A Guide On How to Turn a Girl On


What is the best way to turn a girl on? It's not easy to please one woman, especially since techniques that might work for one woman might not work for another. Due to the fact that they do not understand how women think about sex and differences in male sexual arousal, they usually make a lot of mistakes. Many men do not know how to arouse a woman, and they end up making common mistakes.

A Guide On How to Turn a Girl On

How to turn a girl on without words?

  • Every lady is unique. If you care about physical ways to turn a girl on, remember that there is no right answer. In nature, there are not even two identical snowflakes. What can be said about the ladies in this case? You can't learn to 100% excite every girl. Different women have their own erogenous zones. If everything went “smoothly” with the former and she was excited in a couple of minutes, it’s not a fact that your new passion is the same “passionate lioness.”

  • Dialogue is everything. What can turn a girl on? Of course, on first dates, you obviously shouldn’t get hung up on the topic of intimacy: having heard such “speech” during the candy-bouquet period, with a greater degree of probability, the girl will simply stop responding to your letters and throw you into a phone ban. But if intimacy still happens, do not be shy to ask the girl "how she likes it." The best way to clarify something is to start a dialogue. There is nothing wrong with that - do not be shy and ask your partner what exactly she likes in sex, what excites her. Yes, at first, she may “blush” from such questions, but then she will become more liberated. As we know, intimacy, which both are satisfied with, is one of the “foundations” of a healthy relationship.

  • The arousal of a man is not an indicator. Male physiology is designed in such a way that you can get excited in a split second and move on to the next “step.” With girls, everything is different - to “wind up,” they need more time. Believe me: if you manage to excite a girl correctly, intimacy for her (and for you, too) will end with a “pleasant ending.”

How to turn a woman on physically?

  • Appearance. Yes, yes, you are not mistaken; it is he. Your appearance before intimacy is an important factor in turning on a girl. Be sure to shower, brush your teeth, and put on clean clothes. Think about it: you're not going to make love to a girl who has a dirty head, which, among other things, smells bad. Now we are not talking about the fact that it is worth buying branded items and “pouring” the entire bottle of Gucci fragrance on yourself. Just make sure you look good. Girls are aesthetics, so they will immediately appreciate it.

  • The right environment is the best way to turn on a woman. Many guys do not pay attention to the situation, bringing the girl home. They forget that a lady will be turned on only if she feels relaxed and comfortable. That is why the socks that you mistakenly threw on the chandelier and dirty bedding are not the best "harbingers" of a stormy night. No, it’s not about rose petals scattered all over the bed and a hundred candles (although a couple definitely won’t hurt). First, take care of the elementary order. Your "faithful friends" are quiet relaxing music and, subdued lights, pleasant aromas. Only in such an environment will the lady be able to get excited, and you will move on to the most “interesting.”

  • Prepare her to be affectionate and gentle with these tricks to turn a girl on. For a girl, sex is a pleasure not only on the physiological but also on the mental level.

  • We speak and act. How to turn a girl on by touching her? If the lady is confused and does not take any action, take the initiative yourself, but in any case, do not overdo it. If she undresses, help and follow her example.

  • Remember that women "love with their ears." Your faithful companions in the conquest of the "fortress" will be simple words. Let her feel like the most beautiful and desirable girl in the world. The words you say to a lady, looking straight into her eyes, are one of the most powerful stimulants. And if you simultaneously touch the partner's erogenous zones, the result is guaranteed. If you knew how girls like it when you speak frankly, a little vulgarly, but at the same time remain courageous: for them, this is the purest buzz.

  • Pay attention to the voice. We told how to excite a girl with words. But there is another important detail - the way you speak. Be sure to watch your voice: it should be even, confident, firm, and not “squeaky” and breaking into a screech. Talk like you've already won her: the ladies love it. From the velvet baritone, the girl will simply melt. Another option is to use a whisper. He has a special magic. If the stage of your relationship allows, say in your ear what you would like to do with her in bed, in a crowded place, for example, in a restaurant.

  • SMS and correspondence. How to turn a female on? Many people think that arousing a lady by correspondence is not the best option. This is not so. Fair sex is easily turned on by words, including written ones. There is nothing to be ashamed of: send her a message, telling her how much you want to feel her smell, and warmth, admire the curves of her body. Write whatever you think. A lady will be pleased to receive such attention, especially during working hours. Believe me: for the rest of the day, she will look forward to meeting you, and the evening will be really special.

