Why Chasing Women Sometimes Is a Bad Idea?


“The less we love her when we woo her, the more we draw a woman in,”
― Alexander Pushkin

Modern society is firmly convinced that a man is a hunter who should win over a woman he loves by any means. To some extent, such a perception is quite understandable. After all, a man should make a contribution to building a romantic relationship, and this is absolutely normal. But at the same time, a guy should never chase women, as such behavior may be fraught with negative consequences. So, let’s consider why chasing women is sometimes a bad idea.

don't chase women

How Not to Transform Chasing Women into Stalking

In case you cannot help but like chasing women, you should know how to do it properly in order not to frighten a woman away with excessive perseverance and seem a stalker.

Sooner or later, every guy meets the very special girl and falls head over heels in love with her. But it happens that a man goes off the deep end and becomes utterly absorbed in the beautiful eyes and gentle hugs of a beloved woman. And then, the worst thing happens – the man forgets about everything in the world as he is in love and ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of the significant other. Thus, the man becomes too besotted with the girl – does not sleep at night, always thinks about her, constantly looks for meetings, calls, and writes messages twenty-four hours straight. Simply put, the man begins to behave like a stalker. Single girls online often encounter such a problem.

Therefore, you should not show aggressiveness and excessive interest in the representatives of the opposite sex if you do not want to transform chasing a girl into stalking.

Why Men Chase Women and Think It Can Work

If women are strongly discouraged from running after guys, then for men, on the contrary, it seems to be supposed to chase women. And it's more accurate to say that not even to chase but to win over a lady at all costs. So it has always been, until the appearance of strong and self-sufficing ladies, who consider such increased attention from the representatives of the stronger sex not so much flattering as tiresome.

But despite this fact, men still show initiative and interest in the opposite sex much more often. To a certain degree, this is caused by their natural instinct and high level of testosterone. But there is another, deeper reason – stereotypes and mistaken believes.

man chasing womenIn modern society, there is a belief that a man should chase a girl he likes, look after her, give flowers and sweets, accompany home, shower caresses upon the lady, and please her in every possible way. These and other things have been hammered into the heads of men since childhood. Little boys are often told that they should be fearless and strong leaders. So, growing up, they try to prove it both to themselves and to all those around them. This is precisely the reason why a man is chasing women and thinks it can work well.

Main Signs You Should Not Chase Her

Absolutely all guys want to be attractive to the weaker sex, and, meeting a beautiful girl, every man begins to think about how to make a good impression on her. However, a lot of guys do not know what women want in relationships. In such situations, men most often use their own methods of attraction, which are based on personal experience and theory, but neither one nor the other gives a guarantee of success with women. Despite all the efforts and sufferings of a man, a girl can remain completely indifferent to him. Therefore, there are 3 clear signs that you should not chase a girl.

She is in a relationship

Sometimes it happens that a woman you like is already in a relationship. Perhaps you even communicate with her, and she often tells you how unhappy she is with a loved one. At such moments, every man thinks about the idea of “saving” his beloved woman from these relationships. But you should not do this! After all, if a woman is still in a relationship, it means something stops her from a break-up with a loved one. And as you may know, it is unfair and rottenly to ruin someone's love. Moreover, if a girl breaks up with her boyfriend to be with you, what will stop her from breaking up with you for the sake of a new admirer?

She is just another prey for you

There are men who are used to chasing girls. They are a kind of alpha males who perceive representatives of the opposite sex as their “achievements” and get great pleasure from dating a large number of women. Such a man chases a woman and tries to win her in every possible way, but when the girl finally falls for his tricks and charm, the “alpha male” loses interest in her, having achieved the desired effect. If you are one of these men, you should think about your future. After all, once, you will get a craving for starting a serious relationship and building a happy family. And it cannot be done, changing women like socks. Therefore, give up trying to conquer a girl if she is just another prey for you. Thus, you will not only benefit yourself but also save the girl from the subsequent hurtful break-up.

