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Belarusian Brides

Belarusian brides often make good wives like all provincial women, and if starting a family is what you are looking for — look no further. They seem to possess all that you need in your better other, like great physical and mental features inherited from their humble parents. Of course, not all the Belarus chicks are meek and soft to touch, but many are, and the truth is somewhere in the middle, like often.


But what makes these lovely women start seeking a partner in the Western world? Here are a few brushstrokes to guide you through their dreams:


  • Your freedom


Belarus is an authoritarian country; hence, locals are pretty oppressed and rarely deliver initiatives in many aspects of life. Most of those prefer to go with the flow, trusting fate in the face of their dystopian ruler, which contradicts your free spirit as critical as mother's milk. For a modern young girl living in a material world and dreaming of a good life, languishing in such a stagnant society is deadly.  


  • Their unfreedom


These women are well-educated, sometimes even holding Ph.D. degrees — borders are open for those wanting to achieve more than the motherland offers. But again, there is no way a young lady could invest her knowledge with some adequate ROI within the politically numb country, which indirectly affects her posterity. Therefore, beautiful Belarus singles look for independent and intelligent gentlemen overseas because it is all about the mentality.


Why do foreigners find these ladies not just charming?


Here you go with some more typical traits of a single girl from Belarus that attract males:


  • Beauty


She is just adorable with all these typical Slavic features reflected in her appearances like green eyes and brown hairs, pale skin, often with freckles, and long legs.  


  • Family


She knows and honors her roots, having solid tights with all family members, starting with her father and ending with a great uncle.


  • Hospitality


She is a good chef as Belarusian cuisine is quite a mix of Russian and Ukrainian, making it a curious phenomenon that you must check.


  • Fidget


She can hardly tolerate solitude, so if your adventurous streak is driving you mad sometimes — think about dating Belarus women with the same problem.  


Where to meet Belarus single ladies?


Marrying a woman from Belarus is not a riddle if you search for the right time and place. First, select some high-profile dating services like GoDateNow to look through the sexiest chics in the Girls’ online gallery — thousands of vetted profiles to check. Then, just take your time, and be wise with your decision, whatever it costs.




Most Belarus dating sites are phony, according to estimates generously delivered on trusted dating review sites. Nevertheless, you will get a blue chip if you approach the issue professionally, leaving it to a professional matchmaking service. Unfortunately, Belarus is among the poorest European countries, with thousands of magnificent and deserving women who just want to leave it for good.



Albert Johnson
Albert Johnson
Birmingham, UK
Embarking on international dating was quite challenging for me. However, I was so interested in meeting women from Eastern Europe that I overcame my shyness and registered on this site. It was a nice surprise for me that my Ukrainian matches have a good command of English. They are very nice to talk to, and I feel quite confident communicating with them.
Michael Schmitt
Michael Schmitt
Hamburg, Germany
When something new knocks at your door, let it in. Being guided by this principle, I gave this online dating a try and I'm grateful it appeared in my life. I feel that I can find the right woman here, and I'm actively corresponding with lots of girls.
Hugo Nilsson
Hugo Nilsson
Stockholm, Sweden
I once traveled to Ukraine and I can say for sure those girls are gorgeous. That was a short business trip, so I didn't have enough time for romantic acquaintances. Two years later I came across this site and thought it was my chance to finally get to know some Ukrainian beauties better. I've already found several interesting girls, and I'm planning my next trip.
Osman Aksoy
Osman Aksoy
Ankara, Turkey
A thought that the country with the most beautiful women is just across the sea didn't let me sleep. I decided to meet some Ukrainian beauties remotely, before going to their country. This is how I met Tanya, my current girlfriend and love of my life.
Jamie Wilinsky
Jamie Wilinsky
Montreal, Canada
I'm in search of a serious relationship and want to land that special someone. I want my future life partner to be Ukrainian, because I know that women from this country are special. My grandmother was born in Ukraine and she is a wonderful woman. I've chatted with several girls through this site, and they seem like good matches for me.
Artur Bisset
Artur Bisset
Lyon, France
Guys, take my advice: don't waste your time trying to meet Slavic girls on Facebook. Most girls I approached were either not interested or already in a relationship. On dating sites, everything is different. You know that all girls here are single and open to flirting and communication.

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