What a Ukrainian girl will never forgive you for


A lot of men met this problem and didn’t understand why girls get offended without reasons and how to regard on the grievances of girls. After all, you know how it is: everything is going great and fine, but suddenly because of some trifle she completely stops to make contact and closes from you. Many men start to commit wrong actions and mistakes getting into such situations, that don’t help to overcome girls’ offense and also exacerbate a misunderstanding and quarrel in a pair. So, how to understand a girl and become the best man for her?


What Ukrainian girls look for in men?

When on a date a Ukrainian girl says that she likes good and interesting guys, then she is not lying. She really likes them. But just as people with whom it is pleasant to talk to, as friends. But what men may become a husband of a Ukrainian beauty?

  1. Rebellious. Those who never adjusts to other people’s desires and who are under the rules that the girl is trying to impose on them. Rebellion is a sign of strength. Only with a great inner strength, you can resist manipulation. Due to this trait, girls like bad guys.
  2. A sense of humor. If the girl laughs – she is already conquered on a half. This quality is one of those that attract all the girls without a doubt. If you invite Ukrainian women for dating, tell her funny stories of life, anecdotes, etc.
  3. Romantic. You might think it is corny, every man knows it. But the romance is not only flowers once a week! Romance is the perfect way to show the girl how dear she is to you, and romance can be very effective if is used wisely. But most men do not understand a simple thing: romance without any sexual attraction (from girls) only kills the rest of the interest. When you ask Ukrainian girls for dating, remember the rule: first, you get her interested in yourself and then make a "romantic date".
  4. Attention. More than gifts and compliments, girls want you to think about them. A girl will like you if you notice that today she changed her hair colour, or wear other earrings or something else. It is one of the most attractive traits for them. You can even ask on a date with a Ukrainian woman about it and she will prove it.
  5. Ambitious. The girl wants you to be an ambitious man, who is capable of ensuring a normal life for her and your children. Not less carefully she will look at your communication with other people. As soon as you allow to walk someone over you (even in a jest), your woman will like that someone more than you.

Remember that predictability, routine and boredom will kill your attractiveness instantly.

What may offend your Ukrainian girlfriend?

The resentment is one of the ways of female manipulation that is directed against the strong position of men in any categorical question. It is a very subtle and cunning way that works primarily against men who are not indifferent to her woman. But dating a Ukrainian woman you need to understand their cultural characteristics. As these girls pay a great attention to their loving family, they might be offended by unflattering word said against family members. You need to respect all her relatives. It is clear that you may like not all of them, but you live with her and not with them. This is important. Here some other cases when a Ukrainian girl can be offended:

  1. Don’t compare her with other. Even if in your thoughts you often involuntary compare the second half with one of your exes or just girlfriends – in any case, don’t tell her about it. Otherwise, you will be frantically looking for answers on how to make a girl forgive you.
  2. The phrase “bad mother”. Never say so to your Ukrainian woman. For her children, she will always be the best. She spends the whole day with your child and everything in the house rests on her fragile shoulders. So even if you have any thoughts that your beloved woman does something wrong for a child, try as gently as possible and tactfully to tell her about it. 
  3. Don't compare with your mother. You are an adult and now you have your beloved woman. It is nice to remember how good it was in childhood, but it will not be so anymore. Some of the Ukrainian girls may be very impulsive and can easily send you to the beloved mother. And some of them would say nothing, but express a frustration in anything else, because the memories of this phrase will eat her from the inside.
  4. No word about girlfriends. In any case, don’t tell your current girlfriend about your old relationships. Because one wrong phrase and she will remember it the whole life.

And forget the phrase "if you don't like something, then find someone else". After it, your relationship will end. Even if you stay together, she’ll be looking for someone better. You gave her this consent by yourself.

What a Ukrainian girl will never forgive a man for

  1. Beaten. Regardless of whether a man is upset, drunk, tired or is in a depressed mood, he has no right to beat a woman. Contrary to popular belief, not all women forgive such outburst. And does it make sense to forgive, if one rude word and even kick will make the man, who didn’t felt resistance, a despot with time?
  2. Empty promises. The golden rule, which states that men should be responsible for their words. This approach should be followed in relation to any situation. Of course, if the request cannot be done because of a force majeure – it is one thing, but as practice shows, in most cases, the promises are not fulfilled because of the disrespect to the partner or because of the laziness. And this will lead to scandals.
  3. Infidelity. There are numerous reasons and circumstances of men’s infidelity. Is it possible to find an excuse for it? Yes, there are a million motives. Is it possible to forgive it? No! You will never find an answer on how to make your girlfriend forgive you after infidelity because it is impossible. So, if you don’t know how to make someone forgive you, then just don't do unpleasant things from the beginning of a relationship.

In the modern world, the woman can handle with all the problems by herself. But the woman's request for a help – it is her desire to be weak, to feel men's support and care. Any, even the most successful woman needs it.

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It seems such phrases will offend any girl with normal self-esteem. It’s rudeness to say such things to a beloved partner. Or maybe it’s too poor upbringing and complexes.
16.07.2020 14:52

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