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First date is way too important to neglect it. It is definitely so that the first impression you make on a girl is going to last. Therefore, you are expected to make everything possible to have the best dating experience. You need to look good, be cheerful, confident, and caring. You are required to keep the conversation flowing and be passionate. You behavior should be enthusiastic and you need to know the right moves in order to succeed with a girl you’re dating. Your future dates depend on your first date. If your first date is a failure, there won’t be a second date. Second date is the best guarantee that your first date went well. Anyway, read the following tips to know how to have a great first date.

how to tell if a first date went well

What makes a great first date?

Attitude and Approach

Your behavior on a first date is the most important factor to consider. The way you act directly influences your chances of success. You need to act confidently and be interesting to talk to. First date rarely includes kissing, hugging or sexual intercourse. Therefore, in order to be liked you need to make a good impression by behaving yourself perfectly. It is up to you to make your dating partner like your attitude and approach. You need to be who you are. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t pretend. Be as confident as you can, be cheerful, enthusiastic, passionate, positive, and optimistic. But, most of all, try to be yourself.


One of the great date ideas when you first spend your time with a girl is to have a nice talk. You shouldn’t just have a small talk. It is your task to have a serious and meaningful conversation. You need to talk but you also need to listen. Tell about yourself and ask a girl about herself. Be interested in what she has to say. Pay attention and be careful not to offend her. Your conversation should be more like the exchange of your life experiences. Don’t jump to conclusions and don’t judge your dating partner. First date implies that you still know each other pretty badly. The important thing is to keep a delicate balance between talking and listening. All women like when men listen to them. Therefore, don’t interrupt and don’t talk too much. Nevertheless, it is your duty to tell about yourself. Whatever you do, try not to be boring. Tell about things in life that excite you most.

Be Creative and Original

You need to distinguish yourself from all others. You need to make your date special. It should be a unique experience that both of you are enjoying. Therefore, you need to be creative and original. Try thinking outside of the box. Choose something different than a visit to a restaurant or cinema. Make your dating experience stick out in comparison with others. It is important that you come up with an idea for dating on your own. Nevertheless, consider these examples: aquarium, gallery, museum, carnival, party, concert, a walk in the park, bicycle ride, etc.


Looks are important, especially on a first date. There’s not much to judge you by on a first date. Your appearance automatically provides a certain criteria. Therefore, you should look as good as you can. Visit a barber, buy yourself a pair of new clothes, and look nice. Don’t overdo it. People nowadays prefer a casual look any time of the week. Nevertheless, your casual look should be impeccable. You need to make sure that you look your best. The most common mistake is to show total neglect. You may do it with people who already know it. But you simply can’t do it on a first date.

how to tell if a first date went well Be Patient

Statistically, most first dates are ruined by impatience. You may want to kiss a girl. It doesn’t mean that she is ready to be kissed or wants to kiss you. You might want to hold hands or have a hug. Still, first date doesn’t promise you all that. The best thing is if she wants a second date. However, guys often get impatient and want everything immediately. Such rush will only lower your chances. Even though it shows your confidence, it is still immoderate to ask much on a first date. Therefore, be patient and play it cool. Be thankful for a chance to know your dating partner.


There are many great places for a date. You need to choose something special. Don’t just go for casual choices or common variants. Be creative in your approach. A place matters. Some dates are better done in intimate atmosphere where partners can talk. Others prefer noisy parties or places that drive with energy. Depending on your preferences, you need to choose a place that suits you best. You might dance at a party or talk in a cafeteria. You may do both of these thongs. Whatever you do, make sure that you do something special and don’t just invite your dating partner to a place where you eat occasionally.

Signs a First Date Went Well


A kiss is the best sign that a first date went well. If you happened to kiss her, be sure that you did great. And don’t forget what you did because you will need to do that again. A lot of first dates end with a kiss. Still, many of them don’t. So, don’t be sad if you didn’t kiss her. You will most definitely do it later, right? Let’s hope so. But a kiss on a first date is definitely a success. There’s only one reason it can be bad. Some guys and girls look for one night stands. Therefore, a kiss may mean something or it can be completely meaningless. It all depends on what kind of person you are as well as on what kind of person your girl is.

