Do Ukrainian Women Like American Guys?


Yes. Ukrainian girls like Americans. Many of them dream of relationships with a perfect American man. Ukrainian women have to work hard to support their families, raise children, and help their parents. They are tired of paying bills. Ukrainian women dream to have a rest, sleep, do nothing, and do not think where to get money and how to live tomorrow. And such desires are really fair. They believe that American men are able to bring all that things to life.

Ukrainian women like Americans for some special reasons and soon we will talk about them. Since the time of Iron Curtain, these women knew that in America life is better, brighter, and more interesting. They are eager for it until now, although the times have changed quite a lot.


Introduction: the Influence of the American Culture on Ukrainians

Since the disappearance of such country as the USSR, the world has changed significantly. It is no exaggeration to say that America has become the source of many changes. Lifestyle, moral values, culture – today there are few or no countries where the American way of life is unfamiliar to people. Someone accepts it, strives for it, but somewhere it is hated and considered the highest manifestation of evil. We confidently say that in Ukraine it is accepted and Ukrainian girls date Americans without any problems.

The social status of women and even their mentality have changed under the strong influence of American culture. Ukrainians took all the best from feminists, learned from American women to think freely and live the way their heart tells them but not as it is dictated by the government from the TV screen or by a tyrant husband. This is a giant step towards personal happiness for the beautiful half of the Ukrainian nation.

While even a couple of decades ago Ukrainian girls were closed persons, not particularly interested in fashion and what we call pop culture (in the good sense of this definition), today things are completely different. The world has learned how beautiful Ukrainian women are. Men learned that Ukrainian girls are desired and excellent life partners and all these things gave Ukrainians confidence. It can be said that most of these beautiful girls perfectly fit into the American way of life. This has been proved in practice by a huge number of Ukrainian women who date American men.

In conclusion, we can describe a general portrait of a modern Ukrainian girl: she is beautiful and she takes care of her appearance; she is free in spirit but at the same time preserves family values; she follows the trends of American and world culture; she dreams of love and a worthy life. We can write even more epithets and get straight to the point but why? We think that everything is clear with dating Ukrainian women to you now.

Are Ukrainian Women Into Americans?

This is a rhetorical question of course. After all, the popularity of American men among Slavic women (in particular among Ukrainians, Russians, and Belarusians) became a powerful informational sensation at one time. Serious and large-scale sociological, statistical, and psychological researches were conducted on this topic. We will not go into details because the answer to the questions why Ukrainian women dream of American guys for dating and why foreigners are so popular among these girls is obvious. You just need to be careful to see it:


1. American men live ... in America! And America is a country of possibilities. Absolutely for all. Beautiful movies, where the main characters come to the United States without a penny in their pockets and then live the life they dreamed of, created a certain image in the minds of Ukrainian girls. And most of them follow this image because it is their dream. So, we can say that dating Ukrainian girls means to fulfill the dreams in some sense.

2. Ukrainian men cannot make their lives better. Or it would be more appropriate to say that they simply do not try. This is a specific feature of the mentality that has been formed for decades. Why is it so? We don`t know. Ukrainian women dating is full of surprises (and most of them are pleasant).

3. American men are always in trend. Ukrainian girls are very active, they like to get new experiences and feel modern. And who can create all these conditions around them in exchange for sincere love and respect? As it turned out, American men can.

4. Men respect women in the US. You know, many say that they respect and appreciate the beautiful half of humanity. But these words often remain only words, nothing more. In America, things are very different. The word "respect" has a huge weight here. And respect for women is a must for a real American man, is it not?

Here are four main reasons why Ukrainian women are into Americans. Agree that these are very weighty reasons. Americans have become a positive example for a huge number of girls, so there is no other way than match this wonderful portrait!

How Can an American Man Find and Meet a Ukrainian Girl

Today it is not a problem at all. There are several effective ways to find girls from Ukraine tested by time and experience of thousands of men. So here's what we offer:

1. Travel. Ukrainian women can be found almost anywhere in the world because they are very fond of visiting new places. But your chances of meeting a girl will increase greatly if you go to Greece, Turkey, Egypt, or Italy. There are many resorts where Ukrainian girls like to go on a vacation in these countries.

2. Visit Ukraine. Maybe it sounds trite, but hundreds of men have found their love in this way. You will have a unique opportunity to study the peculiarities of the mentality of girls in their familiar environment. In addition, you can avoid accidental contacts without the prospect of developing into something serious. This experience of communication is priceless.

3. Dating websites. It is difficult to find a dating site where there will not be Ukrainian women. It is very convenient for both sides: you can choose, freely communicate and not constraint yourself with obligations if you do not need it. In addition, it is the cheapest but very effective way to get acquainted with a Ukrainian woman. Thousands of men use it, so it's time to join!

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