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Some people like to prepare everything in advance, having carefully considered all the nuances, and there are those who delay too long, putting things on the long finger. If you are one of them, you might always buy gifts at the last moment. If you are embarrassed by the prospect of going to crowded shopping malls, then it's worth ordering gifts in online stores. Nowadays, they are trying to satisfy all buyers in a very short period of time.

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last minute gifts for her

Anyway, to come without a gift is not the way out. She is definitely preparing something for you, and you will look ridiculous if you just say, “It's the thought that counts.” So, if she did not hint to you or did not say openly what she wants to receive as a gift for the special event, then there is a list of the best last minute gifts, which you can buy even if there is very little time left. After all, most online stores have fast delivery, or you can just go to the shopping center.

Last minute anniversary gifts.

The anniversary is one of the most important events in your relationship, so you shouldn’t ignore it and tell that the best present is you. Buy a beautiful bunch of her favorite flowers and choose something from the list below.

  • Jewelry.last minute anniversary gifts for her

The more emotional gift is, the better. In order to show how strong your spiritual connection is, you can buy a pair of bracelets almost in any store. This is not a ring, but such a gift perfectly shows the desire of two hearts to connect their lives. She will surely appreciate such a present. If you want to surprise your girl as much as possible, then you can give her a gold bracelet with precious stones. Anyway, she will be pleased to realize that you have a unique pair of bracelets. This is one of the best last minute anniversary gifts for her which looks like a step towards future proposal and manifestation of your true love.

  • Gift card.

Most often, gift cards are related to health and beauty services. For example, she will be able to visit SPA procedures and completely relax. In addition, SPA procedures have a positive effect on the body, so it will bring your girlfriend not only relaxation but also health benefits. Another unbeatable option is a gift card for an event that she wants to visit, for example, she might want to attend a concert of her favorite band or a theatrical performance. Also, a good gift will be a certificate for the purchase of a thing which hasn’t yet come on the market, for example, pre-order a new iPhone. In general, everything depends on the tastes of your girlfriend.

  • Impression.

If you cannot live a day without emotions as well as your soulmate, and you want to present something special on this day, look for companies, which can offer something interesting. For example, it can be flying in a vertical wind tunnel or a weekend on a deer farm for both of you, a hot-air balloon ride, skydiving. Often, a gift card with any of the mentioned offers can be delivered by courier in a gift box the same day or by e-mail within 5 minutes.

  • Perfume.

You shouldn’t choose perfume on a principle, “If I like it, she will like it too." Find out what smells your girlfriend likes. Not every girl likes sweet smells like those produced by Chanel. There are those who like fresh, spicy, fruity or floral aromas. Besides, many girls choose a perfume depending on the season, clothing style and other factors, so it's best to consult the seller before buying perfume, which, in your opinion, will be optimal for your girlfriend. There are two types of perfume, one of them has an alcohol basis and another one is oil-based. The first has a more bright and persistent flavor, the second one has a soft and tender aroma. If you choose perfume as a gift for the first time, it is better to buy a small bottle. Anyway, this is one of the excellent last minute anniversary gifts for her.

Last minute Valentine's day gifts for her.

Valentine's day is a perfect excuse for spending it together, watching movies and taking a bath together. This day is just for you and your beloved one.

  • Epsom bath salts.

If your girlfriend likes to take baths with various products that improve the quality of the skin, then one of the best last minute Valentine gifts for her is Epsom salt. This is a natural mineral substance, known as magnesium sulfate. Unlike usual bath salts, Epsom salt does not contain fragrances, dyes, anti-caking agents and other additives. In general, this is a wonderful thing that has many health benefits and will be highly appreciated by an “expert.”

  • Card of a cultural citizen.

This intriguing name fully lives up to its name. The card of a cultural citizen is a universal single ticket for exhibitions and museums. Instead of buying or ordering tickets, you simply buy such a subscription and go to get acquainted with cultural events. This is a great way to broaden your horizons, get out on the street and just have a fun time together. It will be one of the most useful valentines gifts for her. Usually, on the site where such a card is sold, you can see already prepared routes for the most interesting sights, museums, galleries, and exhibitions, so you will only have to choose suitable ones.

  • Handmade sweets.

If you are going to give your girlfriend joy and happiness, then do not ignore the box of chocolates. This, at first glance, is a trivial gift, but not in the case when the candy is made in the workshop by a person who has chosen chocolate as their companion in professional life. Handmade candies are a very special thing that you can give a girl, even if you have nothing but sweets. The only thing that is worth making sure before giving it is the absence of allergies and other medical contraindications.

