Get your crush to notice you


Sometimes we find it tough to communicate love, appreciation, infatuation, and even attention. But why is it so hard to come and approach your crush? The reason might be the fear of rejection, shyness, and overall numbness.

Indeed, talking about your feelings is much more complicated than a “man meet woman” situation. Sometimes it is not enough to get noticed. All you need is proper attention, mutual interest, and genuine care from your crush. But how to approach her if she seems unavailable? How to get your crush to notice you without talking?

how to get your crush to notice you

Get crush to notice you - mission possible

Guys find it harder to approach a girl, even though everyone thinks it is a mundane thing to do. Why? Well, men are tough when it comes to communication. Because of certain stereotypes, being overly attached is often viewed as being “a simp.” Again, there is nothing wrong in admiring a woman, get her bags, give her a helping hand, and so on. But how to get your crush to notice you if you don’t even talk?

Why is it so hard to get crush to notice you? Another reason for it can be your own self-consciousness. We don’t know our self-worth, that is why talking to someone “elevated” can be complicated. A girl might be equally shy and confused, yet you manage to create a God ouf of her and worship her. It is a good start for a relationship to realize a potential partner’s worth. But once you realize that all people are equal in their brilliance, you will get that you have a chance, too.

What prevents you from getting your crush to notice you?

Even if you take care of yourself, it is confusing to get your crush to notice you. Why? There are several reasons as to why you don’t know how to make your crush notice you. Believe it or not, but most people are in the dark when it comes to relationships or a courting stage. So hold tight.

1. You don’t let yourself shine

Do you like to hide behind someone else’s back? No wonder your crush doesn’t notice you. Since you don’t upload any photos or update your bio, you won’t know how to make your crush notice you on Instagram. If you continue hiding your neck in the sand, don’t be mad at a crush for not having psychic abilities. Beware of developing a “nice guy syndrome” when you think that women only choose jerks who neglect them. Girls willingly choose the brightest tool in the shed, so stop hating on cocky men and learn how to become one.

2. You are too cautious

She might be a priceless princess, but it all comes down to an idea of being self-confident. Women who sense your weaknesses get bored too easily. If you want to impress her, cool down and take it down a notch with the seriousness grade. The more you avoid saying the wrong things, the more you end up not saying anything. It all comes down to the first part, which says: let yourself shine!how do you get your crush to notice you

3. You are in the blues

Being a sad loner may be romantic for some ladies, but if you are prepared to be defeated and put on a gloomy face, no wonder she doesn’t notice you. And even if she does, pity is not the best ground for a new relationship. If you don’t know how to make your crush notice you if you’re shy, start having positive vibes. It will be better for you, and then beneficial for a relationship.

4. You don’t show any signs of interest

Being a tough guy is reasonable if you want to show your manly side to a girl. But what if you have a dull facial expression which tells her nothing? What if you try to help her out, and she thinks it’s common courtesy? Don’t you want to express some more emotions, being more energetic and assertive?

5. You play easy to get

Of course, breadcrubming is not the best way to win over a partner, but being too direct and naughty won’t do the trick either. If you are constantly all over your crush, serving them, slaving over their needs, this will not make her infatuated. In fact, you might fall into the pit of being just “a good boy.”

How to make your crush notice you on social media?

If you want to learn how to make crush notice you without having a million subscribers, follow these direct steps:

1. Upload more photos

You can’t stay anonymous and lurk your crush. This is at least invasive and at most creepy. If you want to stalk your crush on social media, make your public appearance. Upload an attractive photo where she can see your face and your body. Pose nice, catch a good lighting. Do not be afraid to show the best aspects of your life. Take photos with your friends, family, pets to reveal your social life. Capture your hobbies and fun moments.

2. Use your writing skills

If you want to catch your crush’s attention, don’t hesitate to write more about yourself. Even if you have the best photos, they might be confusing without a caption. Try to come up with funny ideas if you want to know how to get crush to notice you.

3. Like her posts

If you want to be in the lucky group of noticed people, you have to stay active. Like her posts every time she drops a new photo. Make sure you are one of the first people to double tap her post. Because we pay attention to first likes on the photo, chances are, she might check your account.

4. Add her as a friend, follow or subscribe

If you want to know how to capture her attention, never stay a faceless ghost who lurks and silently looks at her posts. Become a friend. Follow the girl on Instagram, subscribe to her posts, or add her as a friend on Facebook. Chances are, she might notice a friendly newcomer and at least check your page.

5. Text her

The most direct, yet the best method to get noticed by the girl you like. If you want to get on her good side, just text something pleasant. Compliment her appearance, creativity; confess that you found her post meaningful and relatable. Start a conversation.

How can your crush notice you in everyday life

How do you get your crush to notice you? There are many ways to get any girl’s attention in real life, but only if you live in close proximity.

1. Become a helping hand

If you know where your crush lives and happen to share the same neighborhood, drop by to help her out with groceries, garage, or car. It doesn’t mean that you have to stalk her. Just be that merry boy next door who is ready to lend a helping hand, have a walk, and drop by anytime she needs you (but remember about dignity.)how to make your crush notice you

2. Become friends with her

People who revolve in the same social circles get more chances to form a couple within this group. If you happen to know her friends, it would be easier for you to join their friend circle rather than talking to her directly. Then you can gradually get to know her better, being a close pal and talking on various fascinating topics.

3. Learn what she likes

If you know her in real life, it would be easier to start a conversation. Remember to dig some information on her likes and dislikes, show her some respect for her skills, confess that you never tried a particular hobby, and admit that you would like to do it together. Try not to overpower her in her interests. Instead, be smart enough to maintain a conversation but clueless enough always to learn more.

4. Glow up

Even if you are a natural stunner, boost your confidence by glowing up. Go to the barbershop, change your style, come up with a new outfit, work on your posture. Do everything to feel better as you are. Do not look at other peoples’ reactions. Once you start respecting yourself enough, her presence in your life will be a matter of time.

5. Smile and flirt

Women love confident men. Even if confidence is not your strength, fake it till you make it. Try to be a real gentleman by smiling at her, providing help, and overall being an irresistible human being. Once you show her that you can be a good husband material, she will look at you with all seriousness.

How can your crush notice you? It is a question that doesn’t work in theory. If you want to know how to win over her heart, you need to shoot your shot, step out of your comfort zone and approach her at last. Fear of rejection will get you nowhere. What if it doesn’t happen? Oh, but what if it does!

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I had a crush in a high school, she didn't pay attention to me no matter what I did. I paid a lot of attention to her, but after vain attempts, I just gave up. 10 years later, after graduation, we met by chance in my hometown, she has changed a lot, like me. I told her that I was in love with her, she replied that if I were not so intrusive, she would "submit" to me, but I ruined everything. So guys, be a little colder to your crush.
04.11.2020 12:02
Strong friendship and respect for a girl is perhaps the most important step towards winning the girl you are in love with. You shouldn't do crazy feats, just let everything go on as usual.
04.11.2020 12:03

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