Signs when a woman loses interest in a man


Sometimes, it is very difficult to confess to your faults, especially if you should tell your woman about them. It is much easier to think that she is not your soulmate, and you will find the very person later. Of course, it can be the truth. However, if all the girls lose their interest in you after some period of time, then they are not a problem. Life and feelings do not always run parallel to each other. Sometimes, people subconsciously consider themselves to be players of different teams, and as a result, nobody succeeds in the end. You should take that into account and think about your experience of the relationship. There is still the possibility that your girlfriend is not a mentally unstable woman but a person you are not able to take care of on the right level. So, why do women lose interest in their husbands and in men in general?

why girls lose interest in guys

Why Modern Women Lose Interest in You: Honest Reasons

You lie. A lie stands in the first place because it can annoy and disappoint any girl. Why woman loses interest in husband? You can be a decent and loving person, you can provide for your family and have bright prospects. However, all these will not save you if you lie systematically. You think that you are too smart for your woman, but you will be surprised how much your lies are obvious. Things get heated, but you do not even notice that.

You don’t work. Why do women lose interest in men? There are such very lazy guys who are constantly looking for a job. It takes months or even years. You are a freeloader, who blames it on a bad economic situation in the country. However, the matter is not in the economic crisis and the lack of work opportunities. The fact is that you just do not want to work, you are lazy, and you haven’t matured yet. Usually, young couples face such a challenge, although adult lazy men are also not uncommon. It's not about money, it's about the fact that a girl will not be able to, even instinctively, rely on a man who is afraid of self-reliance.

You are inconsiderate. Sometimes, a girl needs you to listen to her. She can share with you some completely absurd problems, and the moment of such a talk is the worst for rolling your eyes upwards. You can, of course, imitate your interest in such a talk, but no good will come of it. However, if you are not interested in listening to your girlfriend, then why are you still together?

You are not ambitious. A man should be full of aspirations, be in motion, set an example for others, do something "big" in one way or another. John Lennon had Yoko, Stephen King has Tabitha, and you should have your own muse. Why girls lose interest in guys? Many women want to be someone's inspiration, and if you're one of those guys who do not need anything except a shelter and a piece of bread, then don’t be surprised that your woman can lose her interest in you.

You are immature. A woman cannot live long with a guy whom she does not respect. She will not respect you if you still have a lot of teenage or childhood habits. You can do stupid things in the company of your friends, you can start kissing her too intensively in a public place, but you don’t know how to satisfy her in sex. Why women lose interest in sex? They get tired of sex because it is just a process that doesn’t bring any pleasure either physically or spiritually. A long-term relationship requires maturity and a man’s skills to satisfy the woman.

You are unsure of yourself. This is a problem of modern men. This is a scourge of the generation. You should understand that your confidence is a guide for the two of you. It's up to you to cope with the problems, and it's up to you to take responsibility. Your girlfriend can say a thousand times that she does not want to have a dictator in her bed, but she wants a man for whom she will take responsibility to a lesser extent.

Signs She Is Losing Interest in You

Sometimes, people fall in love with each other so much that it is not clear how it has happened at all. And sometimes, you look at a person and realize that she is practically a stranger, and you have nothing to do with her. It can happen slowly, it can happen quickly, and it can happen quite insensibly. However, the result is obvious as well as signs that your girlfriend is losing interest. Sometimes, it happens that you are still in love, but she is not. You feel that something is wrong, but you cannot understand what it is exactly. So, there are 10 signs your girlfriend is losing interest.

1. Sex becomes trivial, routine and not creative

Your sex life used to be intense, creative and very enjoyable. Today, it looks like, "Let’s have sex in the evening?” “I’m very tired. Maybe tomorrow." You have difficulty with achieving orgasm, her face expresses boredom, and you can definitely say that now she is thinking about what to watch on TV. Surprises have disappeared. If earlier you could have sex in the toilet of the bar or in the lift cabin, now, it seems that all these sexual experiences were in another universe. Now, sex is only a man-on-top position plus a few small deviations. It is boredom.

2. Sex becomes rare

Earlier, you could have sex twice a day. Although, no. It was twice a day when you were very tired. Now, sex happens once a week, sometimes twice, but it's only on holidays.signs of losing interest in a relationship

3. Friends are more important

If earlier she met with her friends once or twice a month, and you spent all the evenings together, now she goes to some of them almost every day. If you live together, her female friends hang out often at home, much more often than earlier. If you see that trying to stabilize a relationship and spend time together faces a wall of misunderstanding, this is one of the signs of losing interest in a relationship.

4. She turns her focus towards something else

Has your girlfriend ever had any hobby to which she devoted a lot of time? Now, she enjoys it again, and she doesn’t want to spend time with you. She has got a membership in a dancing studio and martial arts, she has enrolled for dress-making courses, and you see her once a week. This is one of the obvious signs she is losing interest in you. She tries to find a replacement.

