Blonde Hair Girl


Blonde Hair Girl

At least once in their lives, almost everyone has dreamt of going on a date with a blonde beauty. But in our world, there has long been a stereotype that blondes are stupid and frivolous. And the most important representative of blondes was Marilyn Monroe, which only the lazy or those who do not like sexy blonde women haven’t heard of. This girl became an icon. She appeared as a frivolous girl, greedy for money in her film roles. In fact, a smart and cunning woman was hiding under her mask. No wonder they say that beauty is a terrible  force on Girls’ online gallery.

So we can conclude that hair color has nothing to do with how smart a girl is. Therefore, feel free to think about dating blonde girls and inviting a beauty on a date if this is exactly the type that you like!

Things To Remember if You Like Blondes

Remember the most important rules that completely destroy all existing stereotypes about hot blonde females before checking out GoDateNow.

  1. They are not stupid. Most of them have PhDs and hold senior positions. Hair color does not determine the mental abilities of a person.
  2. They're not just for sex. No female should be considered by you as a sexual object for your carnal pleasures and secret desires.
  3. They don't hunt for your money. As we mentioned above, many women with blond hair work and get good money, thereby not depriving themselves of anything. After all, their beautiful appearance must be maintained by various procedures and care products for the skin of their face and body, as well as to maintain luxurious hair color.
  4. They are the same ordinary people. They can pay for their drinks and solve their problems. They do not need the constant attention of men to feel needed, beautiful, and valuable. These hot girls with blonde hair are self-sufficient and can stand up for themselves.

Why Are Men Afraid to Start a Relationship With a Blonde?

You can hear how often guys are advised not to start a relationship with that girl who is much more beautiful. Some say it out of concern that they don't look like a beauty and the beast together, while others are trying to warn. But what should you beware of when dating a natural blonde?

The fact is that both boys and girls are often staring at such sexy beauties, so the risk of becoming jealous and testing your nerves is very high. You may start to doubt yourself and think that you are not good enough for her or that she is only dating you for money or status. If you feel true love between you, then no one should interfere with your happiness.

What Blondes Are in Our Time

  1. Beautiful. Hot blond women are very concerned about their health, appearance, and clothing style. They like to please themselves with new purchases and follow the latest trends in the fashion world. Luxurious, beautiful hairstyles, clothes, and cosmetics give them happiness and confidence in their appearance, so they work hard and study hard to afford everything they want.
  2. Sexy. They know their nature and what is incredibly sexy and attractive. This is part of their essence, they radiate feminine energy very strongly and thus catch the glances of all passers-by. Once you get to know them, men simply lose their heads.
  3. Independent. All your desires must be able to be provided for. Therefore, they do not always choose to ride on the men’s backs.
  4. Smart. As we have said, intelligence does not depend on hair color. They do well in school, graduate with excellent grades, and then land their dream job.

Jokes about Blondes

Society has come up with a lot of stupid and stereotypical jokes and anecdotes. Your acquaintances or "friends," seeing you arm in arm with a hot blonde lady, may involuntarily start to play a trick on you. This can be very insulting, but you need to put the offenders in their place in time and show that you can’t talk to your girlfriend like that. Such jokes can hurt and offend her very much.

Why do gentlemen prefWhy do gentlemen prefer blondes?

The incredibly popular film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, tells us that blondes still do not cause a sense of danger in men. Since men want to be the protector of their passion, blondes are most suitable for this role.

Because brown haired business woman is unlikely to allow a man to take full responsibility.

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