7 Signs That Your Partner Is Emotionally Attracted To You


How do you know when a guy is emotionally attached? It is often quite difficult for a woman to understand the hints and signals that a man sends her. All this is because the representatives of the strong half of humanity are much shyer than we think. Moreover, as a rule, his shyness does not depend on social status or physical attractiveness.

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Signs a man is emotionally attached to you

  • He smiles at you when you meet. If you notice that a colleague or new acquaintance constantly breaks into a smile at the sight of you, this is most likely the first sign that he is not indifferent to you. You can check this very easily: pay attention to his facial expressions when he talks with other colleagues or friends.

  • He remembers the little things associated with you. Is he emotionally attached to me? If you accidentally notice in a conversation that you love dark chocolate, don't be surprised if the very next day, he, as if by chance, treats you to it. How else to understand that a man likes you? Of course, for seemingly insignificant details. Agree because a person indifferent to you is unlikely to remember the name of your favorite film or literary work.

  • When he sees you, he starts straightening his clothes. How to tell if he is emotionally attached? Does he reflexively reach for the knot in his tie or run his hand through his hair? If the answer is yes, then, without a doubt, he is not indifferent to you. After all, seeing the object of his sympathy, a man tries to look into her eyes in the best possible way.

  • During the conversation, he examines your face. Signs he's getting attached. If during a conversation he looks at your features, especially focusing on your lips, most likely he feels sympathy for you. This is due to the fact that he wants to better remember your image and then recreate it again and again in memory.

  • He tries to close the distance between you. In business etiquette, it is not customary to approach a colleague closer than a meter so as not to violate his personal space. If your colleague is trying to close the distance between you, this is a sure sign of his indifferent attitude toward you.

  • He is interested in your opinion. Don't be surprised if one day he asks for no reason what kind of tea you prefer or which of the latest movies you advise to watch. On the one hand, of course, this can be regarded as banal politeness. On the other hand, this is a sure sign that a man wants to know as much as possible about you, and this is emotional attraction.

  • He is trying to reach you. Yes, asking the question, how to understand if a man likes you? - it’s rather strange to hear in response that he will constantly try to touch you. But, oddly enough, this is a scientifically proven fact: the desire for tactile contact is a sure sign of sympathy.

What makes men emotionally attached?

It happens that a man does not talk about his feelings and tries not to show them in any way. But there are signals by which you can understand that he definitely likes you - even if a man, for some reason, is trying his best to hide his feelings.

  • He wants to spend time with you. A man in love constantly thinks about you, and even if he is busy, he can write you a message or make a call, and he plans evenings and weekends in such a way as to spend them with you.

  • His gaze changes in your presence; he admires you. It's hard not to notice the look of a man in love can be more eloquent than his words.

  • He is interested in what is happening in your life. He does it tactfully and with sincere interest, he respects your boundaries, and knowledge turns you into reading a magical book and not into an interrogation with passion.

  • He doesn't compare you to others. He accepts you for who you are, no matter what you think of yourself. To him, you are unique.

  • Wants to be constantly in touch, calls write messages. This is logical because it expresses emotional attachment in men.

  • Seeks to please, makes pleasant gestures and surprises. He, like a good wizard, seeks to guess your desires and preferences in order to turn them into pleasant moments.

  • He does not spare money and resources for you. He does everything so that you get the best of what he can give you at the moment.

  • He is happy to introduce you to his friends. At the same time, in the company, he surrounds with attention and shows care and respect for your presence.

  • Introduces you to his parents and relatives. Because he has seen you in his picture of the world for a long time, and perhaps he wants to live with you all his life. The company calls you by name and surrounds you with attention.

  • Makes plans for the future that includes you. He talks to you about the future, asks, and clarifies different points and wishes.

  • He is sensitive to your desires. Strives for you to enjoy their implementation. It seeks to surround you with care and creates comfortable conditions for life and development.

  • Accepts your family, parents, and friends. He does this even if, at first sight, there was no mutual sympathy, he chose you, and he accepts your family as part of your life.

  • Gives gifts that you will like. And at the same time, he tries, even if it is about something small, filling you with pleasant emotions.

  • Strives for you to get the best, and for this, he changes himself. This is important and tells how dear you are to him if he strives to become better by being around you.

  • Recognizes your personal boundaries and do not violate them. This is an important parameter, especially at the beginning of a relationship; according to the behavior of a man in relation to your personal freedom, you can judge how he will behave in the future. A jealous man will immediately begin to prohibit everything; a man who trusts will behave with respect and dignity.

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