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Do you believe in horoscopes? People always argue about its reputability, discreetly peeping into Cosmopolitan for a double check. Strangely enough, it is easy to trace similar features of character between same horoscope signs. How do women manage to possess same traits, according to zodiac? Is it possible to find your destiny reading descriptions? How to treat certain signs? These are the questions we are about to find out. Astrology is an amazing science, which is constantly being improved and amazes us with its new discoveries. Often, representatives of each sex pay attention to the nature of a person regarding their zodiacal signs.

Today we will talk about one of the most wonderful, gentle, yet feisty zodiac sign –Virgo. Virgos take the deserved 5th place among the list of “most dating material” women. Actually, not only dating but the best friend and companion material. Being a boyfriend of the Virgo, on the one hand, is extremely beneficial - it's like being an alpha male in a wolf pack: the leader, unless, of course, you are a sheep in a wolf's skin. Without further ado, let’s sort all about Virgo woman.

Virgo woman traits

Traits of Virgo women - what makes them special?

An intelligent woman who possesses logical thinking and an acute analytical mind, Virgo can become an excellent adviser for others. She is ready to come to the rescue in situations where others stop trying. However, such a woman does not try to shine in public - she does not tend to stand out from the general mass. Public opinion and mood are not her guide to action, she lives in accordance with internal beliefs, does not like to pretend and be hypocritical. Communicating with her is not always easy, because she is very demanding and critical. As the horoscope assures, Virgo-woman especially does not like people who have bad manners, who are illiterate or use abusive words that do not watch after their appearance.

Virgo woman traits are one of the most prominent among all women of different zodiac signs. They are extremely generous, passionate, gentle, loving, never spend excessive loads of money for unnecessary things. They are pretty neat and watch their house keeping it clean and cozy.

Virgo woman in love – how is she?

The mind of the Virgo in the overwhelming majority of cases takes precedence over emotions - in any case, representatives of this sign tend to it. They find it difficult to express their feelings in front of a man, so mutual misunderstanding often bothers relationships. Men like the Virgos for their peace, tenderness, femininity, affection.

In turn, Virgo women see men as "mysterious unknown creatures," that is why they carefully study them first, examine investigate, and only then let them approach. Such a woman continues to remain secretive after she has imbued her with feelings. A man must have a number of undeniable advantages, so that the woman of this zodiac sign stops the choice on him.

Virgo woman personalityHow to tell if a Virgo woman likes you?

Because Virgos are the creatures that you must pull out of their zone first, it is important to understand what she feels towards you. When you sit next to her, look into her eyes. If they are passionate and calling, as if she wants to sit closer to you, do your thing. If they say, "What the hell are you doing?" means it’s time to retreat.

In order to understand the Virgo, you must read her like a book. Sometimes you will be wrong, but if you are friends, by that time you should already be well acquainted with her. Anyway, you can just openly ask her! She will appreciate your frankness as long as you are tactful and diplomatic.

Best match for Virgo woman

Taurus and Capricorn have most of all chances to make an ideal pair with the Virgo as the representatives of other earth signs of the zodiac. They, like the Virgo, expect from the relationship more permanence and stability than the hurricane of passions. Taurus will help Virgo become more sensual and emotional, and Capricorns will easily understand the desire for order and organization, also possessing analytical thinking. Virgo woman personality will not let her be brainless, so even being madly in love, the Virgo woman will not rush into the drowning sea - critical thinking and the ability to reason, discarding emotions, never leaves representatives of this sign.

Dating Virgo woman: what they prefer?

Dating a Virgo woman is not always easy, as you need to become her friend firstly. Virgo girls are one of those whom you need to bring to the conversation slowly. She needs to know who you are and feel comfortable with you before you can get closer to romance or sexual relations. She loves to know what she's getting into, so be her friend first. All that is worth to wait, and she will definitely become your lover after you establish trust between each other.

How to date a Virgo woman?

1. Use light, casual touches to create physical contact with her. This will not contribute to rejection but will direct your touch to her subconscious. Let's hope that she will like it, and she will want more and more of your touches. She will start to touch you, letting you know that everything is fine, and you can continue.

2. Make the first step. Virgo girls are very shy, so be careful not to confuse her shyness with indifference to you. To start a relationship with Virgo, you should take the first step, because she is too shy and usually does not do it herself. As soon as she finds out, her shyness will evaporate, and she will behave more confidently towards you. But as for now, you should take full responsibility.

