How to use chocolate to revive your relationship


How to use chocolate in bed Chocolate is often referred to as an aphrodisiac and is believed to aid in arousal. In addition, you can combine business with pleasure and use chocolate in your intimate games. This can be a very intriguing experience that will help ignite the fire of passion.

Chocolate and love

Chocolate acts in a special way on the body; let's take a closer look at the physiological changes. To the genitals of a woman, blood begins to flow faster. The secretion of the vagina, secreted by the lubricant, begins to work more intensively. The mammary glands swell, and the nipples harden. Breathing and heartbeat increase. Thus the woman begins to want to make love. You can use chocolate as a date food to get your partner a little relaxed and aroused. If your partner has problems with sex, then after she tastes spice chocolate, you can forget about them. The girl is liberated, tightness and complexes recede, and frigidity evaporates. If before that a man could not deliver sexual satisfaction to his lady, now he can do anything for her, and she will not forget this night. Of course, after such an effect, the mood of both parties will improve.

How much chocolate for love does it take to feel its effect? It all depends on the lady herself, that is, on her libido and weight. It is enough for some to treat themselves to a couple of slices of the product, while others need at least half of the tile. The main thing is not to put pressure on anyone and let them enjoy themselves.

How to use chocolate to revive your relationship

Constituent Ingredients

Chocolate body paint is based on natural ingredients; they do not cause harm. There are no side effects from using it, apart from the fact that you will want it again and again because the quality of sex will become much higher. And the main thing is to bring new emotions into the process.

The composition includes natural cocoa, extracts from plants that have been used since ancient times to increase sexual desire. There are substances of plant origin that have a calming effect on the body. A person relaxes and becomes less irritable and aggressive; problems fade into the background. Therefore, the girl is liberated and can get the most out of a night of love with you. The product is saturated with minerals and vitamins that restore strength after violent lovemaking. Also, romantic chocolate is fat-free, so your girlfriend should not worry about future problems with her figure. Exciting chocolate has the same taste as a regular treat, so no woman will suspect a forgery. Alcoholic drinks do not affect the action of substances; they are fully compatible with them.

Chocolate couples

You may be wondering how to consume chocolate the right way. There are no specific instructions for using the product.

It is best to start eating chocolate 30 minutes before the intended sex. During this time, the substances will penetrate the blood, the action will reach a maximum, and your partner will just begin to get excited. To get a hundred percent maximum effect, do not wait long after eating chocolate. The action lasts about an hour.

Manufacturers recommend feeding your partner exciting chocolate regularly. The fact is that substances have a cumulative effect, and every day a woman will become more and more passionate.

Expert opinion

Experts believe that if a romantic couple eats melted chocolate, then this only helps their relationship. This product has no side effects and can even be used with alcohol and medications. Experts believe that the product is harmless, even useful. Thanks to a seemingly simple chocolate bar, frigidity can be overcome, and a man will not even think about cheating.

Sexologists and family therapists claim that the use of chocolate in bed can save a marriage. Partners again begin to feel sexual attraction to each other and passion, which is the basis of the relationship. Substances included in the composition soothe the nervous system. The couple swears less on a household and financial basis; depression passes, and they are well together again. If you haven't tried the exciting chocolate yet, be sure to taste the bar. Hundreds of reviews on the Internet claim that it is really worth it.

Sexy chocolate day

If you want variety in sex, then you can use liquid chocolate for romance. Taste and taste like gourmet dishes in a restaurant. By the way, no one forbids you to combine food and sex - so you get new sensations and experiences. After all, the erotic licking of chocolate from the lips or the scattering of berries on the stomach can be not only in the movies. Realize delicious fantasies in your own bedroom.

However, not all women like to use food in sexual games. Many simply disdain and frown at the sight of dirty laundry or dried drops of juice on the skin. But some couples like this sex in the truest sense of the word.

  • Choosing the right food. For games in bed, choose products that are low-fat, free of strong odors, not too exotic, and easy to clean from bed and body. Fish or fried chicken is hardly suitable for sex, but fruits, berries, and bananas are just right.

  • Sex service. It is advisable to prepare food in advance - unpack and wash, if necessary, clean and cut into small pieces or slices. Getting your hands dirty on an unwashed apple or stuffing yourself with a whole bar of chocolate is not the best pleasure during the game.

  • Refresh yourself in advance. It is very difficult to eat and have sex at the same time, especially if you are a lover of non-standard and difficult positions. If you are both hungry, it is better to fill up in advance, for example, during a romantic dinner, and not in the bed itself. But in sex, food can be an addition and props, but by no means an end in itself.

  • Berry sex. Berries are considered suitable companions for foreplay and sex itself: strawberries, cherries, grapes. Perhaps, for the sake of such sex, you will have to sacrifice a sheet because berry juice is not so easy to wash off. But the sensations will be indescribably bright, juicy, and summery. After all, it is not for nothing that the sex symbol is a strawberry.

  • Sexy whipped cream. Whipped cream is very intriguing, sexy, and delicious. They give immense freedom to your imagination and are very popular with many couples. The only warning is that you should not use this dairy product in too hot weather because the cream can quickly deteriorate and give an unpleasant odor.

  • Exciting melted chocolate on the body. But chocolate for the summer heat is a very suitable prop. Especially if you both have a sweet tooth, even a small piece of melting milk chocolate can achieve such an unprecedented passion and sweet adventure that both of you will remember this sex for a long time.

  • Sex and ice. It is best to put a cherished mold with ice cubes in the refrigerator on the eve of a romantic night. Cold touches on your body will make you cheer up and experience true pleasure with renewed vigor even after several hours spent together in bed. Just do not overdo it with ice in the heat so as not to catch a cold.

  • Drunk sex. One of the most popular products during sex is alcohol. A small dose of it can remove all kinds of blocks and complexes from both partners, releasing the most secret and cherished desires outward. A glass of wine or a glass of a cocktail helps to relax, unwind and get cherished pleasure much faster and easier. But be very careful: alcohol is tricky, and too much of your dose can turn sex from a holiday into a complete failure.

Chocolate is love

After a series of studies, scientists came to the conclusion that chocolate helps in personal life and sex. In addition, it is able to enhance sexual desire; this is due to the high content delicacy of a substance called a peptide, which promotes sexual activity. And all because the action of the peptide resembles the action of sildenafil, better known as Viagra.

The experiment involved 5,000 couples whose marriage was on the verge of divorce. At the time of the study, their satisfaction with their sexual life was close to zero. For several weeks, the participants added regular dark chocolate to their diet.

As a result, it turned out that chocolate can increase libido in addition to improving mood. The taste of chocolate and even the smell of it set the brain on sexual activity. The participants in the experiment soon saw favorable changes in their intimate life. Sexual attraction increased significantly, and relationships improved.

So you can even use plain chocolate to increase your sexual satisfaction with your partner.

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