How to kiss to turn a girl on?

The easiest and most enjoyable way to excite - kissing. How to really turn a girl on? For partners who are just starting to date, kissing is much more common than for couples who have lived together for a long time. Over time, caresses and excitement are given less attention. To restore libido with kissing, you can use various techniques:

  • Tender kisses on the lips;

  • "French Kiss;

  • at first, soft touches with the lips develop into "French."

Men may overlook that it is physiologically much easier to achieve sexual desire by kissing their partner. Gentle touches of the lips are a great way to "warm up" interest. If a woman refuses such caresses and is not aroused, her sensitivity in this part of the body may be reduced, and it is worth trying other methods for arousal.

Tactile contact

how to turn on a girl fast? In order for the girl to relax and the body to prepare for intimate contact, do not forget about tactile contact. Light touches on the body will help you forget about everyday problems and enjoy intimacy with your partner. The following tips will work for this:

  • gentle massage of the body and erogenous zones;

  • a combination of touches and light kisses;

  • smooth strokes of the whole body.

When a woman reaches a sufficient level of relaxation, she can proceed to the next stage - sexual contact. Since many girls have increased sensitivity, light touches have a strong effect even during intimacy. Pay attention to the strength of the touch so as not to cause discomfort or pain.

Emotional component

Do not forget that you can excite a woman not only with touches but also with words. Emotional connection with a partner is extremely important among all things to turn her on, so it is worth choosing the right words that can enhance emotions and sexual desire. Choose phrases that will please your girlfriend and will be able to excite her. Some are excited by affectionate and gentle, while others relax much faster when hearing vulgar phrases. But it is important for any woman to know that she is loved and desired, so do not forget about expressing your own feelings towards her. A man can use a combination of verbal and non-verbal techniques, intonation, and touch. It is much easier to arouse a woman when there is self-confidence. Do not be shy or think the girl will not appreciate your efforts. It is enough to study it, find out which method suits the best, and use it when the lady loses interest in sex.

The understanding of sex in men and women is very different.

How can I turn it on? Any woman will give a lot for quality sex.

  • Remember, first, her orgasm and then yours. This is the key to success in bed. Always remember this.

  • Allow at least 45 minutes for preludes. Yes, you are not mistaken! The more you properly excite a girl before sex, the more pleasure she will get. The fact is that male physiology is designed in such a way that it takes less time to be aroused than female. This means that your girlfriend may not be ready when you are at your peak.

  • Create an atmosphere that is conducive to sex. Aromatic candles and relaxing music will help you with this. There should be no rush and fuss. Give her time to relax.

  • Pay attention to her erogenous zones. If you do not know for sure, then ask her what she likes. In any case, you should experiment here. At the same time, you can be sure that the most sensitive places for women are the ears, neck, nipples, and inner thighs. Try to play with it. Alternate ears, neck, lips. Watch her breathing - if it has become more frequent, then you are on the right track!

  • During sex, you can whisper her name in her ear to make the girl more excited. This makes many women even more excited. You can also compliment her or say something nice.

  • How to get a girl turned on? Say that you like the smell of her body or perfume. Slowly run your hand through her hair.

Know that having sex with one girl should be radically different from how you have sex with another! All women are different, and to become an excellent lover, you should not only carefully study her body but also experiment! Something that drives one crazy and excites one girl may not like the other much. There is no trial and error here - this is normal!

Try blindfolding her. In this way, you will amplify other sensations and excite her. Anyway, make a little show out of it.

How about role-playing? Here you can already ask about her secret desires. Let her fantasize. Whom would she like to be for you to possess her? The choice is very wide. Get smart.

Important rule! In no case, ever, under any circumstances, turn your back to the wall after sex and start falling asleep. After you have reached the peak, the first thing you need to do is hug her, kiss her, snuggle closer, and say a couple of compliments. In general, show how good you were. Believe me, for a woman, these moments are more important than the process itself. By the way, did you know that after sex, a woman becomes less attractive to a man while a man, on the contrary, becomes more attractive to a woman? That is how it is.

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