Tips On How To Choose Between Two Women


How to choose between two girls? How many people live in two families and believe that this is better for everyone? A person always feels changes, and they certainly are. The other half has long known about treason and suffers inside but does not dare to put an end to it. As a result, a constant feeling of pain, depression, and broken self-esteem.

Now you prevent yourself and others from being truly happy, and you live in a constant state of stress. In this article, we will talk about choosing between two women.

How To Choose Between Two Women

How to choose between two women?

Most likely, you want to do the right thing and do the best for everyone. You take into account not only your desires and needs but also do not want to offend any of the ladies. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to find the right solution. They don't exist in life. Each of the proposed options will be true in some ways but wrong in some ways. It is impossible to know how your fate will turn in the future, and even more so, no one knows the other person.

Even if one of your women is pregnant and you are afraid to leave her with a small child, it is possible that by doing this, you will do the right thing. She will quickly find a worthy replacement, and this family will be much happier. It is likely that the girl, who always seemed strong, will go through a gap for a single year and do a lot of stupid things until the wounds heal. You have already made the best and right decision; namely, you wanted to stop torturing other people. Each of us deserves to belong to and possess one single person. If you love both, then you simply must allow each of them to realize the dream of a real family as long as you prevent it.

Also, let's put morality aside for a moment. One is tormented by jealousy or a desire to please, and the second hints that it is time to decide. Even if this is not happening now, in 2 months, the situation will change.

How to decide between two girls?

When happiness is at stake, and you have to make a choice between two people, then one of the most popular phrases that sound from guys is words about love, sympathy, and the inability to choose because both are good.

Each of the girls at this moment is of no value to a young man. No matter how strange it may sound! In psychology, it has long been proven that strong emotions and attachment to a person can only be directed to one object. Here, sexual desire can be for everyone you meet, and this is quite understandable by the sexual constitution or age. Love arises unconsciously. At this moment, there is no doubt that it is this person who can emotionally give all the necessary emotions and make him happy for many years to come. The prospect of choice in such a situation is due only to profit and calculation. In such a situation, there are guys who do not need either one or the other girl. They are just temporary fun, and he is a way for them to show who is more important.

When a man is torn between two women

How can a man make the right choice? The first thing that comes to mind is to start comparing. This is so stupid! You further humiliate your women. In addition, the information will not be accurate. Once you already know very well from all sides, the second is something unknown.

The girl who appeared second, while presenting to your attention only the best character traits, having lived with her for several months, she can still refuse to cook, she will even excite not so often. Passion will pass.

Basically, you are choosing between your old life and the unknown. You are not moving away from a woman but from the usual way of life. They say that between the two, you always need to choose the second; they say if everything were fine, then this would not have happened.

Some young men treat sex with strangers as an adventure and then become overly addicted. There is no family; a serious relationship also did not work out, and the guy did not calm down. He, like Columbus, is drawn to conquer. It is possible that he does not fully appreciate the woman who is next to him.

What if I'm in love with two girls at one time? Who to choose? No matter how trite it may sound. You already know who you will be with. Of the two options, you have already chosen a long time ago, and do not try to deceive yourself. You are definitely drawn to one of the ladies more than the other. You are just subconsciously trying to “fit” your decision to the concept of “correctness.” You delay because you are afraid of what will happen next.

Your brain protects its owner from a long, tedious and difficult process. First, a serious conversation, then calls and persuasion, a complete change in the usual way of life, loss. Breaking up is always difficult. However, you yourself want it.

Which girl should I choose?

  • You still can't always be with both girls. So, get the most out of every meeting.

  • Sometimes it's easier to say goodbye to both girls than to make the right choice that suits you yourself.

  • It's never too late to admit your mistake and return to the one you abandoned. This is life; there are no strict rules. All in your hands.

  • If you make a choice, then you will need to stop communicating with the other girl. And if you change your mind, it will be easier to return it.

  • You already know what you need to do. You are just afraid to accept this choice.

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