3. Be traditional. Do not leave her alone in a dark room and start unbuttoning her pants. Be romantic and do not rush things. For her, courtship is above all.

Date a Virgo woman if you are a temperate and calm person. Virgo women have a weakness for romantic words, and better call her "beautiful" or "cute" instead of "hot" or "sexy." When communicating with her, be kind and caring. She will not be impressed by any manifestation of male chauvinism or playful indulgence. The games are not for her. However, Virgos are pretty submissive and they agree with their men in most cases.

Maintain smart conversations with her. First of all, Virgo will appreciate your intellect. It's great if you are cute and handsome, but if you do not shine with the mind, she will very quickly run away. So when you talk to her, choose what she will be interested in. She is probably well read on all topics! She will like it if you talk about current events, politics, literature, music, history, science, and so on. If you can keep up with her, she will know that you are worthy of her. So start reading more!

sex tips for Virgo womanVirgo women in bed

The temperament of the female Virgo can not be called “fascinatingly hot”, it is difficult for her to feel free in bed, she is afraid to lose control over herself, her behavior and everything that happens afterwards. A representative of this sign of the Zodiac will never allow a man to cross the line of what is allowed, and even the most unrestrained passion will not force her to move this bar. However, a Virgo woman in bed can open to her partner from an unexpected side. She can perform “a usual set of exercises” so virtuously that a man will receive great pleasure, understanding that there was nothing extraordinary, just good sex. But if he thinks that next time he will be able to make his more daring dreams come true, then Virgos are not about crazy hardcore sex. A Virgo does not look for tricks in seduction, does not consider it necessary to wear provocative underwear and expose herself for show. Life is not a movie, it's a stereotype, so everything should be natural in her understanding.

The Virgo woman is unusual in the ordinary. A simple kiss can become akin to the most frank sex. She sets her own limits, but within them, the whole thing is perfect. You can try to bring it beyond these boundaries, but you need to do it carefully.

Sex tips with a Virgo woman:

1. Most likely, the first sex will occur on her territory, because it is here where she better controls the whole situation. To help her relax and adjust to the right way, you need champagne and sweets.

2. Sex with a Virgo woman will possibly start with her offering you a shower or a bathroom, but this will be done mostly in hygienic than in intimate goals. This is the essence of the Virgo, she is neat, and before sex she needs to be confident in the purity of the partner. So, do not be offended by her if she diligently rubs you with a washcloth.

3. Sex tips for Virgo woman are not much needed because sex is a natural process for her. This woman likes to give pleasure to her partner, but she needs to explain what she wants, only after that she can relax and do everything with joy. The Virgo must have a clear idea what to perform, so do not hesitate to explain to her in detail what she should do, this is the nature of every Virgo, they need a plan, even in sex. She receives the highest satisfaction only when her partner is happy, so she seeks to give everything herself, without the remainder. Such a sacrifice in most cases is a gift for a man, because you can get anything from the sexual life, as long as it is mutual!

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One thing I can't get over is how ugly, or plain, Virgo women seem to be. They just look "off" - think Stella McCartney, Pippa Middleton, or, since I am feeling particularly bitchy today, milk that's been in the fridge too long. They even manage to out-complain me - very wearing people. Nor can I get over how much good fortune comes their way, despite their not really having had to do too much towards building that fortune - it has just been sheer luck on their part. Whereas, others of us can graft our butts off for years and still be left with nothing. They brass the rest of us off, because they smugly rub the noses of the rest of us in this fact, and as for entitlement - dear me, if you've never seen a Virgo woman, you don't know what entitlement is. That's all right. Let them live in their own little La La Land, until one day they wake up and smell the coffee and find out their handsome hunk of a husband has left them because they were such a giant pain in the proverbial. Ah well, reading the above, I don't suppose I have anything to be jealous of, and should instead be grateful for what I do have - looks, talent and (a big one) imagination, which, based on my observations, they most certainly do not possess.
17.11.2018 03:43
Meeting a woman today who is a Virgo but it's just a casual meeting to say hello. Just like the article says. She is very shy and mysterious which will hopefully fade. The good news is I can figure her out because I'm also a Virgo. So I kind of like that she wants to take it slow because that's how I am. It's literally like looking in a mirror when I talk to her. We have so much in common. It's wonderful and scary because I've never been so compatible with another person.
27.01.2019 13:14
According to the horoscope, a Virgo woman is my best match, but I cannot get along with them in real life. I met many girls, but something prevented us from finding a common language.
16.07.2020 15:29

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