How to know is she the one?


The main desire of all people is to love and be loved. We are all wondering, how to find the one? Love causes a feeling of comfort and coziness. All worries fade into the background when you are in the arms of a loved one. You feel protected. There is nothing to be afraid of. You give yourself entirely to your loved one. When you are in love, you draw in your imagination a picture of a joint future with your soulmate. But do you know for how long will this love last? Will it last till the grave, or it is just a casual relationship to end in a week? You never truly know, you cannot predict the future, so consider the following article to be of great help.

How do you know you have found the one? The following are the signs that will tell you how to know when you find the one.

20 Signs You've Found Your Life Partner

The following are some sure signs she is the one:

1. You are not ashamed to talk about inner experiences. Things that previously seemed taboo become normal with the right person. You will not be condemned for something that happened before, so it becomes easier to open up and think about the future.

2. You can be alone with yourself, not being afraid of being misunderstood. You do not need to constantly talk in each other’s company. You have a very real opportunity to be together in silence and still enjoy it. In the end, to spend time together is not always about chatter.

3. You no longer have to guess what your partner feels. You do not need to sit in nervous anticipation whether she will answer your call or text message. She always notifies you of his plans or if she is coming home late. Your man will prioritize you in his life if you let him into your heart, since he already let you.

4. You are able to express disagreement without showing disrespect for one another. You can often disagree with each other, but this does not lead to endless disputes and quarrels. You respect each other's point of view on whatever the topic is and listen to it with curiosity and without irritation.

5. You turn each other on, even when there are no objective reasons for it. Some small things about how she behaves in the most common of situations make you feel as if this person was naked. You love everything about this man, and it is stronger than just intimacy, you want him at all times.

6. You are not afraid to admit your strange habits. You not only recognize each other’s strange habits and treat them calmly, but in some cases even join the process or adopt them. You create your own quirks that she may very well share, which makes it even more beautiful. Your relationship truly becomes unique in many ways with such things.

7. You introduce this person to your friends. You are not worried that friends will disapprove of your choice or they will say that you deserve more. You are finally with the person who fits you in every possible way, and you can’t wait to finally present him to your friends. You have no doubt that they will love him the same way as you do.

8. You love her friends just as much as she does. You do not put on a fake smile and do not rush the process of communication with friends of your partner but rather sincerely enjoy their company and even want to spend more and more time with them. In the end, special people attract the best company!

how to find the one9. You are comfortable together when you aren’t doing anything special. Your time together can be spent on literally anything: lying around, watching TV, etc. You do not need to constantly do something specific. Just spending time together, being occupied with something will make you feel great.

10. Touches will give you pleasure. No matter whether innocent or passionate, your bodies are perfectly tuned to each other. You can simply lay your head on the partner’s shoulder, take him by the hand or hug and cuddle with him with all the passion - all this is undoubtedly perceived as something natural.

11. If she is the one – you will always have fun near her. Whether you are watching an incredibly funny TV show or just lying around in pajamas - there is no situation in which you would not find something to make fun of and laugh at. Life is 10 times sunnier and busier when you are together.

12. You do not have to constantly control yourself. You do not have to think about how to express yourself and what is best to say. Your man will always listen to the flow of your thoughts and understand. You recognize each other for what you truly are, you respect each other for whoever you are and whatever you do.

13. Communication is easy and pleasant. You will not have to wrestle with the topic of conversation - you like to chat about everything. One has only to begin, and the dialogue can go on for hours. Conversations will only bring joy to you and to him, since you find each other so interesting.

14. Jokes do not hurt neither your nor her feelings. You do not have a steady feeling that you walk on the edge of a knife when you kindly make fun of your partner. After all, you understand each other's philosophy, where is that line that shouldn’t be crossed and what can be made fun of and what can’t.

15. You do not wait for an excuse to send a text or to call. When something catches your eye that would surely cheer your partner, you are not ashamed to write 2, or even 3 messages, without fear that this is too intrusive. Communication is not a game but a very real desire for each other that does not stop for a minute.

16. It makes no difference what people think about you being together. You do not seek public attention and recognition in a relationship on social media, nor do you want people to discuss your personal life in detail. You have each other, no one else matters, nothing else matters, the world doesn’t matter.

17. His presence puts you in a trance. One of the strongest signs she is the one. Time flies by. And after parting, your facial muscles hurt for some time - after all, while she was near, a smile never left your face. There is just something about him, something magical, that you cannot put your finger on. You feel like you are under a spell or something.

18. You notice that you have common goals or similar interests. Especially if these interests are quite peculiar: agree, you will not meet a person who collects, for example, vintage miniatures or something like that. And if it is such, then these are really amazing tendencies. For you to develop common interests at this point in a relationship is to strike gold.

19. Your love is boundless, and stronger than any quarrels. There is no point in disputes and quarrels. If you love him, then you are afraid to harm him. The ability to find a compromise is the only correct way out of the current situation. At the end of the day, you can’t keep being angry with him. After all, your love is stronger than all this nonsense.

20. She does not just listen to you, she hears everything that you tell him. Your chosen one can read between the lines, she shares your needs, and thinks about you and your needs. She understands what you want to tell him at once, you do not need to repeat things. You help each other grow as individuals, and each of you only gets better.

Early Little Signs You've Met the One

The following signs were shared by people who have found the one in their lives.

1. You laughed at each other's jokes. “We both love the same stupid sci-fi book series - we read new books avidly. My husband always says that this is why he realized that I was his chosen one. And I realized that no one ever made me laugh so loud and no man laughed so loud at my jokes. We are the ideal listeners for each other.”

2. It was a choice. “Every time when I realized that I had met the very one and this was for life, everything turned into an illusion. When I met my spouse, I not only had the feeling that he was the one I was looking for but also knew that together we can create a strong union in which everyone will have enough space to adapt and change. It was a choice not only in love but also in life.”