She denied you multiple times

When a woman rejects you, it is a terrible wound to the vanity. However, if this happens once, then you still have a chance to win a girl. But if you have already been refused multiple times, it means that you should abandon attempts to attract the girl. This is one of the cases when chasing women never works. Indeed, if a woman denies you and says that she does not want a romantic relationship for any reason, it does not mean that this lady does not want to have a loved one at all. It only means that you do not match her. But do not despair! You can use this chance to become better. Develop yourself, do what you love, and improve your pick-up skills. In the end, the sun does not rise and set on this impregnable woman. The world is full of beautiful ladies!

Signs a Woman Wants You to Chase Her

Love is one of the most obscure things in the world. Very often, it is not easy to catch even the smallest signs that someone takes a liking to you. And for men, it is especially difficult to recognize what a woman wants and thinks about. Guys often wonder, “Does she want me to chase her or should I abandon the attempts to win her?” Therefore, we would like to bring to your attention 3 signs she wants you to chase her.

1. She responds to your messages with a delay

Women are always very careful when it comes to online communication with men. Representatives of the weaker sex know that men do not like importunate girls, so be prepared for the fact that if a lady likes you, she will not respond to your messages immediately. Women often act so because they are afraid to seem desperate. i stopped chasing her now she wants meTo say more, if a girl responds not only with phrases like “lol” and “ok” but with interesting and extensive messages, then this is a sure sign that she likes you and wants you to chase her.

2. She flirts with other men in front of you

Women like to attract male attention and make guys chase them. Every girl wants to seem special and unique to a beloved man. Women know that the easiest way to increase their value in the eyes of a man is to show their popularity among other representatives of the stronger sex. Therefore, if a girl wants you to chase her, she may try to make you jealous by flirting with other men in front of you.

3. Her body language changes

You will probably be amazed at how much you can learn about the feelings of a girl by her body language. A lady in love gives herself away by gestures, facial expressions, and posture. So, pay attention to the following behavior of a girl:

  • she is nervous;
  • she tries to stand tall, takes her shoulders back, and faces you;
  • she touches herself frequently: hair, lips, wrists, collarbones, neck, and so on. Also, a girl tries to accidentally touch you.
  • she copies your gestures. At a subconscious level, a woman tries to repeat the movements and gestures of a man she likes.
  • she keeps hands at waist height or on the chest.

Having noticed such signs, you can draw a conclusion that a girl is in love with you and wants you to chase her.

Why You Really Should Stop Chasing Women to Attract Them?

To begin with, if a man chases a woman, he automatically poses himself to be inferior and sells himself short. At the same time, the man allots this woman with high value (puts her on an imaginary pedestal) quite undeservedly. This is often manifested with the help of self-positioning, which is transmitted through non-verbal signs and behavior in general. And on a subconscious level, the woman easily notices it and rejects such a boyfriend. After all, nobody wants to change their high value to someone else's low. It’s much better and more productive to build communication with a woman on equal terms. Remember that the more you try to inflict yourself on a girl, who is lukewarm about you, the more she will pull away from you. In the end, for every action, there is a reaction.

The main idea is that instead of chasing a girl and trying to get her attention in every possible way, you need to make her run after you. A lot of men have already got wise, noting, “I stopped chasing her, now she wants me.” This is the principle of reverse attraction when a woman takes steps towards a romantic relationship, and you either accept or reject them. Maybe this is as it should be in a sound society, where men differ by confident dominant behavior, and women are not burdened with stupid mistaken beliefs and can act according to their true desires.

Final Thoughts

That's all the recommendations. Be a man, a strong and self-sufficient person who feels comfortable with himself and knows own mind. It attracts girls. Moreover, learn to understand the word “no” and accept refusal. If a girl has already made it clear that she is not interested in a relationship with you, you should not cause the feeling of disgust towards yourself by futile attempts to win over her cold heart. After all, there is a whole host of beautiful single women who would like to build a romantic relationship with you. Appreciate yourself and don't chase women!

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I think chasing women is always a bad idea. If a girl doesn’t like you and rejects all your attempts to pay her attentions, she doesn’t worth your time.
17.07.2020 09:20

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