Dating a Ukrainian Girl: Ultimate Tips and Recommendations


Ah, these beautiful Ukrainian women. They have become exceedingly popular in the modern world. Faithful, devoted, smart, and, of course, amazingly good-looking – they have so much to offer!

If you have chosen a Ukrainian girl as your potential life partner, you should consider knowing some things about these women and their native culture.

dating a ukrainian girl

  • Ukraine has a traditionalistic culture. Therefore, family values have the most important position in the Ukrainian mentality. People of this country focus their attention on starting a family, having children, maintaining a strong and healthy partnership between spouses. That is why you should speak openly about your intentions if you want to win the heart of a Ukrainian girl.
  • Girls of Ukraine do not aim to leave their motherland. People on the Internet and other “trustworthy” sources frequently suggest Ukrainian girls only look for men abroad because they want to spend men’s fortune and run away from their native country. Recent events related to Ukraine have made its citizens even more patriotic. Ukrainian women just find foreigners more courteous and decent.
  • Pivotally, girls in Ukraine prefer family to other undertakings (career, art, etc.). However, it does not mean that they have no ambitions. Yes, they do make great mothers and housekeepers. But they would also love to have their own business or be involved in charity programs. These women have a lively mind; spending all the time home, they may drive crazy. You should not enslave her. Making your significant other happy also includes giving her an opportunity to find herself in other spheres.

Now that you know some peculiarities, we are going to talk about dating tips for Ukrainian girls. Some of them are universal and might be applied to any woman; others are unique and work for Ukrainian women only.

Know what you want. Before initiating communication with a Ukrainian girl, be sure that you know what you do it for. If you have any specific ideas about relationships (especially if your point of view differs from a standard one), make sure your potential date is aware of your thoughts. Moreover, having thoughts on your future proves your maturity, which is significantly important for a Ukrainian woman. You can also avoid time-wasting occasion when two of you have radically dissimilar intentions but it takes weeks to reveal it.

Respect her culture and relatives. Ukrainian girls have a strong connection with their lands. In fact, this is an integral part of a Slavic mentality – people in these countries love nature and live in harmony with it. Kiev is one of the greenest cities in the world, which is a strong confirmation of our previous statement. A Ukrainian girl will not force you to learn her native language (considerably one of the most melodic in the world!), she would rather use English or learn your native language. However, these love their traditions to get a proper respect. Likewise, you should rather respect her relatives and never reject their visits. Even if your Ukrainian woman does not talk about it all the time, she misses her family permanently and vehemently.

Be a Man. Ukrainian girls believe that a man is a provider and a woman is a housekeeper. Gender roles are rather untouched and concrete in Slavic countries. A man is responsible for providing his family while a woman should clean the house, watch after kids, cook, and do everything that would make their home a cozy place. Ukrainian men often take women’s housekeeping skills for granted and would force their women to work even harder. In the end, this approach ruins their relationships. By the way, a Ukrainian girl is a skilled housekeeper. This mastery is passed from one generation to another. However, she wants to be highly valued. A Ukrainian girl always respects her husband if he acts like a real man.

Be intelligent. It is a well-acknowledged fact that man’s most attractive organ is his brain. Ukrainian girls are no exceptions – they highly value smart and inventive men that can keep the conversation going (by far, women from Ukraine are rather smart and educated, so they would feel bored in a company of a dumb man). As well, an intelligent man is able to deal with virtually any trouble. That means that a girl will feel secure in relationships with him.

Leave her some space. People in Europe and America know everything about the concept of personal space. Therefore, you will have no trouble with this recommendation. Ukrainian women need some time to spend with themselves – reading, thinking, knitting or doing whatever makes them feel complete. Do not take it away from your Ukrainian girl and she will decorate your life with infinite love.

Why is everyone mad about Ukrainian girls?

What qualities do men value in a Ukrainian woman? What is actually attractive to men, and what is not very important to them? What is the mystery of a Ukrainian woman? Why do all men go crazy over these ladies? Here's the answer.

dating ukrainian womenAttractiveness and intelligence

At first glance, these things are not quite compatible. But in fact, if a woman is naturally beautiful and has an excellent figure and long legs, it seems that her mind is not particularly important. This is a misconception of many young girls who are constantly in pursuit of a beautiful “outer shell”, extending their hair and eyelashes and increasing their breasts and lips almost from the school-days. 

But according to the latest polls, successful modern men like natural, well-groomed women with a clear life position and sufficient self-esteem. Ukrainian girls regularly look after their appearance and develop as a person. They follow fashion trends not only in clothes and makeup – they read books, watch educational films, and constantly expand their horizons. This is one of the reasons why so many men are crazy about Ukrainian girls.

