Green Eyes Girl


Green Eyes Girl

Crazy about green eyes? Let's get to know them better!

Facts about green-eyed people

Green eyes are the rarest worldwide, as only 4% of people on the planet have this eye shade. You can meet most of them (about 80%) in Holland and Iceland, even though it is not a race sign — the other 20% are spread worldwide and can be noticed all over the nations, including Asian and African people.

This shade is never innate, which is connected that the green color in the iris are consisted of yellow and brown, and due to the refraction of light, it becomes precisely green.

Green-eyed personality highlights

A beautiful green-eyed girl may have two surprisingly intertwined extremes: wiseness and puerility. They tend to be rebellious and able to take risks for the chance to try or learn something new.

They are passionate

A woman with green eyes is led by desire and intuition in everything she does. She is sincere and a good listener. She falls in love deeply and emotionally.

They are creative

Sexy girls with green eyes have a unique look, so, unsurprisingly, actresses and models with green eyes are highly popular. Also, green-eyed people have an incredible imagination and gush with bright ideas and solutions. Their thought process is unique and unlike any other, and they often find themselves in creative professions.

Nothing inflames them like jealousy

Pretty girls with green eyes may turn into a monster in a fit of jealousy and do something that will alienate close people from themselves. So, it's better not to give them any occasion to feel betrayed.

How to meet a green-eyed girl

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