  • Thai massage.

Perhaps, you think that only you can touch your girlfriend, but there are people her precious body can be safely entrusted to. These people are the Thai masseurs. In general, Thai massage is a very good thing, which cannot be replaced by any other kind of rest. Thai massage in its traditional form restores spiritual balance, normalizes work of the organs and heals the body. Do not doubt, your girlfriend will thank you for this kind of the last minute Valentine gifts for her.

valentines gifts for herLast minute birthday gifts.

It is unforgivable to forget about the girl’s birthday. It can hit like a bombshell and lead to a breakup. So, if you are sure that this girl is your soulmate, do not tempt fate.

  • Jewelry Box

If you don’t have enough money to buy her a diamond ring, start small and buy her a store for them. Feel free to present her a box for jewelry, for example, with a charming pendant, she will surely find something to fill it with. Miniature boxes with secret chambers are suitable for any interior. Even if this girl takes the sixth place on your list, she wants to feel special, so let the gift be unique. Such a thing will never look like mere courtesy if you choose a manufacturer with an individual approach. You will surely find such last minute gifts in any shopping center.

  • Stylish wallet.

If you want to buy some clothes, be sure you know her size, otherwise, it's better not to risk. You can make a mistake. Therefore, you should better present an accessory that will be used all the time. The wallet is a perfect way out. You choose not the size but the appearance. Look at the options that are offered by famous designers. Doing that, you will increase its value.


  • Scavenger hunt.

What can you present a girl who has everything? How can you guess the tastes and really impress her? Give her emotions, and you will be appreciated. Different types of the scavenger hunt are still at the peak of popularity in the entertainment industry. Organizers create adventures on any topic, immersing players in exciting scenarios. Ghost stories are in great demand, but you can choose something else like a fairy-tale world, a work of a writer, an exciting action movie or even an erotic adventure. This is one of the most interesting last minute birthday gifts.

Last minute Christmas gifts.

Despite the fact that Christmas is a period of joy, magic, and true happiness, this is also the time of deadlines, last minute calls and important tasks that cannot be postponed for the future. So, it’s not a surprise that you can forget about the presents.

  • Thermal mug.

There is a certain category of people who are fond of different kinds of mugs. Besides, nowadays, more and more people are going to refuse using everything made of plastic, replacing them with something more eco-friendly. So, if your girlfriend likes coffee to go, and she is a tree hugger, she will surely appreciate such a present. Thermal mugs maintain a temperature of the drinks and look much nicer.

  • Coloring book for adults.

If your girlfriend likes to draw, this will become a very pleasant present that will help get through long winter evenings and get distracted from problems at work. Unlike children's coloring books, this analog has much more complex patterns and ornaments, which are much more interesting to paint. In any bookstore, you will be offered several options at once.

  • Day planner.

It’s quite hard to find a girl who doesn’t like different cute notebooks, pencils and other types of stationery. So, a stunning girlish day planner will become one of the best last minute Christmas gifts. Christmas, as well as New Year, is the best time to start everything from scratch, so a day planner comes in handy.

  • Plaid.

The word "Christmas" is invariably associated with something warm, cozy, comfortable. Therefore, close people should give cozy, pleasant and warming gifts, like a plaid. You can buy not just usual plaid but a cozy one with sleeves into which she can literally dress and watch the series with comfort. It is one of the cutest last minute gifts for her.

Last minute wedding gifts.

First of all, it’s necessary to decide whether it is about your wedding or a wedding of your close friends, or, maybe, your ex-girlfriend with whom you broke up by mutual consent. Depending on the answer, the last minute gifts can differ.

  • Pendant.

If it is about your bride, then a charming pendant will become a good option as a symbol of your love and happy future. Choose a pendant, which means something special to both of you. For example, if you call her, “Kitty,” it may be a pendant in the shape of a paw.

  • Picture.

If it’s a wedding of your friends, you can present them a beautiful picture that will surely fit into their interior. It can be, for example, the abstract painting or the graphic art. The main thing is to choose an appropriate size. Don’t buy a small picture, otherwise, you will look like a greedy man.

  • Workshop session.

If you are a guest at your ex-girlfriend’s wedding, and you haven’t yet come up with an appropriate gift, choose something that will bring positive emotions and will not look weird. For example, you can choose a gift card for several workshop sessions for newlyweds. It can be a master class for clay modeling like in the movie with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, “Ghost.”

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I always buy presents for my girlfriend at the last minute because of the lack of ideas. Thanks to your list, I know what to give my beloved and will even try to prepare a present in advance.
16.07.2020 15:49

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