20 Ideas for Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend


Women love with ears – this is a truth that always appears relevant. No matter what a great boyfriend you are, your girlfriend will still want you to call her not only by the first name but also by an affectionate cute nickname. And today, we are going to tell you how to show originality and find the perfect cute, funny, or sexy word for addressing your beloved girl. So let's get started!

cute nicknames for girls

Can cute names to call your girlfriend be offensive?

All over the world, people give each other a variety of nicknames, especially if they are in a romantic relationship. According to some social studies, couples who call each other by cute pet names are happier than those who do not do it at all.

However, you should be careful with pet names for girls, as some nicknames can be offensive for your girlfriend. For example, many ladies are worried about being overweight, and words like "jam doughnut", "pot-bellied", "curvacious cutie", "hippo", “elephant figurine”, and so on can really hurt a woman's pride. Moreover, do not play with traits that may seem like flaws: there is a big difference between "neatnik" and "crazy aesthete". Also, do not use names of animals, comparison with which may offend a lady: your girlfriend will not be happy to hear that she is a "horse", "cow", "goat" or "pig".

Even if it is "horsie", "moo cow", "goatie" and "piggie".

How to choose cute nicknames for a girlfriend?

Choosing cute pet names for girls turns out to be a difficult task for a great number of guys, but in reality, everything is not as challenging as it may seem. First of all, you should consider some basic tips on how to choose a cute nickname for a lady.

Be sincere

To find the most suitable cute nickname, you need to know and understand your girlfriend well or at least sort out your feelings for her: it is these words that will turn out to be accurate and most pleasant for your beloved. Think about what has grabbed you in the girl when you first met or what quality you value in your loved one most of all. Such observation skills will surely keep her interested in you! To say more, the result will be sincere, and sincerity is the key to success in choosing cute pet names for a girlfriend.

Consider the principles of using words

There are some directions that can help you to find good nicknames for girls:

  • Temperament and character
  • Profession
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Similar characters: heroes of books and movies
  • Famous personalities
  • Hobbies and interests

In each of these categories (except for surnames), you can find both some general words that will be appropriate for any girl and more original ones that will suit only your chosen one.

Try to make a cute nickname from her initials

If all of the above ideas seem ridiculous or unoriginal to you, you can come up with a pet name that will fully reflect your girlfriend's personality – just try to make up a nickname based on the initials of her first and last name. For example, let's say your girlfriend's name is Kate Cyrus. The initial letters are pronounced like /keɪ/ and /siː/. Thus, Kate Cyrus turns into “Casey”. Such a nickname option is great even if you have met a single girl online just a little while ago!

Funny nicknames for girls

Funny pet names for a girlfriend usually appear by themselves: some funny stories happen to you, or there is some kind of constantly manifested character trait of a girl that provides incentives for the appearance of a nickname. But if you do not want to wait for the fitting occasion, choose an option from our list of funny nicknames for girls!nicknames for girlfriend

Little monkey

This is a funny nickname to call your girlfriend when you are larking around. But be careful with this expression as it can sound offensive. Just make sure your loved one is okay with it and understands that you say that only to have fun and not because she looks like a monkey.

Kit kat/lollipop

It seems like any word that denotes something sweet can be a pet name. Moreover, such a nickname is great for girls who like to pamper themselves with something sweet and delicious.


It is difficult to imagine something cuter than a little bunny. This is how people call each other in intimate relationships. Do you want this nickname to sound even more delicate? Call your beloved girlfriend “honey-bunny”.


Lala is Hawaiian for "joyful". Therefore, if your girlfriend is smiling, cheerful, and light-hearted, she will definitely like this nickname. Moreover, it suits girls with a good sense of humor.


This nickname suits women who always look happy. Do you just have to look at your beloved girlfriend and she charges you with positive energy? It means such a pet name is exactly what you need!

Sexy names to call a girl

Sexy pet names are also important for romantic relationships – they show your passion and trust for a girl you love. Therefore, take a look at the top 5 sexy nicknames for girls.


Hot is a very informal synonym for “sexy” and “attractive”. The word “hottie” may sound funny and cute between romantic partners, but if you address a stranger like that, you will be considered a presumptuous bounder who does not know how to flirt with ladies.


This affectionate nickname is great for a hot girlfriend who is not afraid to show her sexuality. In addition, such a lady loves to dominate and experiment in bed, so she will be pleased to hear that she is a tigress.

