How to End a Date the Right Way: Professional Advice


The first dates are overwhelming and stressful at the same time. No matter whether you met your partner online or have been friends for some time. The first days always feel new and refreshing. Also, give you plenty of reasons to feel worried. What if she won't like you? What if something goes wrong? One article is not enough to cover all those questions. For this very reason, today, we decided to cover only one of them. Today, we are going to discuss possible ways of ending dates and will share with you our opinion on how to end a date in the right way.

Often people underestimate the true importance of this and don't pay enough attention to ways to end the first date. In the meantime, this is one of the most important things. You see, no matter how was your date, you must be able to send the right signals to your partner. For example, if everything went well, then you must show her that you did enjoy your date. In turn, what if your date went bad, then you need to send her special signals that you don't want to repeat it. Don't worry, mastering this skill is not harder than finding women online.

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Ending the first date the right way: why it's important

So, why it is so important to keep in mind at least a couple of great ways to end a date? As we have already said, this is all about sending the right signals to your dating partner. According to statistics, approximately eight times out of ten, people feel awkward or even miserable, when they need to end their dates. Quite often, this makes people make their first dates much longer that necessarily. Thus, they may spoil the quality of their dates, even if everything was very good. One must know when it is time to end even the best dates. When it comes to dates, longer is no better. Things get even more complicated when you see some of those red flags in dating, but have no idea how to end a date early without insulting your partner. Consequently, people often count seconds until they can officially leave the date to never call their new partners again. Also, as we have mentioned before, if you have no idea what to say at the end of a date, then you may make your partner believe that you didn't enjoy your date and don't want to meet them again. In this case, you will spend a lot of time to explain to them that everything is great.

How do you end the first date? Do you walk her home? Maybe you call her a cab? And what do you say to her? Do you confess that everything was just awesome? All those things matter a lot. Remember, girls, are very attentive to all those small moments. Rest assured, she will spend hours thinking whether those were hints from you or just peculiarities of your behavior. Therefore, you must learn how to end date well to make sure that you both understood each other's attitudes towards your first date.

The next-level science of ending a date

Ending a date is a real art, but it doesn't mean that you can't master it. Remember, you are not the only one who feels uncomfortable when he or she needs to end the first date. And those people who already possess this skill are no Gods, are just people like you or me. With the only difference that they know small tricks and hints which help them when it comes to ending the first date. So, we have collected a whole bunch of things to do at the end of a first date in the right way, to make them understand your real feelings.

1. Set time

I bet you already know that your first date should be rather short. You see, the first date puts high pressure on you both, and there is no point in teasing each other a lot. This is why we recommend you to set specific times for your planned activities before the beginning of your first date. Thus, you will ensure that you both have approximately the same expectations on how long your date is going to last. In this case, at the end of your date, just hug him or her and agree when and how you will contact the next time.

2. Simple honesty always works

This one is especially true if you liked or didn't like your first date. For example, don't promise to call her if your first date was a real nightmare and you don't plan to call her. In dating, being genuine matters a lot. Don't leave your new partner hanging emotionally without understanding your true feelings and emotions. If you liked everything, then tell them about it. In tur, if the situation is quite the opposite, then honestly say that this is not what you have expected, and you are not ready to move further.

3. Backup transportation

On your first three dates, it is better if you both have your own means of transportation. Imagine, no matter what you are going to say to your partner, you still won't be able to normally end your date, because you still will have to use the same transport to get home. This will prolong your date and will create more toxic and awkward moments between you. Your own transportation will allow you both to end your date as soon as you want to, without undesired tension or the potential possibility of spoiling everything.

4. Be funny and casualhow to end a date with a kiss

It may sound like a very hard task, but it is not as hard as it seems to. By keeping your whole date relaxed and fun, you will easily avoid discomfort at the end of your date. Also, your casual but serious approach to your date will help your partner to relax. Thus, you both will enjoy your date much more due to the perfect environment and atmosphere filled with romance instead of tension. At the same time, your or your partner's change in the mood should indicate that something went wrong, and the date is no longer pleasant.

5. Suggest a new activity

Here is one of the wittiest ways to end the first date. When you feel that a date slowly comes to an end, you should make a small suggestion. This is an especially great approach if you are a guy who is expected to be the leader in a relationship. For example, you can ask whether she wants to share a cup of coffee with you. If she is having a pleasant time with you, then she will definitely agree to prolong your first date a little bit longer. In turn, if she is in a hurry or just wants to put this to en end, she will make another suggestion that it is better to meet another time. In any case, you will end your date without any awareness.

6. Don’t make them stay

Sometimes, your dating partner may offer you to end your date much earlier than you both planned. Don't worry, because there can be plenty of reasons for this, and not all of them are necessarily bad. For example, she may have some unexpected problems, and she doesn't want to share them with you. When you see that she wants or even tells you that she needs to go, don't push her to stay. Don't say something like: "Please, stay for me for a little bit longer." Instead, honestly tell her that this is very unexpected and that you would like to see her again. Then, look at her reaction.

