Best Flirty "Good Morning" Texts For Her


What to text a girl in the morning? Previously, lovers wrote long letters to each other, which came in a few days; no one had yet written a good morning message to a man. Modern relations between a man and a woman are based on telephone communication; lovers often call each other and send videos to each other. Of course, the matter is not complete without a message.

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Why send cute good morning texts for crush?

  • This will show a special attitude towards him;

  • Will give you charm;

  • Develop your imagination and intellect;

  • Strengthen feelings;

  • It will become a great tradition;

  • It will help to get to know his character better because he will definitely write in response;

  • It will help you understand whether you like it or not;

  • A good morning message to your beloved man will cheer up both.

Why are girls often embarrassed to send the best good morning text to your crush?

  • They are afraid to seem intrusive, cheeky;

  • They don't know what their loved one will like;

  • They do not know the phone of a man, what they like;

  • Often they do not know what exactly is worth writing; they lack imagination;

  • Fear of discovering a great feeling and being misunderstood at the beginning of a relationship;

  • They are afraid that they will write with errors and present themselves in an unfavorable light.

Informal attitude to messages

The tradition of pleasing a loved one with special crush flirty good morning text messages is only developing. Emoticons and pictures, riddles and stickers, and seductive photos are used. It is important to come up with fiction informally, showing how dear a person is to the heart. This is how your relationship will deepen and move from light flirting to something important and serious. In addition, if you use our tips, there will be no fear that something will be written grammatically incorrectly, incorrectly, or tastelessly. In Our Dating Blog, we look at examples of such messages as the good morning; it is convenient to send them immediately because the reaction will be a smile on the lips and gratitude in words.

When to send flirty good morning message to crush?

It is beautiful to wish good morning; strange as it may sound, not everyone knows how. Let's start with the fact that it should be done at the right time.

You should not send your greetings, for example, at 5 or 6 in the morning. It is possible that your loved one does not wake up so early. A message sent at such an early hour can not only wake up but even anger your soul mate. And then you get the exact opposite of the expected effect.

Write when you yourself have already woken up, your soul mate is on the Web and is already showing some activity on the Internet. For example, if it's a social network, wave hello to it first. And only then write: “Good morning. How did you sleep? What did you dream of? What plans do you have for today?"

Warm phrases are pleasant to everyone

Do not assume that flirty good morning texts for her are usually sent only by men. The more courageous and stronger a man is, the more pleasant it is to send and receive messages. So, any smart phrase from a beautiful woman is like an invigorating cup of coffee. It is an SMS in the morning that can cheer you up and keep a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Your soul mate will work more successfully, overcoming problems in business and study. He will see in his love a source of positive and affectionate words that are so important to everyone.

best good morning texts for her

  • How can I wake up without you? Let's wake up together! Good morning!

  • What a beautiful morning today! It reminded me of your eyes! I can't wait to see them again!

  • Good morning! Have a wonderful day, victories, and good luck; I send my kiss and tenderness to boot!

  • Your smile is more beautiful than this wonderful morning! I can't wait until I see you again!

  • Ah, you are a dream! Are you still in bed? I invite you to my breakfast!

  • What is morning? The time when there is a chance to see you again!

  • What a pity I can't wake you up with a kiss right now! Good morning!

  • Good morning! Sending my virtual kiss! Let the day go just fine!

  • Forget about problems! Remember me! Good morning!

  • Good morning! Your love and memories of yesterday helped me wake up! I miss you already!

  • What is the morning without you? Just one more day. But I know that soon we will be together! And so - Good morning!

  • What is morning? The dawn of our love. What is the day - the time when I will see you?

  • Hello! Come quickly! Today is such a beautiful morning; I want to meet him with you!

Cute good morning texts for her

Short and long messages are quite popular in relationships. This brings the couple very close. Especially if you both write something original, not like everyone else. So, if you are not together in the morning, you should create an interesting tradition and start exchanging pleasant words, hints, and pictures. This will cheer you up for the whole day, creating a special bond between lovers. Shows how precious the person is. The more restrained the man, the more verbose and sociable the interlocutor should be.

Flirty good morning texts for your crush

Examples of informal good morning messages are easy to find.

  • Good morning my teddy bear! I love and miss you so much!

  • Ordered an awakening? Sign for receipt.

  • Knock Knock! Good morning! What did you see in your dream?

  • Good morning honey! Your candy.

  • My James Bond! How about coffee and a sweet kiss?

  • My baby! I dreamed about you all night!

  • Oh, this dream! I don't want to wake up... Only meeting you can get me out of bed... Good morning!

  • Who did you dream about? Is it me? Good morning!

  • Good morning! Kisses, gently, and wish you a great day!

  • What? You haven't woken up yet! I'm running to you! Good morning!

  • Good morning! Omelet, cheesecakes, oatmeal, or your kiss? Of course, only the last one for breakfast!

  • I missed you so much that all night I saw only you in my dream. I want to wish you a good day!

  • Good morning! Why should I wake up if you're far away? I want to keep having dreams where you are the main character!

  • My breakfast is just for you! Good morning!

Flirty good morning text for her to make her smile

Write a spontaneous, funny message. Let all messages be in the same, unique, and original style. It is important that SMS is not formal, expressing sincere feelings. At the same time, they were unusual, those that are not used every day. All funny words you use when communicating, diminutive nicknames, and intriguing questions will do. In addition, good morning can be written originally: in capital letters, in a foreign language. This will pleasantly diversify your correspondence and deprive it of boredom.

Relationship foundation

SMS is an important part of love and relationships. Do not forget about crush flirty good morning messages for her. Good morning SMS is especially important since it is with them that the day begins, creating a pleasant mood. What can we say if people are far from each other? Such intimate correspondence with affectionate words and wishes creates a whole Universe of love and joy, relationships were beautiful words help to live. Do not save your loved one and deprive him of joy.

What sweet good morning text for crush should be sent to your soulmate? There are a lot of reasons:

  • Good morning and good night wishes;

  • Joking SMS for no reason;

  • Support throughout the day;

  • Interesting remarks about appearance;

  • Invitation for breakfast or dinner via SMS in the morning;

  • Question or riddle.

Both texting

This is especially important for girls. Often they think that a man should write sweet morning texts for her, and they can be reserved and hide their feelings. Just the opposite: the female sex has a brighter fantasy; they are more flexible and more multifaceted in temperament. Therefore, their SMS is always more interesting and varied. By the way, psychologists advise calling a loved one not by a diminutive nickname but by name. This will favorably shade the messages and make them more personal and intimate. A man can be liked, but it is very convenient to take the first step with the help of a message. At first, you can write something neutral, gradually moving to deep emotions and feelings.

So, it is important that SMS to your beloved man be special, tender, and express sincere feelings. Do not rush when writing them; it is better to think. And if still, nothing comes to mind, you can consult with a trusted loved one or look on the Internet. The main thing is that SMS exchange turns into a beautiful tradition that can brighten up any morning.

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