3. It was inevitable. “I met my future husband on the bus. I usually feel shy to talk to strangers, I sit in my headphones, face the window or work. In short, I create a wall around me. But he sat down next to me, and somehow it happened that we chatted incessantly all the long way home. I would not call it love at first sight; rather, there was a strong sense of predestination, but in a good way. My intuition told me that this person would become an important part of my life, that he would become the one.”

early signs you've met the one4. We became a team. “No, I didn’t have an insight, there wasn’t a light bulb above my head - “here she is, that same person!”. We just began to live together and gradually turned into one team. At the first stage, everyone sees each other in a pink light - your chosen one is the most beautiful and wonderful, and you do not understand how you could have lived without him before. Then passions subside, and life becomes more comfortable. I saw that next to me is the same person who tries to do everything as best as possible, and that she has his own imperfections and mistakes. We made the decision to go through life together, to rejoice at its amazing, frightening, full of joy and confusing events.”

5. Life is much more interesting with him. "When I am with him, I have a feeling that real life is just work, and with him, I seem to be on vacation."

6. Everyone around knew. This is one of the best early signs you've met the one that you should definitely consider. “We were definitely bound by a feeling, but over seven years we have not shaped it into a proper relationship. When the future husband finally announced our engagement, friends rushed to congratulate us - they had been waiting for this for a long time and were afraid that we would not get together, they were extremely happy, they knew that this is bound to happen. I want to say that it is not always easy to realize even a very strong feeling. Because it’s rather not a minute of insight but a constant process, the choice that you make when you decide to share your life with someone day after day.”

7. I never asked myself such a question. "Unlike previous relationships, this time I did not suffer the question "Do I want to be with him?" Our quarrels cannot destroy our union - we both understand that we are just moving on."

8. I could not imagine my life without him. “We were in our early twenties, and we’d already been dating for a couple of years. One day I wondered if we should break the relationship, in the spirit of Ross and Rachel from the TV series Friends. Go on dates, look at other people. Not that our romance bored me - on the contrary, I was frightened by the growing feeling inside me that we were together for life. Upon reflection, I realized that I could try to enter into relationships with other men, but what if I could never get him back because she would go through life without me? At that moment, when I realized this, tears streamed down my cheeks - I realized that I could never risk our love like that. That's how I realized that my husband is the only one and that I will never leave him.”

9. Constant doubt. “I cannot remember the moment when I realized that this person is the only one, because there are days when I am still not sure about things. We have been together for 8 years – we’ve changed our housing four times, changed our jobs twice, got together, and nevertheless it’s safe to say that my relationship is the same, I feel great. Yet doubts are part of life. I do not know whether it is possible to be completely confident in such claiming that I’ve met the one, yet these doubts may only be my fears of losing him.”

10. Small pleasures. “For me, love is an action, not a feeling. I believe in our relationship thanks to the little “gifts” we make for each other every day. For example, yesterday, when I was sad, my husband gave me a picture with a funny cat. It is incredible how she knew that I need this. I do not consider myself romantic, but I really value such things.”

11. He was the kindest. “From the very beginning, our relationship looked like a crazy roller coaster, but I liked it. He was kind. For example, one day, when we were just starting to date, he brought a huge mattress on his back across the city, because she knew that my friends would stay overnight for the weekend. Not that it was an extraordinary event, but then I thought: all my previous boyfriends would never even offer that. I realized that this guy will not give me up."

10 Tips That Help You Find the One

1. Use dating sites. They are now extremely popular. There are a huge number of sites and mobile applications other than the standard Tinder, and they have around 30-50 million users each, so finding the right person will be easy.

2. Quality, not quantity. Some common interests are good. But you don’t need to communicate with a person just because you liked him in one particular way. Analyze why you do it. Just "for show" or are you really interested?

3. Give time for communication. Do not think that if you chatted with someone for a week and sent each other nice messages, now you have a relationship. You absolutely don’t.

4. Set standards. No, it does not mean "stereotypes." It is simply better to realize in advance what kind of people you want to communicate with. And "sort" them by personal criteria.

how do you know you have found the one5. Be yourself. It seems obvious. But we all know how much life can change, whether it’s a year or a week, people change all the time. A photo may have been taken 5 years ago, but you are not the same now. And it works for your character and mindset as well.

6. Be honest with yourself and your partner. Ask yourself: do you like this person? Have you been suddenly carried away and amazed at how great that person is? Or have you become dependent on someone's interest in you?

7. Be straightforward. Ask if a person really wants communication, a relationship, or at least a personal meeting. Because fantasy may differ from reality. You may build up plans for the future while your partner may not be interested in it.

8. Keep a fun and flirty approach. Maintain a positive attitude to things, do not bother sweating and filling yourself with stress. Do not rejoice too much if you go on a date, but do not be too upset if it did not work out.

9. Avoid stupor. For this, you need to take breaks in communication. Then you will always be interesting to listen to. The way you present yourself is really important, no one likes an unconfident person.

10. Move from chatting to meeting quickly. If you have been in correspondence for too long, but you haven’t gone on a date, it is unlikely that something will come out of this. And also, long virtual communication reduces the chance that you will like each other in reality. After all, everyone lives in the world of their own illusions, presenting yourself better than you actually are.

We thank you for reading this article and we hope that you will one day find that one person who will always be there for you, fill your life with passion, love, care, excitement, and happiness. Always consider that the world is a diverse place, with everyone being unique in their own way, and it is absolutely filled with people that can make your life better. Keep on looking, keep on searching, have faith and will to go through this journey and never give up looking for the one.

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Considering all these signs, I understand that I’ve found the very girl with whom I want to spend the whole life. Probably it’s time to propose to her!
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