7. Express gratitude

Want to feel like a winner after your first day with a girl? Just don't forget to express your gratitude for everything. Your gratitude should come way beyond financial matters. Gratitude is the best way to end the date, no matter whether the date itself was good or bad. Such a simple gesture as small gratitude at the end of the date can go a very long way. Consequently, even if everything was pretty bad, and you don't want to meet this person ever again, gratitude still is a very nice way to end your date. Remember, there is no point in making other people hate you.

8. Body language matters a lot

Want to know how to end a date with a kiss? Sometimes, you have many different options to end your date. For example, everything may seem well, but is it all good enough for you to kiss her at the end of the date? This is when your skills of reading people's body language may come in handy and help you a great deal. Here is a simple example, if she often tries to touch you and lingers when you hug, this means that she is ready for a small kiss. If you receive such signals from her, then feel free to move your relationship forward at a comfortable for both of your paces.

9. Make plans for the next date

One of the best ways to end the first date while receiving a clue on how your new partner feels about you is to make plans for your future date. Thus, if she agrees to have a second date with you, and even makes her own suggestions, then it should be clear that she is into you. In this case, you will spend the final moments of your first date setting up your second one. Also, it may be a good idea to end your date with a gentle kiss. In turn, if she refuses you, even in the gentlest form possible, it should be a signal that you shouldn't plan anything more than ending a date with a handshake and never seeing her again.

10. Be respectful and kind

In the case when your date wasn't what you have expected, and you don't want to see your new partner again, you should never insult other people. Even if you have caught yourself counting time until the end of your date, and would enjoy to honestly tell her how you feel about this time. Remember, she may honestly like you, and by directly attacking her, you will plant seeds of doubt and complexes in her. Just tell her that you have expected something else from your date, but it turned out that you have too many differences.

What to say at the end of a date to a girl

We may discuss many different approaches to end the date, but we believe that even the best approach and tactic won't work if you don't know what to say to your partner. Sometimes one short phrase can make much more than you can do during your date. So, let's not waste time and get right to it.

1. “Call me when you get home”

By saying this, you are not pushing her to something. In fact, you show her that you care about her safety and well-being and that you want to keep in touch with her. Also, you will have a reason to text or give her a call to ask her whether is everything okay.

2. Wish her luck

Want to show her that you actually attentively listened to her? You only need to wish her luck with this. The moment you say your farewells, add something like "Good luck with (something that she has mentioned before). I believe in you." You will immediately see the positive changes in her mood.

3. “I appreciate your…”how to end a date

Recall something that she did to you and show your gratitude. For example, you can even say that you appreciate her company. When you say this, you don't elicit anything in response. Thus, she is not pushed or forced to anything, which is just great for the end of your first date. Also, this phrase can work as a compliment.

4. “Will you find a way home?”

This one is for cases when you decide to have the first date pretty far from your homes. This is a very simple way to both show your care and end your first dates with a little guidance and directions for her.

5. “Get your pet a kiss and hug for me”

Use this one, when your date was rather bad or very great, and you have established emotional connection, and understand jokes just fine. Works just fine in both cases.

6. “OH, my dog needs immediate treatment! I need to go home and hug it!”

After that, just run from her and never come back. Also, don't provide any explanations. Your date was bad, and there is no point in bringing those terrible emotions back.

7. “It was nice and I truly enjoyed…”

Remind her of something she did. This works both in the case of a good or bad date. In the former case, say it honestly and with a smile. In the latter case, make her understand that it was a sarcasm.

8. “To be honest, it was the worst date of my life”

Well, this may sound rather rude. But this could be the only way she can learn something.

9. “Want me to walk you home?”

This one will work just fine if your date was a real success and you both want to prolong it a little bit.

10. “I hope our next date will be no less fun”

A very simple yet effective way to let her know that you enjoyed time with her, and want even more.

How to end a date if something went wrong

This one is rather tricky because of too many variables. You see, first of all, everything depends on the fact whether you both understand that your date was a disaster. If you both have mixed feelings, then a simple and quick hug will work just fine. Of course, there is no need or point to call or text her tomorrow. The same works if she likes you, but you don't feel that dating her is your thing. In this case, you may not even need to hug her, but still, there is no point in being rude.

If you both understand that this date was very bad, then there is no point in hiding the truth from each other. You may just immediately agree to end your date, but the best option is to briefly share your opinions on why everything went to hell. Of course, you shouldn't start an argument with her and must remain calm. Thus, you both will know what to work on to improve your dating skills.

As you can see, dating is not a very simple thing. At the same time, the more dates with different partners you will have, the more experienced you will become. Your experience directly affects the level of your dating skills. Often, beginners in dating want to know how to interpret the end of a date hug? The truth is that even the most pleasant hug means nothing on its own. Hence you will need to analyze the whole pictures if you want to know how your new partner feels about the date.

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