Fix a loud argument with a girl


How to stop arguing with your girlfriend? A quarrel with a girl happens much more often than we would like. Either she is dissatisfied with you, then with herself, the reason is completely unknown. There are conflicts that lead to cooling and separation, and there are those that help to understand the problem and improve relationships. To make fights productive, figure out the reason and follow simple rules that will help you keep your feelings.

Fix a loud argument with a girl

How to not argue with your girlfriend?

If a quarrel with a girl cannot be avoided, and you are not the initiator of it, then it is important to choose the right tactics of behavior so as not to inflate a huge conflict out of a minor misunderstanding. You are a man, which means you must be cold-blooded, restrained, and prudent. Emotions are a lot of women, and it is important for you to keep your sanity and not make a tragedy out of nonsense. Remove these old and hackneyed tricks from your arsenal immediately:

  • Without humiliation and insults. You make peace, and the sediment will remain. The resentment will be forgotten, but it will sometimes pop up, poisoning your life and pushing you to do bad deeds toward each other.

  • Don't speak for her. Do not overthink, and do not try to talk about her feelings or analyze the reasons for her behavior. Use bare facts. You can indicate your position and your feelings, but to say that “It was you who wanted it that way, you behaved this way, and you are to blame” will be frivolous.

  • Your enemy is the problem, not the girl. For this reason, do not shy away from trying to solve the problem by getting carried away by the conflict itself. Quarreling for the sake of quarreling will not lead to good.

  • Do not drag in the past and old mistakes. The last thing is to remember all the mistakes of your beloved and poke her nose. She will also find something to answer, but this will not help solve the problem. You will continue to quarrel and shake each other's nerves.

  • Do not show indifference, and do not roll your eyes in response to questions when fighting with a girlfriend. She will definitely get mad about this, and she herself will not want to raise the problem later.

  • Do not say contemptuous phrases and evil jokes. Good and kind humor can soften a quarrel, but if you are not sure about the joke, then it is better not to say it.

  • Don't turn on ignore. Slamming the door and going to a cafe with friends or running away to mom for a few days is not a good idea. This is how cowards behave, but the problem will not resolve itself.

How to stop arguing with girlfriend?

Conflicts are inevitable in the development of relationships. If they are constantly extinguished, then discontent will lead to cooling. It is important to maintain a dialogue so as not to leave the relationship with the wording “She is a bad hostess!” because she didn't cook your favorite meatballs on weekends. Here I would have voiced a request, then a more insistent claim, and I would not have had to give up great love. Grinding cannot be avoided; that's when conflicts occur. And if you keep silent about what does not suit you, then you will get into a relationship in which you do not want to be.

Quarrels are a catalyst that provokes the transition of relations to a higher level. This does not mean that the more you fight, the stronger the couple. This is just an indicator that two loving people are not silent about their problems. If you know how to quarrel constructively and come to a compromise, then you are on the right track. But sometimes, everything is not so simple: all your attempts to think soberly and solve the problem fail. It could be the girl here.

Why do my girlfriend, and I argue so much?

If you do not know how to fix an argument with your girlfriend, and have already tried all the ways, and your patience is running out, then analyze your beloved. There are quarrelsome ladies who assert themselves at the expense of their partners. The reason may be in the absence of feelings or children's complexes, but it all rebounds on you. And here are the alarm bells to understand why are me and my girlfriend arguing so much:

  • Her claims are far-fetched and vague. She herself cannot clearly articulate what does not suit her. Therefore she attributes to you various vices and actions that you did not even commit. You don’t understand how to behave in a quarrel with a girl and what she wants from you in general.

  • She blames you for what she does herself. She can push the responsibility for her misconduct onto you. Sometimes she inflates the conflict because of what is allowed to her but forbidden to you. For example, she can lower part of the budget for clothes and a beautician, but if you decide to go to the hairdresser without waiting until you are overgrown, or buy yourself a pair of new sneakers, then she is already fanning a scandal. If you are still thinking about how not to argue with a girl, then you will become a rag. This attitude cannot be tolerated!

  • She inflates the conflict out of nonsense. I didn’t turn off the light; I didn’t lower the toilet seat; I didn’t close the tube of pasta. For her, this is already a reason to leave. What to do when quarreling with a girl in such a situation? Don't play by her rules.

  • She insults you and provokes you. At the same time, he can heat with a frying pan or throws himself at you with his fists. And now this is completely dangerous. If you even lightly push her or squeeze your hands tightly to defend yourself, she can run to the hospital to shoot the beatings, and you will also be brought to justice. It's like this all the time. Quarrelsome girls are not stopped either by joint children or a stamp in the passport. They play the victim and will go to any lengths to make you feel guilty.

  • If a girl has chosen one of these lines of behavior, then things are bad. You have to teach her how to fight properly. And for this, you need to adhere to a specific model of behavior.

How to fix things with your girlfriend?

You are threatened with a quarrel with a girl. How to behave? It is important not to succumb to her emotions and try to understand the cause of the conflict. You'll have to be impartial and ignore her attempts to piss you off. Do not let her rub her hands when you start yelling and pouring offensive words. It is especially important to correctly analyze the situation if it is not your fault and there was a misunderstanding. And here are the basic rules of how to resolve a fight with your partner:

  • Do not sort things out on emotions. If she oversteps the bounds, then in a quiet, calm, and harsh voice, say, “Please don’t scream.” Offer to talk a little later. Yes, we are advised not to run away from home in case of conflicts, but if emotions break, you can leave for an hour to calm down and continue the conversation in a more relaxed atmosphere.

  • Directly ask about the cause of the conflict, do not let it go to secondary topics, and do not get carried away yourself. Fighting for no reason is not a good idea.

  • Listen to her without interrupting, and then ask her to listen to you with restraint as well. Respect should not disappear from your relationship, even when you quarrel.

  • Bring your argument. If she heard you, then it’s good, but if not, then don’t stoop to persuasion and chewing - it will only get worse.

  • If you are even partially guilty, then admit it instead of quarreling. At the same time, do not blame her; she herself will come to the conclusion that she is also not white and fluffy.

  • Be indulgent of other people's mistakes and outbursts of emotions. There are no perfect ones; each person has their own oddities. The main thing is that you feel good together, and the rest is decided. Everyone is arguing.

How to make your girlfriend happy after a fight?

Do you feel like you're boiling over? Mentally stop and think: what exactly caused a storm of emotions in you, and how to stop arguing with your girlfriend every day? Surely you will understand that it's not your partner's fault. And since the reason is not in him, maybe it’s not worth continuing the quarrel.

What to do after a fight with your girlfriend? Take a breath and calmly (as far as possible) say, “I'm not ready to discuss this right now. Let's postpone the discussion until tomorrow." Such a pause will help you cool down, pull yourself together and not bring things to a scandal with unpleasant statements.

What to do after a big fight? Talk about your feelings. Don't you like her caustic tone? Tell me about it. Tired after work, and then your girlfriend is not in the mood? Explain that you had a difficult day, and all you need now is understanding and affection. Surely after that, she will change her tone to a more pleasant one for you.

Always remember you are not rivals and not opponents. Yes, you sometimes fight, but you fight on the same side. After all, none of you will be happy if this relationship falls apart.

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