5. She puts on weight and watches her appearance less

Usually, girls calm down when they understand that they do not need to attract anyone else. Often, they start wearing dresses less often and stop doing aggressive makeup and, besides, they allow themselves to eat more than one piece of a cake in a week. However, in your case, everything is even worse. She had been a pretty beauty before you started dating, now, she does not watch her appearance, she doesn’t care about the condition of the skin, make-up, and clothes. This happens because she has lost interest in you as in the man.

6. She has problems with making eye contact

Do you remember the times when you looked into each other's eyes and it seemed like an eternity? Usually, you make eye contact having sex, but now, she tries to look away. The lack of eye contact means that she has lost interest in you, and she considers you a stranger. It seems that she is thinking about something or about someone else. Often, she does not make eye contact because she is uncomfortable with you, however, she might have other reasons to avoid you. For example, she has someone else.

7. You're the only one who wants to hold hands

Earlier, she held your hand or took your arm. Now, you understand that only you take the lead. This is one of the unpleasant signs she's losing interest. It clearly demonstrates that you are now infinitely far from each other. Perhaps, you hated holding hands earlier, and now you realize that she does not like that either.

8. Cuddling is no longer comfortable

It was the most beautiful way to fall asleep or just spend an evening. Time passed frighteningly quickly when you, cuddling, were smiling and looking at the ceiling (only lovers can spend time with pleasure in this position.) Now, you realize that this is not comfortable at all. She is tossing and turning, feeling uncomfortable that you breathe in her ear, although earlier, the position of your bodies was the same, and she did not complain at all, but quietly fell asleep.

9. She is worried about something, but she refuses to discuss that

You discussed common problems, at least some of them. Now, she is a closed book. Earlier, you thought that it was even good, and you didn’t need to talk about different uninteresting things. However, now, you are worried, but she refuses to discuss anything with you, she just says that this is not your business. She doesn’t want to let you into her life, she is no longer an open book. You can confidently say that things just aren't working out between you, and she isn’t interested in you anymore.

10. She does not want to listen to your news

Many couples have the custom to tell each other about the situations that have occurred during the day. This is a great way to think of all the problems, discuss them, laugh at pleasant moments and reduce stress to a minimum. Now, you cannot remember the last time she asked you about your day. She does not care! If you start talking about some news, she listens to you without much interest, and she talks about her day reluctantly. However, maybe she is just tired?

How to Get Her Interest Back

Work on your shortcomings. In any relationship, there are many things that irritate and make your girl lose interest in you. It can be anything. You have got fat, you lick a plate, you play a lot of computer games, you are rude, or you do not satisfy her sexually. How to get interest back in a relationship? To get her interest back, show her that you are ready to work on your shortcomings and become better for her.signs that your girlfriend is losing interest

Make pleasant surprises and give cute girts. How to get a girl back after she lost interest? If it has happened that you are at home, and she is at work, think of something pleasant. Run a warm bath for her, pour some wine, light candles. You can surprise her on the weekend making breakfast and coffee. Your surprises can be small and big, but the main thing is to do something. These gestures will show her how important she is to you. One day, she will treat you the same way.

Talk to her. Some men do not really need communication. It's easy for them to be tough, patient and assertive. Nonetheless, it is impossible to create a healthy relationship having just these qualities. If your woman wants to talk, don’t refuse. How to get a girl's interest back? Talk about anything just to keep up the conversation. This is important for her anyway. And, more importantly, listen to her. Try to create the spark, make her feel butterflies in the stomach. Despite the fact that there are obvious signs of losing interest in a relationship, you still have a chance to get her interest back, everything is up to you. Try to think about some special moments that will surely make her happy and look at you from a new site. People can change, but only if they want to. Do you want to change and get her interest back? Do it.

Arrange dates in a woman’s favorite places. Make sure she likes the places you visit. Ask the woman in advance what places she wants to spend time in and invite her there. This will give you a much better chance of getting the woman’s attention back.

Make it clear that you don't need anything from her. Don’t try to use a woman in any way because she will quickly feel it, and you will have to fight for her attention again. And don’t try to manipulate her.

Improve yourself. Changing, working on your body, and having fun is only part of the strategy for getting a woman’s attention back. The main thing you need to understand is that you are doing this for yourself, not for her. And when you make changes in your life, it will definitely grab her attention

Don’t put a girl on a pedestal. She is an ordinary person. Unfortunately, when we urgently want to attract someone, we may become obsessed with these people, especially if we are young.

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It’s not difficult to notice that a woman has lost interest and actually doesn’t mind breaking up even though she doesn’t want to admit it even to herself.
16.07.2020 15:30
Thank you for this information. I got confused and didn't know what to do. Like everything is good in the relationship but still something is wrong. Now everything has become more or less clear to me and I am ready to return my girl’s interest again.
22.07.2020 14:03

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