Exchange of Contacts

So, how to tell if a first date went well? The most certain thing is if you exchange contact information. Mobile phone, instagram, facebook, telegram, etc. Exchanging information is the best way to know that you two are going to meet each other again. If not, then why do you make sure you know how to reach each other? No reason, besides the fact that you want to get together again. The exchange of contact information is definitely one of the signs a date went well.


Any physical contact can be qualified as petting even if it’s not really sexual. The presence of any kind of petting is among sure signs your date went well. It can be a hug or you can hold each other’s hands. Whatever it is, it’s a great achievement for a first date. And you should treat it so. Don’t think that girls just take guys’ hand for no reason. And you shouldn’t think that a hug is not important. Think of it as steps. One step at a time and you’re definitely going to be where you want. Remember to be patient. After all, all things come to those who can wait or so they say.


A good date is always full of fun. So, instead of asking “did my first date go well?” consider asking “did she have fun?” If she had, she would want to repeat it. Dating is all about having fun. You should enjoy your time spent together. You should do whatever it takes to have fun: dance, smile, and laugh, be grateful, cheerful, joyful, etc. These are all the things that will make you want to repeat the experience.

Ask Her

One of the most certain ways to know how to tell if a date went well is to simply ask your dating partner. You can finish your date with a simple question “did you have a good time?” Many guys do that. It will save you and her time. It is pretty straightforward but it is also effective. Just shoot this question right at her. See what she has to say. Perhaps, she might lie. Look at her attentively to know whether she really wants to see you again. Either way, you’re not going to be misled which is a good thing.

First Date Went Well: Now What?

first date went wellWell, you had your successful first date. When a first date went well it doesn’t mean that it’s now time to relax. You shouldn’t become careless right afterwards. You’re up for a second date. It is much alike your first date, only a little simpler. Yet, the benefits are greater. First date always leads to a second date. Read the following tips to know how to safeguard your success after a successful first date.

Play it Cool

So, you’re saying to yourself “first date went well now what?” Now what? Now all the fun begins. You shouldn’t think that achieving success at your first date gives you a permission to stop working. No, you shouldn’t relax at this point. And you shouldn’t show how happy you are either. Instead, play it cool. Be relaxed, confident, calm, and patient. Make it look like nothing really happened. Pretend that you’re taking it for granted no matter how much you like the girl.

Organize a Second Date

Your second date should be better or, at least, the same as your first one. It means that you should follow all the rules prescribed for your first date. But you can now await success. Continue being confident, creative, and original. You excelled on your first date. Therefore, you can’t do worse than that now. It means that you should not lower your standards. Prepare for your second date in the same way you were preparing for your first one. Look sharp, be stylish, and express enthusiasm. Whatever you do, don’t think that you already got the girl. Instead, be cautious and think of your second date pretty much the same you think about your first one, even though second date is simpler to organize.


You have a full right to kiss her on a second date. That is, of course, if only she wants it. But you definitely need to make the move. You won’t be able to know how to tell if a first date went well until you kiss your girl. A kiss, as it was said earlier, is the best feature of a successful date. Look for quiet moment and position yourself close to her. Take her by the hand or hug her, say something nice like a compliment, then kiss her. Never ever ask for a permission to kiss a girl. An ideal kiss is the one that is accompanied by words neither before, nor after.

Chatting or Hanging on the Telephone

Finally, you shouldn’t forget to contact her before, after, and in between the dates. You should talk to her on the telephone, like her instagram pictures, chat with her in telegram, facebook, whatsapp, etc. You need to maintain contact. You can talk about whatever you want. The most important thing is that you need to have this contact. You need to talk in between your dates. That is very important and girls pay much attention to communicating via messengers and social networks. So, again, how to know if a date went well? If she’s texting you, it is definitely so that your date went well. Talk to her about something, anything, and everything. Just keep her company and say that you want to see her again. Pay her compliments and tell about yourself as well.

Well, now you know some great date ideas for her. You should look sharp and be cool on your first date. Your primary tasks are to be creative, original, and confident. You should also look good, be interesting to talk to and able to listen with attention. Whatever you do, you should be patient. Don’t ask for everything right ahead. Arrange your second date. Try kissing or hugging your girl. Take her by the hand, text her, compliment her, and be confident doing it all.

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Usually I postpone the first kiss even if the date was incredible and almost perfect. I just don’t want to rush things and scary a girl a way, making her think that I want to hook up her.
16.07.2020 15:34

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