The Power of Online Dating: Success Stories and Inspirational Couples


Online relationship stories began to gain momentum back in the 90s of the last century. They do not lose their relevance today. On the contrary, with the spread of the Internet and new technologies, interest in them is only growing. But how effective is online dating as a phenomenon? Do they really help millions of people find new friends or even love? Or is it just entertainment without many prospects?

The Power of Online Dating: Success Stories and Inspirational Couples

Online Dating Facts You Didn't Know

Modern statistics are really surprising:

  • every third person in the world at least once met someone online;

  • 48% of people use dating sites out of interest, 13% are looking for a serious relationship, the rest want to find new acquaintances;

  • one in ten is just looking for opportunities for sex;

  • 25% of users reveal their real name online, and every tenth tells about their place of residence;

  • 57% of users admit that they regularly do not agree on something about themselves; they do not give their real name, marital status, or place of residence.

People who meet online get married faster

Surprisingly but true: those who found each other on the Web are more likely to go to the altar. You can find many online dating success stories that confirm this. But those who met, for example, in a bar, entertainment center, or just on the street, are usually in no hurry.

Sociology names several reasons for this phenomenon. First, there are more options to choose from. A person can look through many options before starting a dialogue and starting a relationship with someone on the Internet.

Secondly, the abundance of information. Today, people on the Web (including dating sites) talk a lot about themselves. In just a few minutes, you can find out what a person is fond of, where he lives and works, his education, and his marital status. 

About 17% of modern marriages begin with online dating

The Institute for Brain Research reports that one in six successes of online dating starts online today. And it is expected that this number will only grow in the future. There are about 8,000 dating sites in the world, and new ones appear regularly.

People are really looking for a serious relationship. So, about 80% of Tinder users report using the application to get married or at least find a long-term relationship.

Marriages of those who met online are stronger

It's unexpected, but among couples who met offline, there are more divorces during the first year. Using data from the National Academy of Sciences in 2013, researchers found that online marriages are stronger. In addition, the researchers emphasized that online dating contributed to a significant increase in the number of interracial marriages. This is also confirmed by match success stories.

Couples who met online are happier in relationships

According to surveys, online couples have stronger marriages and are more satisfied with their partners. Of course, the way you meet is only one factor. But its significance is quite high.

It's no secret that apps are one of the most popular dating sites in the world. But the numbers are really amazing. Already in 2000, about 30 million people registered with them. To date, apps report about 2 million couples who have met and started a relationship.

Apps and dating sites form about 500 couples every day, many of which reach marriage. And this number also continues to increase every year; we learn about it thanks to dating app success stories.

And some more interesting statistics

As of early 2020, we are seeing the following:

  • Tinder ranks first among non-gaming apps in terms of revenue;

  • 75% of people said they were satisfied with an actual meeting after online dating;

  • only 3 out of 10 people meet a new online acquaintance within the first three months.

The statistics look interesting in the context of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic:

  • due to quarantine measures and the need to stay at home, we are seeing a surge in online dating activity around the world;

  • 60% of people surveyed were using dating apps and websites before the outbreak;

  • 82% of singles communicate online, not being able to contact others live;

In this situation, we can confidently say that dating sites have become a real salvation for many. People continue to get acquainted here and do it more actively than ever. This trend is likely to continue in the coming months and even years. After all, we spend more and more time on the Internet. In addition, we learn more and more new online love stories from the Internet.

You don’t need to correspond and communicate online for years

Yes, it's scary to meet a stranger face to face, but this first step is necessary. After all, the longer you flirt in the virtual space, the blurrier the image of a potential friend or partner becomes. It just turns on the fantasy; the imagination begins to work. 

As soon as you realize you want to transfer communication to another category, do not hesitate to make an appointment for an actual meeting. Nothing threatens you. You can always bow out and look for a new candidate on a dating site.

You can register GoDateNow here; you will find a potential partner and possibly a friend. Here you can start chatting with people from different countries, which increases your chances of meeting the right person. In this way, you can save time and at the same time meet a person from another country who shares your interests. Meet a girl in the Girls online gallery. And in Our Dating Blog, you can learn more about online dating and communication, as well as how you can build healthy relationships even at a distance.

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