Hot Mama

This is one of the hottest things to call your girlfriend. The expression “Hot Mama” is often used when referring to an extremely sexy girl.


This word is very funny and cute, it is often used by loving couples in intimate relationships. In fact, “yummy” refers to a hot girl whom you want to kiss and hug as much as possible. Do you want to prove your beloved girlfriend that she is charming and extremely sexy? Call her yummy!

Tasty morsel

This is a nickname that excites the imagination and touches at the same time. Such a pet name can demonstrate your girlfriend how much you appreciate her. Also, it speaks for your sincere desire to enter into a sexual relationship with the girl you love.

Cute girlfriend nicknames

The list of phrases guys that use to call their girlfriends is almost endless. No one will ever count how many affectionate nicknames there are, and choosing the right word depends only on your imagination. If you want to win over a woman you like, you should know how to call her affectionately. So, familiarize yourself with the best cute nicknames for girls!


What could be sweeter than honey? Sometimes this word is shortened to “hon” or “hun”, and such addressing is not limited only to communication with your significant other – you can say “honey” to any person who is dear to you.cute girlfriend nicknames


Just imagine a prince or princess: this is a lovely young creature in pretty clothes, isn’t it? That is why couples in love often call each other in such a way. However, you should keep in mind that the word "princess" may have negative meaning – something like “what a princess!” (about a capricious, pampered girl). Therefore, be careful when using this word – watch out for context and your intonation!

Main Squeeze

This expression speaks for "my girlfriend" or "my boyfriend", that is, a person whom you squeeze in your arms most often. This is a very informal, slang expression that generally supposes “the most important person in my life”.


This is a good option of cute girlfriend nicknames for guys who are lucky to have a beloved girlfriend with a pleasant temperament and a gentle nature.


Bae is not a mangled abbreviation of the word “babe”, but an acronym for “Before Anyone Else”. This is a nickname that you should save for your beloved girlfriend or bestie – the closest friend.


This is perhaps the most commonly used cute pet name that is found here, there and everywhere. You can hear this word in almost every romantic movie and song in English (especially in the pop genre).

Sweetheart, sweetie

These affectionate pet names are good for a person you love and who is always nice and kind to you. Usually, they say about such people that they are easy to love.


This is one of the most common pet names, which means “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. In fact, it is a borrowed word from the French “beau”, which means “admirer”. The word “boo” is often found in the lyrics of popular love songs.


It is surprising but less than a century ago, “love” was typical British addressing to a stranger which was close in the meaning to "dear, darling." These days, the phrase “my love” is used exclusively in a romantic sense and even sounds a little pompous.

My lover

The possessive pronoun "my" gives words the meaning of belonging to something or someone. That is, this pet name characterizes your partner as the one and only. “My lover” is a quite deeper concept than the previous affectionate nicknames and it is usually used by loving couples who have already had sex.

There's nothing better than her own name

Words are the simplest and most accessible form of affection which is important for preserving warmth and intimacy between the lovers in any romantic relationship. But whatever nickname you call your girlfriend, there is nothing better than her own name. Even the great Dale Carnegie said: "A person's name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language."

The fact that people are pleased to hear their names has long been noticed by psychologists and successfully used as a win-win communication technique. After all, a person hears own name from childhood and firmly associates his or her personality with it – it includes appearance, spiritual and mental qualities, feelings, emotions, intelligence, skills, and abilities. Addressing by name implies special attention to a specific person, expression of your respect, and recognition of the importance and individuality of this person. In addition, own name evokes the most pleasant associations – with childhood, motherly love, recognition, spiritual comfort, and warm-heartedness.

Therefore, call your girlfriend by her name as often as possible, but at the same time, do not forget about cute nicknames. Taken together, this will make your love much stronger and passionate. Love and appreciate your girlfriends!

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cinic dominic
Never called my girls stupid names. Nothing replaces the name of your loved one. For them, this is the most pleasant thing that can be heard from the one they love, with whom they have been together for a long time. Moreover, I feel uncomfortable when they make up nicknames for me, because I myself do not call anyone with nicknames.
04.11.2020 12:00
When choosing a nickname for your girlfriend, you need to be careful. You never know what her ex called her, or she had a psychological trauma from school when she could be teased for her appearance. Imperishable classics: dear, dear, my love. I also love the nickname "flower".
04.11.2020 12:01

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