Positive attitude, optimism, cheerfulness

All men appreciate ladies with these qualities. Who wants to interact, and even more so, to see a dead-pan (albeit impeccably beautiful) face every day? The ability to enjoy life and a good sense of humor are especially important and valuable for men, because they are a kind of symbol of stability, that people often lack in the contemporary world. Generally, life is full of stress. No wonder one of the most important qualities of a woman is distress tolerance.

A man will always choose and appreciate a woman who does not faint from the fact that there is no money for making a fashionable manicure if a man experiences a financial crisis. She will find a way out of the situation and, of course, simultaneously encourage her beloved man to get out to a new favorable level. A Ukrainian woman always tries to support her man with a smile, kind word, jokes, and feminine affection. She puts a very good show of believing and appreciating her beloved. Moreover, a Ukrainian girl can offer practical ways to save a family budget.

Femininity, sincerity, and decency

The concept of femininity does not at all mean pink color, a mini skirt, and a surprising flapping of eyelashes in response to the question: "Who is Kant?" Many Ukrainian women prefer a sporty style of clothing, a minimum of cosmetics, and fall abreast of many men in terms of education, but this does not detract from their natural femininity. With all the outwardly strict and unapproachable image, a Ukrainian girl is sweet, playful, easy-going, and affectionate alone with her man. It is a manifestation of femininity, and guys appreciate this very much. Such a contrast in the behavior of a Ukrainian woman is one of the ways to excite the male ego and maintain the flame of passion in a romantic relationship.  

What kind of men do Ukrainian girls like

No matter how many times girls speak about the fact that everyone has their own tastes and preferences, we know very well that there are certain character traits that every girl likes in a man. Let's look at them so that you have the opportunity to develop your strengths and impress any young lady.


It is important to immediately emphasize that confidence is not about audacity. If you try to get to know a girl too persistently and aggressively, be prepared for her to give you the fluff. By taking the first step and approaching the girl you like, you already make it clear that you are a self-confident man. Start with this. Also, do not forget about politeness. As they say, all doors open to courtesy. 

Sense of humor

A person without a sense of humor is a real tragedy. And it's not about possessing corny jokes that a lot of guys spout at every opportunity. Absolutely not. The point is that a great sense of humor helps you to overcome all kinds of difficulties and problems that often arise in life. And in relationships, a good sense of humor allows you to paper over the disagreements and be easy-going about the little things that your girlfriend considers the real end of the world.


If you have no ambitions, not a single Ukrainian girl wants to be next to you. They have been told from childhood that it is a woman who can make a man successful. Are you really going to break the plan for "creating a millionaire"? Oh no. A Ukrainian girl will not tolerate this. Moreover, the presence of ambitions allows not only to achieve success in life but also indicates a young lady that you a passionate person who believes in oneself.  


Of course, you do not need to hang around the mirror for hours. But if you are a complete sloven, do not be surprised that after the first date with a Ukrainian girl, the second does not come. Just remember to keep your clothes and shoes clean. Also, try to get rid of the smell of sweat and dirt under your nails. However, do not overdo it, because excessive attention to your appearance can alienate a Ukrainian girl too.

Just as any girl in the entire world, a Ukrainian lady wants to be loved. That is actually all she needs. Love your women and make them feel happy – and they will give you twice as much appreciation.

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Ukrainian women are amazingly beautiful, and I don’t know how their men can let them go. My close friend is married to a beauty with Ukrainian roots, they look very happy together.
16.07.2020 14:40
Indeed, most Ukrainian girls are focused on creating a family and giving birth to children. Moreover, most of them try to do this before the age of 25. But I'm not one of these girls. For some reason, I'm more career oriented. I have a boyfriend, but we are not yet ready to have children, although we are already 25 years old.
02.12.2020 13:55
Some Ukrainian women go to live abroad when they meet a beloved man from another country. In pursuit of a better life, they sometimes do not even realize how bad it can be for them away from home. After all, there is no family or friends there. There is a different standard of living. Not everyone is ready for such a change.
02.12.2020 13:55
We all expect from a woman qualities that make her attractive to us - gentleness, debonair manner, sex appeal, but not vulgar behavior, the ability to be affectionate and a little crazy. The femininity of Ukrainian women is manifested in everything, this is why a large number of foreign men go crazy with them.
02.12.2020 13:55
Despite the fact that Ukrainian women are wonderful home keepers, caring mothers, and loving wives, they sometimes need a little time to devote themselves - to watch their favorite TV series, drink a cup of coffee with a best friend, or engage in their favorite hobby. If a man gives his woman such an opportunity, she will be the happiest!
02.12.2020 13:56

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