appetizing but the fact remains. The girl will appreciate it.

Do not undermine her trust

If she stops believing you, then you can never win her heart. There is nothing wrong with communicating with other girls. Nevertheless, this should not go into flirting and various subtexts. If the girl finds out about that, she, maybe, will forgive you, but she will never forget. Moreover, she will remember your mistakes in the worst case for you. Trust is the first key to the heart of a girl. Remember that when you think about Ukrainian dating.

Forget about your ex

If you still love some girl, then do not waste the time of another girl who may have fallen in love with you. Be a true man and do not cheat on her. Do not date a new girl and think about your ex-girlfriend. You will make things only worse. If she finds the strength, she will leave you, and if not, you will break her heart.

Do not forget to congratulate her

It does not matter what has happened. It does not matter where you are. If she has a holiday or an important event in life, then you should congratulate her first. At least, you should not forget to do it the way no one else can. Girls like surprises and they like to be surprised. It is not necessary to present expensive gifts. The main thing, and another answer to how to win someone's heart, is to give something special that can surprise any girl.

Do not lock her up in a cage

Girls like the guys who can guide and command. Nevertheless, you should not turn this into an absurdity. If the girl wants to meet friends and take a walk, then you should let her go. Do not make her spend 24 hours a day with you. It is a different story – if she wants to be with you all the time, then why not.

Stay Calm

The best thing that you can do is to keep calm and patient. This is not so easy to achieve, but this is the best way to solve any conflict. Her outburst should not change your point of view. If you start arguing with a girl, she will remember all your mistakes and shortcomings, considers this.

Using these rules, you will be able to win the girl’s heart. 

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Oh, there is a whole instruction on what to not do when dating Ukrainian beauties. Well, I believe every normal guy follows these rules on a subconscious level.
16.07.2020 15:03

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